My Little Energy Box....

With January comes the inevitable diet articles in every magazine, even the TV times, gym clothing taking over all the stores despite the freezing temperatures outside, and everyone jumping on the healthy bandwagon.
If like me you're one of those people who refuses to start working out when still wearing so many layers, and also because why would you even go outside unless you really had to when indoors is so warm and full of blankets?!
My Little Box have joined the health bandwagon with this months instalment of the aptly named My Little (lack of) Energy Box.

Full of inspiring postcards with happy looking joggers (hahaha!) tho I do agree with the sentiments written on the note as I hope to make 2015 a fantastic year.
I admit I was slightly disappointed that this months was a fitness instalment as every box I've had before have been so quirky and interesting, this was a little more boring than I had come to expect from them.

As usual the My Little World magazine is there for plenty of tips, tutorials, recipes, and so much more.
These magazines are always full of beautifully shot photographs that would make your instagram account jealous, even just for a flick through it is very inspiring.
I like that these magazines feature interviews with people that you may have not heard of but have very interesting stories and lives, we should feature people like this more rather than pseudo celebrities.

Amazingly they even somehow fit a whole gym bag into this box, I don't know how they manage to fit such big things into a usual sized beauty box that I'm so used to being half empty when I open them.
It's a handy storage bag too for bits a pieces that may not have a home, so don't fret, you won't have to actually go to the gym.

To start off your year with a little bit of planning, there is also a calendar mixed with illustrations from their in house illustrator, Kanako, with inspirational messages and even a soduku chart mixed in there.
As July for me is quite a special month (yes, those dates are all true and correct!) I of course filled these dates in first.
With the advent of iPhones, iPads, smart whatever else's, calendars and diaries seems to be a thing we all buy with good intent at the beginning of each year only to not really use, there are so many things like this, we all do it so here's a list of such items...!
  • Yearly diaries, this year mine is a lovely Cath Kidston diary I have yet to put anything in, despite it being the 21st of Janurary.
  • Trainers, yes jogging could totally be something we do, tho we never really do now do we?!
  • Calendars that may have kittens, puppies, or Ryan Gosling on them that we hang up to note dates, but realise however that while it is now June, we haven't turned the pages yet away from March.
  • Smoothie makers, usually with piles of fruit and some kale, cos you can't really taste it when mixed in with all that fruit, and that one week you start every day with a smoothie you feel really great. So how come we inevitably stop?
  • Slow cookers, similar deal to above. Only with vegetables that we will of course chop up and throw in before we head off to work, coming home to a ready healthy meal, but it's still just too much effort isn't it?

Every box contains a handy little drawstring bag full of make up and other beauty products, including one item from their own in house range, My Little Beauty.
This months included a refreshing face mist packed with vitamin C and green tea.
Talika is a long standing brand in France, launched by Dr Danielle Roches in 1948 to help heal war victims of their wounds and burns, it not only healed their wounds but encouraged the regrowth of their eyelashes (!). 
Since then their range of lash care, skin care, and even serums to promote growth in eyelashes and eyebrows have been popular all over the world.
I shall definitely be using this for a while as I could really do with a miracle on my face right now!

The last item was from well known London based brand, Nails Inc.
Usually I only ever get Nails Inc. products whenever I buy it attached to Glamour magazine, which seems to fairly often have them as their free gift.
I usually don't read the magazine much or at all, but £2 for a nail polish that usually retails at £10? Yes please.
It does leave you limited for the colours tho, but I was so pleased to get this blue based red that is my usual perfect red nail colour of choice.

Edd asked if it was really worth it just for the nail polish (but maybe the miracle cream too, I shall report back) but every box I've had from this company before has been so lovely that I have hopes it will be back to it's usual girly francophile pleasing self for next months instalment.

Lush Valentines...!

After months of christmas stress, it's time to get all lovey dovey and focus on that one special person (or however many...!) in your life.
Lush have gotten into the romantic spirit with plenty of valentines gift sets, fruity scented soaps, plenty of bubbles and of course loads and loads of hearts.

There are two bath bombs in this valentines collection, but both are pretty spectacular looking and smell amazing to boot.
The Floating Flower bath bomb created a multi coloured pretty bath bomb that will look amazing as long as you place it gently at the top of the water to watch it slowly melt away.
Jam packed with soothing jasmine scents, ylang ylang and cypress oils to soften the skin before that special night in case of any skin contact...!

The Heart Locket also has a beautiful jasmine scent, but mixed with vanilla, gardenia, and softening neroli oils for a bath bomb you can share, or keep all for yourself.
The heart locket is absolutely huge, and it can be broken up and used in three pieces as the outside heart can break to make plenty of bath bomb for two baths, and inside there is a secret extra heart bath bomb encased inside with extra hearts inside...!
It's all so loved up!

Not had enough of hearts yet?
There are even more in the shape of bubble bars, Heart Throb and Lonely Hearts.
Heart Throb is similar in scent to the classic African Paradise body conditioner, as it's jam packed with frangipani (say that fast five times), vanilla, and softening shea butter and geranium oils.
Lonely Hearts however has my favourite scents rose, bergamot oils, and uplifting lemon grass.
It's hard to pick a favourite as both turn your bathwater a passionate red with slight gold shimmer but of course they fill the bath with fluffy beautiful bubbles too.

Unicorns are of course exceptionally rare, and it would seem this Unicorn Horn is too...!
It's so popular already that it flies out of stores soon as it gets stocked up, and as it's jam packed full of so much lavender it'll send you off to unicorn dreams.
The smell is gorgeous I can totally understand why it's flying out of stores, as it's also full of ylang ylang and neroli oils so it'll leave your skin as soft as the massive amount of bubbles it'll also bring.
It'll leave your bathwater shimmering with the small stars floating around, and may give you like it gave me, my little pony nostalgia flashbacks!

If you haven't found your prince charming just yet, the Prince Charming shower gel may give you some advantage.
It will leave you smelling delicious with plenty of pomegranate to refresh, vanilla to keep you sweet, grapefruit to add some zest, and marshmallow root to soften the skin.
No one could ridicule this scent...!
The Cupids Love soap contains passionfruit but alongside figs, bergamot oil, and soya yoghurt to soften the skin.
It smells good enough to eat and I will totally be stocking up on enough of this to keep me soft until the christmas yog nog soap is back in stores to keep me soft all year long.

A bit different from their usual lip tints, The Kiss is actually a lipgloss full of loads of shimmer but plenty of lip softening ingredients to make your lips look kissable for valentines.
Full of shea butter, mandarin oils, and agave nectar for extra sweetness, it is also full of guarana seed to stimulate and plump the lips but after years of super plumping lip glosses I didn't feel any effect sadly as I of course love a lip plumping but I think this is due to overuse of quite strong lip plumpers!
The subtle colour and shimmer however is lovely so I have started to use it a lot when I'm not wearing lipsticks.

Get yourself down to Lush for some valentines gifts, to drop hints, or even just for a little bit of self love...!
You can also order online for a box of hearts direct to your door.

Make Up Under the Spotlight...

As it's a whole new year (and an exciting one at that!) I felt it was time to shake up my make up routine, as I wasn't entirely satisfied with some of the products I was using so far.
Sometimes after a while of using one particular product, I'll look in the mirror as some point and realise what I refused to admit to myself for some time, the product doesn't work.
I admit I'm one of those girls who shops round for bargains, loves the sales, and wears whole outfits that cost less than £50. However when it comes to make up I will happily splash out £10-25 on a single lipstick, £30 on foundation and so on.
With a little treat help from Edd as a New Year cheer up (thanks SADs!) I skipped off to have a little shopping spree in the make up aisles of Liverpool.

As you can see I had quite a haul this fine day!
Liverpool city centre has a great selection of make up stores, including a large MAC, make up counters in Debenhams and John Lewis, and a Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar which host concessions from Nails Inc, NARS, Bobbi Brown and many many more.
I always shop and research online when looking for products before I go into the stores to buy, as much as I love some of these brands I can't help but feel like I'm being pushed to buy more which I can't really afford, as much as I would love to.

My first stop was the NARS counter, I have been after a new blusher as I felt my MAC one didn't last very long at all and I felt that I was looking rather washed out by the end of the day.
When looking I was trying to decide between three shades of peachy pink blush, all of which with rather innuendo based names which made for a fun store visit!
I had to decide between Deep Throat, Orgasm, and Super Orgasm, which as you can tell is a pretty difficult choice.
In the end I went for Orgasm, which seems to be a popular choice with one selling every 13 seconds across the world.
Orgasm is a mix of coral, pink and peach with gold shimmering undertones which I thought would compliment my hennaed red hair and make me look somewhat more alive when it hit 5pm.
So far so good, a small amount makes a subtle impact but it can be built up if you prefer a stronger look which may have been a little too strong on me...!
Learned that one the hard way.

Another part of my face I wasn't happy with (seems to be how this blog is going...!) were my eyebrows.
I used Illamasqua eyebrow cake for years, a red powder that although would look good when first applied, it tended to wear off after a short period of time leaving me stranded outdoors with only half an eyebrow.
I'd heard that MAC's eyebrow gel was really long lasting and left you with a more natural look and so it was off to MAC I skipped for a consultation with a very helpful assistant.
I'm yet to completely master the gel, and I'm sad that I have one perfect natural Audrey Hepburn eyebrow rather than two, seriously how come my natural eyebrows don't even match each other, but the colour was perfect and it's quite easy to manipulate and blend into the brow line to look more natural.
To top them off and keep them in position I also invested in the Red Chestnut waterproof eyebrow set to add a little more colour and longevity, this only adds a little more colour to the natural hairs of which I have few (seriously, what is it with my eyebrows?!) but helps it to stay put longer.
The two together really works for me, despite having not quite mastered it yet I'm rather happy with these products as after a long day at work my eyebrows remained intact.

If I was overhauling then of course I must buy a new liquid eyeliner, the quintessential make up product for any vintage lover!
Although I've been wearing liquid liners since the age of 17/18 pretty much ever day, I still have not been able to get that thin perfect line just above the lashes that give a subtle but classic definition.
With this super sharp Stila felt tip liquid liner I managed to succeed, and not just on the right eye which I could usually get pretty much right and then have to ruin by trying to make it match the thicker line on the left eye, but on both eyelids with ease!
It lasted all day except for slight wear on the inner corner of one eyelid, but my cats eye flicks remained intact and I rocked some sultry eyes all day long.

After applying all that pricey slap to my face, I'll want it to stay put of course! 
I've tried Urban Decay's oily face setting spray as I used to have some shine issues, but I wasn't really that fussed on it sadly, but after so many reviews and ravings about this particular setting spray I opted for the more affordable £9.00 smaller bottle to try.
I'm amazed, my make up still looks pretty much how I applied it, and a second opinion from Edd claimed that it looked as though I'd only applied it a few hours previous rather than 12 hours ago.
I shall be trailing it further but I can imagine I will be replacing this at some point when it runs out.

I would rather not think about how much this tiny but impactful haul cost me, but as I had really looked into each item I'm very happy with the items I've got.
As make up is one of those items I use every day I do think it's worth splashing out on for quality items that will make you feel like you look good and add a little confidence boost too.
My outfit may only be £50 but at least my face looks a million dollars...!

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Ahh it's been a while, I know. 
We have all been lost in a sea of christmas lights, bubbly, and fireworks for the past few weeks, and what a few weeks they have been!
I hope you all got what you wanted from Santa, and had a wonderful time with the special people in your life.

So now I'm going to be easing myself back into this blogging business, and we shall start slow in case of any residual hangovers that may be lingering now a week later.
Also as I am feeling rather delicate after a few weeks of catching whatever illness has been all the range, my couch fortress has been put to good use of late, as have my electric blanket, man slave (fiancé) and puppy cuddles.

2014 was a year of many changes for me and Edd, we moved from our first shared living space that we shared with some others too..!
London was a lovely place to live, for a while, but now we are back in Liverpool in a lovely flat we have been able to decorate how we want, and suddenly we have a large abundance of space that we can call our own.
We were even able to finally get our first pet together, in the form of Jake the Puppy.
I have shared some of the rooms with you all in my blogs about our Kitchen and my Office, but may share some more rooms as they get finished, we still have a lot of work to do yet!

I started this blog nearly a year ago now, and it has lead me to working with some exciting up and coming and high street companies, testing myself to try out many new things, and meeting so many lovely people whether online or bumping into them out and about (which has happened a few times now!) who have enjoyed my crazy ramblings about eyeliner and hairspray...!

2014 is also the year that me and Edd got engaged
We celebrated, threw a wonderful engagement party, and got to planning for those many little details to make our special day perfect.
But now it is 2015 it is the year of our wedding, and still have much planning to do!
We are all very excited, somewhat stressed, and a little bit hungry actually, but everything is starting to fall into place and we cannot wait for our big day.

I hope you join me (Edd and Jake) on our journey through 2015 too, where we shall become husband and wife, decorate a load more, honey moon, and hopefully get some interesting photo's to post here for everyone to see!

Have a great 2015 guys, be sure to make it your year.
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