You Sexy Mother Pucker...

I have to admit, I gave up on Lipgloss when still a teen.
Thick sticky pinks that would attract only my hair, and scare away the boys by looking like a drooling cousin it mental case.
Fast forward about ten or so years (ahem, can we say four..? I can pass for 22 right?!) and many tubes of matte lipstick later, I found Soap and Glory's Motherpucker clear gloss and it became a staple in my handbag.

After a recent clear out, which included throwing away out of date make up (because I am a hoarder apparent.) I came across a very squeezed out tube that I've held onto for god knows how long and I remembered how much I loved this product.
A trip to Boots was in order!!
As I had lots of Advantage Points (I've done this for Boots, but not tesco....shows where my priorities lie) and it was on a three for two offer I grabbed three, one clear and two new shades now there are 4 colour options available!
The fourth shade is a nude colour, which may work for some but not for me.

Left to right they are Pink Out Loud, Very Berry, and Clear.
I was a complete convert to this when I first bought it, as I love anything that promises to plump up your lips and give an amazing pout, and I actually quite like my lips as they are both small in size but full and pouty in lip. 

It works by tingling and making blood rush to your lips, it can be quite a strange sensation, but one that you quickly get used to, and can be strangely pleasant in an odd way!! 
It also smells lovely, and tastes nice too so if you forget and lick your lips accidentally it isn't a horrible gross lesson learned the wrong way.

This is the Pink Out Loud, which is a very subtle flush of pink and is a great everyday subtle make up look. I think this is the one that'll be staying in my handbag at all times out of the three, as it gives the holy trinity of lip glosses, it's a great non sticky consistency, a touch of colour without over powering, and it gives that lovely plumping affect.

The Very Berry is a sharper hit of colour, giving a lovely bitten pink to the lips.
But as it's such a stronger colour you do have to be careful to apply evenly and consistently onto the lip to avoid streaks, so this would be a more high maintenance colour to use.
I think nights out, and cocktail hour but I couldn't make that effort regularly.

This is the clear gloss, my old favourite and here I show not only the colour, but the plumping affect in action!
As I didn't leave the previous two colours on long enough you couldn't see much affect so I left this last swatch on for a while to allow it time to work and document it.
The first photo is about 30 seconds on, the middle for about 2 minutes, and the third after 5 minutes.
You can really see that it completely works and leaves me with a soft eye catching pout.
These retail at £10 each, but Boots regularly have deals and offers on throughout the entire range of make up, so you can grab one with some of their other amazing products, such as Kick Ass Concealer, Heck of a Blot, or whichever other product you'd like to try!
Have you tried this product? Tweet me your opinions to @Styleyouvintage or comment below!
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