Women's Clothing Dramas, told in Leslie Knope Gifs...

Following a conversation with my Fiancee all about that one annoying item of clothing I love but can barely wear due to wardrobe malfunctions (I shall explain more later!) I got thinking about all those very annoying problems clothing can cause throughout the day, making your day just that bit more annoying and throwing you off your confidence for an otherwise on point outfit.

1. Pockets

Why can't we have practical pockets on womens clothing?! 
Yes I get that skinny jeans + phone = weird bulge, also that it means those stores can cater to you with a variety of handbags to store those bits in instead, but then why give fake pockets, or pockets so teeny tiny that they are indeed useless.
My favourite ever jeans I buy a pair per year from Zara, it does have four very real but very tiny pockets, but it also has four separate zippers to create pocket effects where there are indeed no pockets.
Women know there's no real pockets, men now know they are the hoarders of all the pockets, so why keep up the lie?!

2. Skirt + Tights = ?!?!?!?!??!??
We all have that one super cute dress or skirt that we love, but it's just a little too short to wear for every day without some thick black tights.
I have one or two dresses like this, one of which was the topic for my rant at Edd due to my lovely gingham shirt dress from Missguided that although looks great with tights, it walks itself up at the front to give the effect of a hungry clothes eating vagina.
It's not always riding up at the front tho, sometimes it can be at the back giving more of a clothes eating arse look instead.
I've read up on tips and the only one seems to be wearing a silky slip in between to get rid of any friction, but then that creates another drama of slips showing and they don't seem to be made in mini skirt length.
*sigh* step step, adjust, step step, adjust.

3. Your Most Comfortable Bra will Become Your Most Uncomfortable

We all hunt around and find that perfect and comfortable bra eventually, splashing out between £30-£100 for an over the shoulder boulder holder if it fits like a dream and makes you believe you'll feel super comfortable forever.
You won't.
You'll start wearing it every day just because it's so comfortable and eventually it will start to warp.
You may get a few good months until the inevitable downfall when the wires start to poke into your skin, your boobs start to sneak out of the bottom somehow, and you can't wait to take it off at the end of the day.
And Burn It.

4. Camel Toe/ Jean Boners....

A fate worse than the appearance of a skirt eating vagina is the actual pants eating vagina.
Camel toe is the most uncomfortable thing ever, a constriction on your lady parts thats damn near impossible to hide too, and it would be terribly unladylike to pull it out of there.
Worst offenders are hot pants, disco pants, 40's style high waist pants that aren't long enough to include a crotch, and most underwear. No wait....all underwear.
Opposite end is the dreaded jean boner, the excess bit of fabric over the zip that makes an appearance whenever you sit down in public. 
Although there's usually nothing in there that could poke out we still get embarrassed over the illusion of an erection.
This does however also happen to men, who have more reason to get a little red on the cheeks and flustered in these situations.

5. Extremely Thin Clothing

I'm not taking about size 0 or 00 here, I'm talking about actual fabric thickness, and why we don't have it.
Every winter I go jumper shopping, and most nice looking sweaters are about as thin as a T-shirt, therefore completely useless for the impending weather.
It may be cos I'm very petite, or maybe because I'm ageing but I'm so cold all the time, from November through to March I wear fur lined thermal leggings underneath my jeans or tights every single day, plus about 4-5 layers on my top half and still I'm pretty cold.
If when I didn't wear thermals I couldn't feel every gust of wind blowing right through my jeans I would be rather happy and a lot less bacteria breeding.
T-shirts are always pretty much see through nowadays, good luck ever trying to find a basic white t-shirt that won't show the entirety of your bra including the hello kitty patterns, dresses offer little to no protection, and my skin is somewhat like lizard womans now after the past winter (only it's not really, check my last post!).
Please when we are paying more inflated and inflating prices for items of clothing than we used to (looking at you, Topshop) then can they actually adequately cover our skin from the elements?!
In the meantime I shall sit here in these thin items, trying to not end up like Jack Nicholson in the Shining.

It's not Leslie Knope, but it's the perfect example of me in the winter!

Lushs Most Overlooked Products....Part One.

I say part one, because I will undoubtedly add more and more lists over time since there is just so many amazing items to choose from, just gaze away from the bath bombs briefly and you'll see Lush is filled with a whole variety of amazing products set for pampering you from head to toe.
That is how I've chosen to showcase todays list of products too, from head to toe!

When it comes to hair care Lush's range just keeps on growing, with loads of new shampoo bars added just before christmas and probably more to come.
If you've never tried/ heard of the solid shampoo bars then allow me to educate/ convert you to these amazing discs of cleanliness!
One of their 'naked' products, they require no packaging, are solid so much easier to take in your hand luggage when travelling, work amazingly well but also last ages (one being equal to about 3 shampoo bottles) if treated right.
Lush also sell shampoo bar tins to store them in and keep away from moisture and surfaces it could stick onto when wet (this is how most of mine have ended up being used up quicker...doh!), just store it in the lid to dry before sealing it back up as the tins are the same depth as the bars, and it may possibly get stuck to the bottom of the tin too!
I use Copperhead, a coffee and vanilla scented bar that contains red henna, which keeps my hennaed hair redder and more vibrant for longer. I also seem to get a lot of compliments about how shiny my hair is whenever I use it, highly recommended for darker hair colours, especially those who dye!
My other favourite is Jason and the Argan Oil, a rose scented bar which is jam packed with argan oil to leave the hair not only soft and shiny, but also add some extra strength to the hair, perfect for any hair type but especially those who bleach, this bar may be your hair saviour!
Just rub the bars over wet hair to create a lather of shampoo, it doesn't take much to get plenty, huge bonus that it's cruelty free and also environmentally friendly producing no waste.
After using one of these two bars, I always opt for American Cream.
A strawberry and vanilla conditioner that always leaves my hair so soft and shiny.
It also contains Lanolin so not one if you're allergic or adverse to using lanolin based products, but if not then definitely try it, just the smell alone is enough but the fact that it works so good is also a very large bonus for this product.

Herbalism has become my go to exfoliator, made up from fresh herbs this scrub can be used for face and body to leave squeaky clean, scrubbed and softened.
Rose and camomile helps to even out the skin tone and reduce redness leaving my face finally looking less reddened and more even after many many products I've tried before failing to do so, I now will not be without a pot of this in my bathroom.
I only use it three or four times a week in the shower or bath as opposed to every day but for me that works perfectly, some may like to use it daily but I'm cautious of over scrubbing which will make the skin start to produce more oils to stop dryness and not giving me the effect I desire for my skin.
It's also jam packed with vitamins and minerals to leave the skin nourished and healthy.
There's many to choose from in the fresh cleansers range, but for me this one ticks all the boxes.

A product that gets very much overlooked, mainly due to people either not knowing it's there or not knowing what they do and how to use them!
I was also unsure of these until a friend gave me a packet, now I'm completely and utterly hooked.
There are many varieties which include a whole range of different flavours and ingredients but Dirty for me is that classic toothpaste type that makes it seem a bit more normal to brush with.
Full of spearmint you'll still get the minty fresh breath but no fluoride which is what most people find issue with when it comes to toothpastes.
Since I started using these little tabs my teeth have noticeably whitened, I feel a bit more able to smile now after years of trying to hide my awful teeth, but also the sensitivity problems I had before which made me only use sensitive toothpastes has completely gone.
Costing £2.00 a packet, put again only using packaging that can be recycled and also meaning you're using the entire product (toothpaste tubes usually have about 15% left in when you throw them away), using them requires them being chewed up before using a wet toothbrush to make a paste, I've found holding a tab underneath the cold tap for a few seconds soften them up to make it easier to chew with your front teeth, it does take a little practise but it's so worth it.

I'm sure I've mentioned Rub, Rub, Rub in a previous post a very long time ago, but this product is the absolute best thing I've ever used.
A natural exfoliator with sea salt to scrub with, orange flower for the most amazing scent, but also mimosa absolute which is a natural antiseptic giving the best possible clean but it also leaves the skin so silky smooth and softened, an effect you can feel immediately when rinsing it away.
It also makes an amazing shampoo for volumizing and softening, tho I would worry the sea salt and lemon could wash my colour out a little quicker.
It's £8.75 a pot but it seems to sell out pretty quick in stores, being bought up by those in the know meaning it's a product that not many people really know about.
If you see it buy it, or ask for a demo as you will fall in love with it once you feel those magical effects.

The massage bars are a little more well known, mainly due to the Lush Spas that are popping up around the world currently (if you can get to one, go to one. You'll love it) and these bars being used during the treatments.
I seem to collect them, I have so many for so many purposes and Edd does the same meaning we have about 6-7 of the bar on the left...!
The left bar is Wiccy Magic Muscles, containing cinnamon and cooling peppermint, it is amazing for aches and pains, something I have a lot of. Also containing organic jojoba oils and cocoa butter, it will leave the skin feeling wonderfully soft after using too.
I often ply Edd into giving me a lovely massage with them, and whenever I do have a treatment at their spas I always pick this one to help my aching back.
For a gentler scent I'm also a fan of Pearl, a rose and argan oil based massage bar with softening shea butter and coconut oils.
I don't use this one for the massage qualities quite so much, but as a body lotion to sink in overnight.
Rub it all over the skin after drying off from a long bath or shower, it'll melt quicker and leave your skin with a layer of beautifully smelling lotion. Afterwards pop on some fresh cotton pyjamas and let it sink in over night. 
Wake up to amazingly soft skin, and feeling slightly more perked up throughout the day!

All of these products are either naked products, or packaged in recyclable materials to help reduce waste too. 
Make your skin shine, your hair gleam, your teeth sparkle, and keep your bathroom green with some of these wonderful Lush products.
There will surely be a part two coming very very soon!
Because there's more pampering to be had in life than bath bombs.

Things to Not Ask the Socially Anxious Bride...

Since our engagement back in February last year, I've encounter a lot of the same questions.
These questions always make me break out into a bit of a cold sweat, I'm quite a worrier, I'm bit crap at social interactions anyway, plus I'm fairly often teetering on the anxious so I find these questions to always be something that makes me fret.

1. What You Ask - Are We Invited?
What We Hear: Can you shell out an extra £50 or so so we may come along?

People ask this a lot, mainly in a jokey way, but sometimes not.
If you're stressing over budgets, catering, numbers and more this is a question that always flusters, creating an awkward situation over whether you are genuinely expecting to be invited, and if too many people are already coming to reasonably afford the wedding of our dreams.
Weddings are expensive, trust me, I know, so adding unnecessary pressure is never welcome.

2. What You Ask - So How Long Have You Been Together?
What We Hear: Let Me Be the Judge of How Strong Your Relationship is!

This is such a loaded question, I'm sure this isn't what people intend when they ask it, but it always makes me think they're going to judge the answer, or why else would they ask it?!
It is a strange question to ask, what difference would time length really make, it isn't about how long you've been together, Edd and I have both been in much longer relationships before, but it's about that emotional connection, the one that makes you realise you do want to spend the rest of your life together.
When people do ask I usually tell them but always feel the need to point out that we knew each other before, we did, but we never really spoke or knew each other well.
But now we know so much about each other, including the fact that we want to share our lives together, and the wedding is just the start of another adventure.

3. What You Ask - Can I be a Bridesmaid/ Can Little Sally be a Flower Girl etc?
What We Hear: I Would Like to Include Myself into Your Big Day.

Choosing your bridesmaids is a big big thing, these are the people you have to trust to help you calm your nerves on the day, help you pee when your dress is just too large, and they're also the people you've said you want there on your big day, to take part in one of the most special moments of your entire life.
Do not ever ask to include yourself, your children, or anyone else into someone else's wedding ceremony.
If you're asked feel amazing that they have invited you to share in their big moment, if you haven't then that isn't a personal vendetta against you.

4. What You Ask - Why Don't you Just D.I.Y Stuff?
What We Hear - It's All So Expensive, Just Make it Instead, I Have a Useful Pinterest Board....

Yes, DIY weddings can be amazing, I'm jealous of those brides who are crafty enough to handmade most things and have a minuscule budget due to it, but not every one can.
Why? Well, I'm working my arse off trying to make enough to pay for a wedding so I don't even have the time, never mind the lack of skills I possess to make things and quickly for however many tables/ people/ inanimate objects that I'd have to make for!
Yeah pinterest has some amazing tips and ideas, but with four months (eek!) to go, I doubt I'm gonna start being Martha Stewart anytime soon.

5. What You Ask - When are you going to have a baby?

Simple answer is:-
My Womb. My Business.

These may seem a bit daft, even an overreaction but when your stress levels are running at a maximum, plus being asked the same questions constantly for over a year means that these specific questions have made my eyes bulge at some or many points in this time.
Be wary of the bride with social anxiety, she may be somewhat stressed.

Latest in Beauty Ultimate Pamper Box...

I'd tried Latest in Beauty many many moons ago, when I bought their Glamour edition with comical effects, but I decided it may be time to revisit their boxes with this Ultimate Pamper Edition, bringing you everything you need for an indulgent pamper.
Costing only £17.50 there are a few categories to help decide which box will be the best for you or if buying as a gift, the receiver.

It was absolutely jam packed full of miniature products, sneaky chocolate treats, and even a candle for those long hot baths.
It was hard, but I ignored my entire huge stash of Lush products to give all of these a whirl, and tell you my honest thoughts on every product.
Trust me, they're very honest.

There was a set from John Masters Organics, a lavender and rosemary shampoo, and a citrus and neroli detangler, something my hair really does need as it tangles quite easily.
The shampoo was a bit less than impressive, I found it actually quite tricky to get any of it out of the bottle, and as they are made from quite tough plastic, I couldn't even squeeze it to get more out.
When I finally did get enough out it barely lathered up leaving my hair feeling less than cleaned, and also feeling a little matted as it struggled to rinse out.
I assumed the detangler is a conditioner, as why would a conditioner not be included?!
I was a lot more impressed with this product, although I did have to use the whole of this miniature bottle to cover my hair.
The Neroli really softens my hair a lot, and it does feel quite soft and silky with no tangles in sight but for $26 a 26 oz bottle, I don't think I'll be going out of my way to buy it again.
I'm a bit of a fan of Percy & Reed, their delightfully illustrated bottles and products have been ones I used occasionally (when feeling a bit flash with the cash anyways...!) so I was intrigued to give this mousse a try.
I haven't really used moouse since I was in high school, but now the fringe requires some extra styling I was quite excited to try it, plus anything that promises volume is a must try in my lank haired world!
Super amazing loads of volume, it really does work, at at £6 for a large bottle I know this is going to become a regular part of my daily routine.

Rituals isn't a brand I have ever seeked out or was excited to see and try, but these products sounded nice enough, and so of course I gave them a go!
A hand scrub is a bit of an odd one, I've never felt the need to scrub my hands with exfoliants, but it was softening and did give a good but gentle scrub. There wasn't much scent to it which is a shame, but I'll give it another few bashes.
The shower gel mousse thing however was a bit of a disaster, squirting from somewhere on the top rather than the side, a gel squirts out at high speeds which lathers into a mousse when washing with it.
This lead to mousse squirts all over the bathroom wall, and although it did leave my skin feeling soft, there again was no scent which is something I love from my usual shower products.
Will not try again.
The Sanctuary Spa face 'polish' was a very fine scrub, maybe a little too fine making me think of sandpaper as I rubbed it over my face....owch....nope.

Something a bit different from the rest of the products, a little bit of indulgence never hurt anyone!
I laughed a little when I pulled out the candle, as it kept stating how it was full sized and so making me expect a regular sized candle, this however is more of a large tea light!
But it's 100% plant wax so a little different and more animal friendly but at £6 I think I'll stick to Primark specials!
For extra room scenting, there is also this Mistletoe room spray which actually does have a very pleasant scent, and will come in pretty handy every time the dog lets out a smelly one....!
The Lindt mini chocolate will be very much appreciated by Edd, sadly I can't eat it due to the milk contents.

I had some high hopes for these three products tho, as they all sounded very nice products, but again I wasn't impressed...
The Essential coconut cleanser was okay, again not much scent and it did the job but without much aplomb, it will not be replacing my Ultrabland.
The Balance Me is a moisturiser and supposedly a primer too, it sank in nicely and felt fairly nice on the skin but just a few hours later my skin looked and felt like an oil slick.
I do not have oily skin but this gave me horrible feeling skin and will be getting chucked out to avoid forgetting how bad it is and re-using it.
I'm a big fan of Crabtree & Evelyn products, they always smell so nice and work really well.
I've lost count of how many hand creams I have of theirs, but you can never have too many! 
They sink into the hands so quickly and easily, leaving your hands without that greasy slippery feeling some hand creams do, giving you the moisture that you need without inconveniencing you while it sinks in taking forever.

All in all there were ups and downs in this box, more bad than good really which is a shame.
I think in future I'll only order from their build your own box section, that way I'll either get products I like or may want to try, and avoid any disappointment with these pre-packaged boxes.
Would you give any of these things a try?

Get Rid of Clutter, and Get Freebies/ Make Money...!

We all amass an amazing amount of clutter in our lives, from beauty products pots and tubes, to those no longer loved handbags and shoes.
Why not have a spring clean of your items, and end up with some extra cash, some new products to try, or refilling those beauty essentials you may be missing?

A Rather De-Cluttered Desk

Lush Cosmetics have an amazing recycling scheme for all of their black pots, if you're anything like me then you may have loads of Lush pots everywhere for every single purpose, but did you know it's worth keeping hold of them when they are empty?
If you bring 5 empty black pots (of any size, from those face masks up to your pots of Rub, Rub, Rub) cleaned out and ready to recycle, you will receive a fresh face mask in return from the fresh face mask range!
I highly recommend their Brazen Honey or Love Lettuce masks which have natural exfoliants and leave your skin feeling amazing.
You can read more about their recycling scheme and why they do it here.


Mac Cosmetics also have a similar scheme, if you return six items of empty product from liquid foundations, mascara tubes, lipstick tubes etc you will receive a MAC lipstick of your choice.
You can return these instore or online here, so you can de-clutter AND pick up that tube of Ruby Woo!

Want to get rid of other old make up and skin care packaging in an environmentally friendly way too?
You can also deposit any empty packaging from any brand to your nearest Origins store or concession for them to recycle.
You get nothing but good karma in return, but isn't that one of the best beauty regimes?!

Dear Mum...I have made loooooads of money...

Yes it's one of the most used and easy ways to create some space and make some cash, but listing hundreds of items that may or may not sell can be a bit annoying, but there are a few tips and tricks to make this easier.
If you have items that you've never worn still with the tags, shoes that never made it out of the box, and branded hard to get ahold of items, you could make a small fortune!
Keep an eye out on their announcement page for free listing dates, here you can list items with no insertion fee's (you may still have to pay for extras like more photo's etc, but be thrifty) so it's not the end of the world when grandma's knitted jumper doesn't sell.
You can also post up multiple items quicker with Ebay Turbo Lister, a downloadable tool for adding in hundreds of listings so much easier.
I've also found the Ebay phone app to be quite quick and easy when in a hurry, you can even snap the photo's as you list.
Just be sure your photo's are clear, neat, flattering and the item description is clear and easy too.
I shall be adding many many items to be Ebay sometime soon, I have a lot of very nice stuff that I just never wear, so keep your eyes peeled!


If ebay isn't your thing, what about flogging your goods to your nearest and dearests via a Facebook album?
I've sold many items via Facebook, there's no limit to how many photo's you can add, you can sort it all quickly and easily via comments or messages, and there's no fee's to worry about.
It also means theres no time limit on the items selling so you can have them up and available there for a while.
I generally do this for a month or so before listing whatever remains onto ebay, it can be a little tricky at times (so many people love the shoes I buy but not my tiny feet....not my fault!) but it's worth a shot, especially as you can just use those same photo's for ebay if you do list them.


If you have a load of old worn tshirts and unused fabrics you can actually make something back for them.
For every bag full of textiles you bring to H&M, you will receive a £5 off voucher for purchases up to £30 in store. 
There's a maximum of two vouchers per day, so if you take two bags in at a time it will work out better for you to save some money on your next H&M splurge.
You can read more info and all about the scheme here.

So go forth, declutter, and make some extra dough!
You can use all that extra dough on my ebay listings, go on....there's many lovely shoes...!

My Little Superhero Box...

Everyone wanted to be a super hero at some point, some still do, some try, and some succeed.
I however was more enamoured with the sensual not quite bad but not quite good allure of Catwoman, from Julie Newmar to Michelle Pfeiffer, the whip cracking, skin tight outfit wearing, and ever purring catwoman was who I wanted to be.
However I can still appreciate the outfits and ideals of those 'do-gooders' when unmasked, and de-clawed, and so I was excited when opening this months My Little Box revealed an ode to those superheros, fictional, and the ones we hold inside us.

Although nearly 30 (yes, I'm ancient in blogging terms) I do love a good sticker set, and of course that cat mask sticker matches my own so very well.
I will be sticking these everywhere, and now need a new phone case just so I can add some of these onto them.
So far, one point to the good guys!

Every box contains a My Little World magazine, a refreshing brightly coloured mini zine with a difference.
From it's eye-catching style shots, to it's tutorials, it really is a lovely little read which covers things you may never have known about otherwise.
This months featured an interview with a popular instagrammer, a blogger (carrie from Wish, Wish, Wish), a dancer from the Crazy Horse about her make up routine, and of course Gat Ramon who collaborated for this months box (collaborations seem to be a big thing for their boxes right now, pretty sure the last few have been).
There are also short tutorials for nail art designs, red lippie, and hair buns.
Just what every Super Woman needs.

I must admit this box was a little more bare than some of the others I have received from them before, usually they are so jam packed I did raise my eyebrows (now hidden behind a handy surprise shielding fringe) when I saw that there was only two items hidden under the magazine.
But I tried to not judge too quickly, before I checked out exactly what there was on offer here for my £15.00 monthly subscription fee.

The tshirt has been made for My Little Box in association with Gat Rimon, a chic french designer with a penchant for simple lines and patterns, producing some clean lines and plenty of high style outfits.
These tshirts are also available on his own website, retailing at €39,00 each making the box price suddenly more worthwhile, and ranging from three different slogans.
I was very much hoping for the We Can Be Heroes slogan shirt that I spied via instagram, but was rather disappointed with this I Believe I Can Fly tshirt which, as a child growing up in the 90's, reminds me only of renowned pedophile R Kelly, which means I'm now highly unlikely to wear this shirt, especially not in public and makes me side eye slightly at how this was approved.
The man is a pedophile, how about we not ever glorify anything he has ever done ever....?

Every box contains a small bag containing some beauty products, ranging from skincare, to haircare, nail products to make up generally from their own in house range My Little Beauty.
I'm quite a fan of Caudalie, the french company who use an extract of grape seeds known to be significantly more effective than vitamin E, and this year the company turns 20 years old!
This hand cream sinks in so lusciously and quickly, leaving hands baby soft.
The scent is very subtle but also very pleasant and I'm sure this will be going into my handbag for day to day usage!
Kerastase is a parisian hair care company, but research shows that they are owned by L'Oréal whose animal testing information is overtly contradictory and confusing, which makes me steer clear or anything owned by them.
I may try this conditioner if I somehow run out of my trusty American Cream conditioner from Lush, where I work so always buy bottles of making it pretty damn unlikely..!

My Little Beauty products are always just a bit exciting, as although they are sold separately on their website My Little Corner, they do not ship to the UK just yet making each one a unique product your friends will want but cannot get (thats the super villain in me coming out again).
This months was a lip and cheek tint in a rather fetching peach with gold shimmer base, aptly matching my hair and colouring perfectly.
It blends nicely but didn't quite have the longevity I would have liked.
As it's handily handbag friendly size it can be used on the go too so the longevity problem can easily be solved, and to be fair I have never yet met a blusher who can last all day.

Not one of it's best boxes, but not one of the worst either.
I have some items to keep me happy and entertained (I write this with stickers aaaaall over my face), there were also some items which forced me to get my claws out within this review.
Well, what more would you expect of Catwoman?!
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Little Bit of Lucky Dip Romance.....

Valentines day is not over yet....!
Not if you subscribe to Lucky Dip Club.
Keeping that romance going just a little bit longer, when this box arrived at my house I finally got valentines gifts at last! To be fair we've both been too busy and it came and went with no lovey dovey celebration for us.

I instantly recognise a lucky dip club box when it arrives, with its colourful arrays of butchers string tied around the box, to the various colourful slogan logos that seal the boxes.
On the Lucky Dip website there is also a countdown clock too so you can keep an eye on when each monthly subscription will be delivered.
Of course subscriptions only open on the 1st of each month until the boxes sell out, which happens within a matter of hours if not the first hour they become available, so if you want to sign up, be prepared to set and alarm for early.

In the last and again in this box is a new addition to these subscriptions, a fold out newsletter with info from Leona (who hand packs these boxes!) with additional highlights from other companies and mini interviews etc.
On the other side of the newsletter is a lovely poster, book backing paper, wrapping paper etc matching the themes of these boxes.

Paper tape has become somewhat of a big thing amongst the crafty lot, it is so very useful and can be used for so so so many things.
This is the second roll of paper tapes I've received in my Lucky Dip box and they have come in so handy, plus the designs are always adorable to boot.

I never knew I needed one of these until this arrived inside the box.
There is a huge range of these Popcult pencils available to bring out the geek in you, but Lucky dip have teamed up to bring personalised loved up pencils for doodling your name with your intendeds surname and practising your new signature.
Eraser end to destroy the evidence.
You can find more from Popcult on this site.

Each box contains a brooch, and as an avid collector of brooches this is what I look forward to the most.
This is pretty cute, and I love a bit of sparkle but I can't imagine I will wear it as much as my many many others, it's a lovely brooch it's just a bit pink!

Craft lovers, this is totally the box for you.
Each box contains a crafty kit, ranging from homemade bunting, to sew it yourself sleep masks to now in this latest instalment, love heart slogan patches.
Each kit contains four pieces of coloured felt, an embroidery needle and some embroidery thread to stick on it!
I miss sewing as it has been quite a while, but these may just need a bash at!

I used to have a necklace similar to this that my nana gave to me, I wish I knew where it was now, it was a small gold envelope that opened, and inside contained a small gold letter with the words 'I love you' stamped onto it.
So this necklace bought back many a nostalgia memory for me, and I will definitely be wearing this for a while.
The newsletter mentioned that charms like this will now feature in each box for the rest of the year, so can be collected and worn either as necklaces or used to make your very own Lucky Dip Club charm bracelet.
I love charm bracelets...!

Once again this box made me so happy that I signed up for the automatic monthly subscription, this way I won't miss out on these boxes coming to my door each month, inspiring, crafting, and even bringing back childhood memories in one little box, Leona never misses the mark.
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