April Shopping Wishlist...!

Every girl has a mental wish list, made up of things seen in shop windows, while shopping for other items, in magazines, or for us bloggers, press releases...!
These days my shopping list is broke down into three different sections, one for clothes and accessories, one for beauty products, and one for blogging bits and bobs!

I already have the Angela and Roi Sunday Tote in Wine, and I love it but still want this green version too! As they currently don't deliver to the UK I'm waiting till they have it available to snap it up in green, it's the perfect everyday bag.

Usually I don't care about the Kate Moss Topshop collections, but after seeing the previews I fell in love with the 20's and 30's inspired dresses, but this one in particular caught my eye as fringe dresses are always so much fun on the dance floor, and suits the go go dancing moves I love to pull out.
There's also this 50's pin up style playsuit, with such thin straps, they're practically non existent.
I will be saving up to hit the stores on their release on the 30th April and try to come away with at least one!

These shoes I spotted in Zara on a recent shopping trip, and when I returned they were no longer available in my size. At only £25.99 I'm going to track these down, I am!
They are so early 60's while still giving extra hight, and adding a pop of colour for summer.

I'm loving the 30's look make up wise, and since I'm a huge devotee to Lime Crime's Velvetines when I saw their announcement for more colours, this "Wicked" lip colour caused a loud gasp from me. 
The perfect 30's vamp red, in a colour that won't get everywhere, is kiss proof, and always looks stunning? Sign me up.

Since my shopping spree at Fragrance Direct recently, I've been tempted to go and have another spree soon. First thing in my basket will be this Cheeky Alice perfume, and nearly £30 cheaper than on the high street for 50ml too!

Ciate is my new go to for nail colours, they dry quickly which is great for clumsy old me, they have a wide variety of colours, shades, and textures, and they don't chip quite so quickly as usual polishes.
These will be my net three on my hit list, the two greens as I already love the Ditch the Heels green polish I am now forever wearing, and the yellow because it looks like sherbet drops for your nails. Cute!

I love Rob Ryans stuff, and after finding his studio lately I found so much more to add to my wish list. I shall be good and only get another note book tho, because they re always useful, and because notebooks are like catnip to me.
Seriously, I buy them all the time and use maybe 4 pages...!

My camera has started to get knackered, it's nearly 10 years old now and needs to be retired. 
I've got my eye on this Canon Camera which is super shiny and fancy, but also has great HD filming quality.....whatever can I do with that dear readers?!
Now that I have my shiny new Macbook Pro (I love it so much, every things so much easier now!) I have also now got access to iPhoto, Photoshop CS6, and iMovie!

I drink so much tea when I edit, usually Dragonfly Vanilla Rooibos tea, and although we have plenty of giant mugs, this cute Fifi Lapin mug seems perfect for drinking from while writing about fashion, because really, what shall I wear?!?

What's your top buy for April?

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