Real Vs. Fakes - Black Milk Edition Part One...

After my last Real Vs. Fakes post, I decided that in the sake of investigating the copy cat influx sweeping this country.
This time I turn my attention to Aussie based company, and a girly favourite, Black Milk.
This company currently only ship from Australia, which sadly means a long wait, astronomical shipping fee's (which they now seemed to have waived), and heart wrenching customs fee's that double the price of every item, but I remember rumours of European Distributors in the works.
Due to the extra fee's my first ever order for the Star Wars leggings ended up at a price of over £100! When you're lucky and hit the site at the right time, they do have some amazing sales, and with free shipping meant I was lucky enough to bag some Leg Bones leggings for a measly £25.

Every item I own of theirs draws a lot of attention,  with double takes that range from amusing the hysterical, especially the Star Wars design which really are a crowd pleaser!
I've recently noticed similar designs popping up on small online shops for extremely low prices, and I decided to investigate further....yes it was back to eBay.

There it didn't take long to find almost every single design that Black Milk offered, no matter how new or old the original designs. So again I ordered to compare quality, and decide if cheaper actually does mean buying twice, or if they are a cheap cheat.

 The BMO leggings (ones on the left for non Adventure Time fans!) are the fakes, and cost only £9.34, but took forever to turn up. Once they finally did I whipped them out and tried them on, only to be immediately disappointed that once again, one size fits all does not include me.
The waist band and quality of the fabric showed immediate cheapness to me, especially knowing the thickness and great quality of the real deal, which means I don't actually regret shelling out £100 for such a good quality item, my only regret was being unlucky with customs.

You can see from the close ups the quality of the fabric, and although they have really copied the designs exactly (there's even a knock off of the Star Wars prints) anyone who has ever owned a pair of black milks could spot the fakes unless the wearer took effort to conceal the waistband and ankles.
I noticed also that the length of the legs on the fakes were mismatched!

 You can see how much they bag around the ankles, and would need to be hidden with knee high boots, or have an...ahem....larger ankle than me...!
As the Black Milk leggings range from XXS to XL, and even have extra long lengths (LT) for taller woman, they fit to your person much better and give the figure hugging affect that these leggings require.

 Once again, the real deal wins hands down and are worth the investment. 
With the amount of times girls ask me while wearing Black Milks if I'm indeed wearing Black Milks, or ask where they're from I would actually feel embarrassed to be caught out in loose low quality fakes, especially when, with the right timing and savvyness, you could snap up the real deal at a fantastic price, that are really comfy, thick fabric, and great fitting.

I didn't even keep hold of the fake version, and I wouldn't ever bother to order more of them.
Instead I will keep my eyes peeled for sales, and bargains that make me bounce on the couch with excitement while ordering, then stalk the postman for two weeks. 
The hunt is worth it.
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