ASOS and Angela & Roi on an Adventure Around London

On a lovely sunny day, we decided to get out and enjoy the spoils of an early summer, hitting some of London's tourist hot spots!
Usually we avoid tourist type places when possible, but as we are making plans to move out of London, we have decided to take advantage of them all while we can!
We started with a stroll along Charing Cross, making a cut through the park to end up near Savoy Street before hot footing it along Waterloo Bridge to get to the Southbank.

 I ordered this coat in the ASOS sale and it is one of their own designs.
It's warm enough but also light enough for spring, although I did have to take it off a few times after overheating!
It came with a belt but I prefer it as an open style coat, and loved the very large pockets it featured.
While picking up this coat, I also had to nab another pair of Quay Sunglasses which sell via ASOS in the UK, and I always get great pairs in their sales half price!
 They are great quality, I have about three pairs already and my collection is growing.

We headed along the Southbank, which is a tourist haven of quirky shops, skate parks (where you can currently  become a member rallying agaisnt them closing it down, so please do), busy restaurants, and a lovely food market that sells all manner of strange and wonderful things.
I teamed my coat with my new Angela & Roi handbag**, and think they match amazingly well, especially when teamed with my Melissa shoes.

I love these Churros, I got them a year ago after quizzing the man selling and finding out they're actually using a vegan recipe on that stall! Sadly the chocolate is milk chocolate tho so I don't get any lovely dipping sauce.
The nail polish is Ciate, and are a little bit more green tho the photo has them coming up blueish!
It's now one of my favourite shades and is called Ditch the Heels, something I regularly do.
We shared them while watching the skaters before heading into the book market.
This is a lovely little area to browse, and is sheltered from sun or rain so can easily be perused whatever the weather.
 I always think it's worth carrying flat shoes whenever I wear Heels, and here's proof for that theory!
As the tide was low people were treasure hunting on the sand, and London's little mini-beach was revealed.
I threw on my flats and we went for a little stroll along the water with water lapping, and the sun lowering in the sky it was surprisingly peaceful for the middle of London on a hot sunny day.
The shoes and boyfriend jeans are both from Zara, and you can see my Melissa shoes lumped away in my handbag!

Whats the most touristy thing you have ever done?
Where's your favourite London place to be?
Which of these backdrops do you prefer?

**Currently Angela & Roi Handbags are not available for UK shipping and can only be bought and shipped within the USA 
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