ASOS and Angela & Roi on an Adventure Around London

On a lovely sunny day, we decided to get out and enjoy the spoils of an early summer, hitting some of London's tourist hot spots!
Usually we avoid tourist type places when possible, but as we are making plans to move out of London, we have decided to take advantage of them all while we can!
We started with a stroll along Charing Cross, making a cut through the park to end up near Savoy Street before hot footing it along Waterloo Bridge to get to the Southbank.

 I ordered this coat in the ASOS sale and it is one of their own designs.
It's warm enough but also light enough for spring, although I did have to take it off a few times after overheating!
It came with a belt but I prefer it as an open style coat, and loved the very large pockets it featured.
While picking up this coat, I also had to nab another pair of Quay Sunglasses which sell via ASOS in the UK, and I always get great pairs in their sales half price!
 They are great quality, I have about three pairs already and my collection is growing.

We headed along the Southbank, which is a tourist haven of quirky shops, skate parks (where you can currently  become a member rallying agaisnt them closing it down, so please do), busy restaurants, and a lovely food market that sells all manner of strange and wonderful things.
I teamed my coat with my new Angela & Roi handbag**, and think they match amazingly well, especially when teamed with my Melissa shoes.

I love these Churros, I got them a year ago after quizzing the man selling and finding out they're actually using a vegan recipe on that stall! Sadly the chocolate is milk chocolate tho so I don't get any lovely dipping sauce.
The nail polish is Ciate, and are a little bit more green tho the photo has them coming up blueish!
It's now one of my favourite shades and is called Ditch the Heels, something I regularly do.
We shared them while watching the skaters before heading into the book market.
This is a lovely little area to browse, and is sheltered from sun or rain so can easily be perused whatever the weather.
 I always think it's worth carrying flat shoes whenever I wear Heels, and here's proof for that theory!
As the tide was low people were treasure hunting on the sand, and London's little mini-beach was revealed.
I threw on my flats and we went for a little stroll along the water with water lapping, and the sun lowering in the sky it was surprisingly peaceful for the middle of London on a hot sunny day.
The shoes and boyfriend jeans are both from Zara, and you can see my Melissa shoes lumped away in my handbag!

Whats the most touristy thing you have ever done?
Where's your favourite London place to be?
Which of these backdrops do you prefer?

**Currently Angela & Roi Handbags are not available for UK shipping and can only be bought and shipped within the USA 

Back to School with Ciate Nails

A lot of people have been asking about this set since it was featured in the Fragrance Direct post HERE.
It seems such a quirky fun idea, and I was quite tempted to buy it as soon as I saw it on Ciate's Website but at £25.00 for the set I was a bit hesitant. 
Luckily Fragrance direct had them on offer for only £6.99! Absolute bargain!

The packaging is pretty cute, and I was excited to whip these out and doodle! Being terrible at Nail Art I liked that this could be wiped off and re done without hassle.
The guide book also came with a page of doodle ideas.

The Pens came with their own school themed names too, and I decided it would make more sense to get the ink flowing before painting my nails. 
All of the colours came out easily, except for the pink which for some reason took ages and when it finally worked, I was disappointed to see it was quite a dull dusky pink, as I imagined it would be quite bright.
The pens aren't actually chalk like in consistency which I wasn't expecting.

The polish separated and streaked on first application, the effect actually looking quite interesting for grungy rock nails, I may use it for this affect some time.
 It says to use two coats so I knew it wouldn't be a one coat wonder.

It still wasn't quite even by the second coat however. 
So a third was necessary, it seemed to want to stay streaky.

  The third coat did make a lot of difference but still wasn't completely even. 
I decided that it would do however and waited for them to dry.
Usually their polishes dry quickly and while this did dry fairly quick, it was still "damageable" so drawing on them with pens left a few dents and smudges.

The Blue doesn't really show up, you can see it on the left, and it said "girl" but against the black it was quite pointless, and not chalk like.
The instructions for this set state that you can easily wipe off the pen markings with water, the pink wiped off easily, but the blue took a while to budge. 
Annoyingly however, the white and yellow didn't come off at all! 
I had to repaint over that hand to draw on a different design.

I let them dry even longer this time in case that was why the pens didn't wipe off.
I let my other half take over the right hand after my shakey first attempt, so the "Meow" and cat face were my doing, the "Shoe" (to go with Love) and of course, novelty cock were all his doings.
Again the white and yellow didn't budge when I tried to remove it, so I was left with the novelty cock and the H that I couldn't think of anything to go with it apart from my opinion of the product, that wouldn't be very polite tho...

I was quite disappointed and actually took it straight off after the photo's were taken.
It was tricky to take it off and left my nails looking rather dirty which was yet another annoyance after I'd previously had very clean freshly manicured nails.
I'm quite glad to have bought this at such a bargain price, as I would have been very upset if I had shelled out full price for this product.

I wanted to love it, but I just couldn't.
I love their other products, and their colours are now the only brand I use on my nails but I don't think I will ever use this set again.

It may make a great gift for teenagers, and I imagine it could be a lot of fun to use during sleepovers and parties as a fun activity, but for nail art enthusiasts I would advise against this set unless you only intend to use the pink pen, which was the only one to look chalk like but had the ability to wipe off.

Sorry Ciate, I love the products usually, just not this one.

Dare to Try Something New Outfit Post Featuring Angela Roi Handbags

Well we have been having a lovely bout of sun lately, which can only mean one thing.
It's time to get our pasty milkbottle legs out girls!
I dared myself to try out a stronger and more daring look, and considering we were in Dalston, I figured I could probably get away with it more. The daring bit?
This skirt.

I bought it through Ebay for £17.99, not really really cheap but as I'd seen someone selling the exact same skirt via their website for £40 plus shipping, fell in love with it, recognized some other items and decided to research I felt relatively happy with this nab.
It's really not my usual style, and I ummed and aahed for a while, but eventually it all came together.

I have a thing for teaming black, white and red, especially stripes which are a big favourite of mine.
The top is by MISO and is still currently onsale.
It's a great top, but runs a little tight and tends to outline everything underneath which is why I decided to risk going bra-less for the day!

This is my lovely new Angela & Roi Sunday Tote handbag in Wine, made with high quality Vegan Leather, and also means fashion with a charitable cause, with proceeds from each handbag sold going to the charity represented by the colour.
Red means this bag has donated to the AIDS charity organisation.
I will write more about the company soon, and I'm so in love with this handbag I'm sure it's going to feature in so many outfit posts!**
The nails again are colours by Ciate, the Blue is Ferris Wheel, and the Red is called Dangerous Affair, and this is my terrible attempt at nail art.
I used an Essie Rock Solid Basecoat before putting it on, and it didn't start chipping till after six days, after doing many washing ups, cleaning, and gluing rhinestones for hours and hours, and still only slight chipping!

Yet another pair of Westwood Melissa's, they are just my favourite bubble gum scented shoe!
I treated myself to these a few years ago at £90, and upon wearing them out my friend wrapped herself around my foot screaming "The Westwoods!" so they got a good response!

Do you LOVE bubblegum shoes?
Would you dare to wear this skirt?
And how would you style it?

** Currently Angela & Roi handbags are not available for UK Shipping, and can only be ordered within the USA

Two Months Blogging Birthday - What Have I Learned so Far?

I actually can't believe it's only been two months today, after working so hard on the layout, content, and editing it's started to feel like a second nature to me now that I can't imagine not ever doing it!
Thanks to everyone who has helped and joined in on this journey so far!

So what have I learned in this time?

  • HTML is a cruel unrelenting bitch that we all must bow and worship so we can get our way
  •  The Blogging scene is full of wonderful friendly people, who offer support and advice to each other despite never meeting!
  • It's fine to publish whatever content is interesting to you, although staying with a loose theme is good, mine has a mix of style, make up, and wedding planning!
  • You may have a few bloggers ask to swap links for follows, this is a great way to find new blogs and people to connect with, but some may ask just to boost follower numbers.
    I don't mind being asked, but I prefer to follow the blogs I think I'll actually read and enjoy, and as I work hard on my content, I'd hope others felt the same about mine.
  • Blog chats happen on twitter all the time, including #fbloggers on Mondays and Thursdays, #stylechat on Wednesdays, #BritFashChat which happens straight after stylechat and many many more.
    Loads of companies use these alongside bloggers, and it's a great way of NETworking, finding new blogs, and also asking opinions or advice on style or blogging.
  • Lot's of bloggers chat on twitter, but most are busy people with day jobs, kids, or companies so join in the conversation, but don't expect to always get an answer, join twitter and use it like a party, bring something interesting to say or share!  
The Future!
  • After two months I've already learned so much, from editing, to photoshop, to layout design alongside trying to improve my writing.
    I think there is plenty more to come, and I hope it just gets better and better.
  • I shall be expanding and adding more content or differing varieties, in different formats! Stay tuned for more.
  • I will be looking to work alongside more of my favourite brands and companies, and will be accepting recommendations and submissions. Just email me at  

Fragrance Direct - A Purse Lifesaver!

We all love a good bargain, a good money saving scheme while still treating yourself because frankly, we all deserve a treat every now and then, or at least that's what I frequently tell myself.
I remember hearing about this site occasionally, but it was one of those things I just never got around to.
Oh how I regret it now.
Everyone sit on the mat with arms folded while I tell you how I managed to bag everything in this photo for only £50...!

Yes, the grand total, which included shipping as it is free on orders over £40 (I know that seems a lot, but your basket fills quickly with so many bargains), of all of these items came to £51.
I know some may exclaim that is still a fair amount to spend on a little treat for the self, but in the interests of this blog, and so I could argue my point, I took the time to price everything from the prices you would pay on the high street.
The grand total sum of £129.97, which does not include the nail files or buffers.
So let's see those savings in action, eh?

I'm sure you are all aware of my current addiction to Ciate nail products, and I've recently written posts on some of their other ranges. 
These were two collections that I had been lusting after, but at £25.00 each, I was hesitant.
On Fragrance Direct however, the mini paint pallette set me back £10.99 (saving £14.01) and the chalk board set, that I will be writing about soon, cost a measly £6.99 (saving £18.01!!!)!

I needed some new nail tools, having lost my previous glass nail file which yes, really are better for your nails, this cost me only £1.99 so I wasn't breaking the bank. 
The seven way buffer, which is pretty confusing but does work quite well, only 4 actually being the buff and 3 being yet more nail files, but at 99p for two it was a worthy buy.
I've tried a few Sally Hansen products and find they work kinda sorta okayish, but as I've decided to try and grow my nails again after years of acrylics and damage.
On the high street this would set you back £4.50, but this website will save you £3.00 at £1.50 each.

After reading so many great reviews about the Essie basecoats, including reports on how they manage to keep nail polish from chipping and lasting longer, I popped to Boots in Stratford Westfield to no avail. 
After asking an assistant they told me that they are only stocked "In bigger stores." 
I thought it was one of the big stores, it's pretty big! 
Luckily for me I stumbled across these available on Fragrance Direct for only £2.99 each, meaning I didn't actually have to choose between them, retailing at £8.99 each, this meant I could buy all three for the price I would have spent on one.
I's also happy to report that the reviews are ALL TRUE! 
Usually my nails chip in the first 24 hour mark even when doing not much.
I painted my nails four days ago, done 4-5 loads of dishes, cleaned my house from top to bottom, made 3 fancy meals and a batch of cupcakes, shopped for dresses, had a picnic, and done a lot of typing and editing, I have one small chip on my thumb, and the rest are still perfect!

I love Agent Provocateur everything, but I have been wearing their signature perfume for years.
I avoided buying it for years but after a busy December I splashed out and bought myself the 25ml purse sized mini bottle for about £33 in their store with a lingerie set I nabbed on sale.
It's a lovely scent but I decided I wanted an everyday scent, hence this lighter day wear version, which set me back a measly £19.95 instead of the store priced £48.50.

In total I saved a grand sum of £78.97 on the generous discounts on the website, the only problem I had was choosing over their large range of products and bargains, and could have very easily spent double if I didn't force myself to wean my basket down.

This website will now be my go to for toiletries, with nearly everything you can think of being available including electrical appliances, gifts, especially bulk buying for Christmas and their range of gift sets, and before hitting Boots or Superdrug just in case I can save my hard earned pennies!
Check them out now, and try to not go too mad!

Cartoon in the Park with Jump from Paper!

I hate winter with a passion, as I'm naturally quite petite usually I freeze in cold weather, and feel every breeze hit me to the bone. 
Thankfully this year we have managed to side step winter completely, and are now feeling the benefits of a fantastic spring that will become an even better summer, and makes me feel very positive and excited for the year ahead!

On one such lovely sunny day, me and Edd hit the park with camera in tow and confused the many people hanging around in the sun, I can't remember the last time I saw Victoria Park so full!

I love this dress, it's become a staple of mine now and as you can see, I also used in in my Bio pics. 
It's so flattering, and was a bargain at £25.99 In Zara's TRF range.

 The Sunglasses are from Quay Eyewear who are one of my favourite companies right now, their designs are a mix of classic with quirky while still very practical.
 You can buy them in the uk from ASOS.
The earrings I've had for so long, I can't remember where they are from, but they were a last minute addition as I felt I needed to add some jewellery.
They aren't my usual style, but matched the outfit, what do you think?

The Bag is from Jump from Paper, who's designs are so eye catching and fun, I can't help but style my whole outfit around them!
I recently wrote about the influx of knock off items affecting this lovely company, and you can read my review of this product Vs. it's knock off HERE.

 These shoes are Melissa for Vivienne Westwood, and I have collected a few pairs as they are fun, comfy, and not too expensive compared to other designer companies. 
The fact they also smell like bubble gum is just a bonus!

The nail polish is by my new favourite nail company, Ciate who have been mentioned in a few previous posts. This shade is called Boudoir, and it matches my lipstick, Lime Crimes Red Velvet, perfectly!
You can also see my finger tattoos better, and excitingly, my great big engagement ring!!

Who else has been enjoying the sun lately? 
How would you style this bag?
And what's your favourite part of this outfit??
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