Positives and Negatives.... Can you fix them?

Firstly sorry for not doing this in video format as intended, I did actually film and try to edit together a vlog on this subject, but firstly I couldn't really convey what I wanted to say, and also because strangely during a week when I had planned to talk about becoming more positive, I have actually had one of the worst weeks in a very long time and it's been pretty hard to stay positive and to also make the video saying what I had hoped to.
So I have decided to talk more on this subject in old fashioned written word format!
I will be back with another video next week when hopefully things have gotten a little brighter.

I haven't always been a negative person, it somehow happened one day and I have recently realised the extent of my moaning, negative energy, and generally being quite down on myself and sometimes others which I really didn't like.
Every time I had conversations with friends I started to feel like I was in a constant moan state, that I started to get irritated by myself, never mind what they must have thought!
So I wondered if I stopped the complaining, and focused only on putting out the positive things in my life, and forgo the whinging would I start to actually feel better, and those rants I thought may have been releasing the negative energy had only expanded and extended it onto others that I cared about.
For a while it was quite easy to say the positives and it did make me feel better after a while as focusing on the negatives did nothing to fix them but succeeded in making me feel worse, but then work got a little bit too stressful, and a lot of problems were suddenly dropped into my lap to fix which really stressed me out.
I had a long rant to my best friend Ellie over chinese food, and we settled into moan mode which made me realise just how much I had been pent up and it flowed out of me like a sea of anger, but the more I complained the angrier and more frustrated I became. I took that negative vibe back to my parents house and my mum admitted to me a few days later that she went to bed early just to get away from my complaining.

At the time it felt that getting it off my chest would make me feel better, but I recently read and am now thinking is true, complaining about a subject for a certain amount of time actually raises the stress levels you are feeling on the matter, so you need to either cap your complaint before it gets to the stage that it reignites your anger, or just not complain at all.
No one is perfect, and we are a nation of whiners and tutters, it's practically hard wired into our system but is it something you can choose to change?
Before the stress levels hit an all time high, I did actually start to feel more happier and positive by only putting positives out there, and avoiding complaints about the little things but since I complained again I'm not feeling so great, of course this hasn't been helped by the things that have been causing my stress lately but I'm fighting to get it back onto a positive path again.

So I'm going to share with you my steps to putting out the positives, and for making a happier Harrie!

  • Odd but true, the first step I took was to unfollow those people on Facebook who make looking at my newsfeed seem a chore. I'm talking about people who are constantly complaining or posting passive aggressive statements, people who share videos and articles that make me feel upset (usually about animal abuse, with photo's or videos that will haunt you for weeks) or feel angry, and people who only post gloating in your face statements. I know it sounds strange, but it helped pretty much instantly, and now my feed is full of lovely, happy, interesting things!
  • Compliment your friends, ask about their day, and don't immediately rant! It's easy to go down that route, and get very me me me when seeing friends, we've all done it at some point but I think if you're putting out positive feelings then you will get that back, and you'll probably be a lot nicer to be around! That's what I hope anyway, come back friends, I promise not to whinge!
  • The cliches, yes drink more water, and get more sleep. I've always been terrible at not drinking enough water, I can go a whole day on one or two cups of tea and nothing else. I'm forcing myself to drink as close as I can to the recommended daily amount, I'm not quite at two litres a day but I'm getting there, and I do feel more awake and healthier for it, I'm hoping more benefits will reveal themselves too! I love to sleep, but I don't have a very good sleep pattern due to crazy work hours, I get cranky if I haven't had enough so I'm trying to make sure I have enough, and enjoy a lie in every now and then too!
  • Cook more, I make pancakes nearly every morning with fresh fruit, and it's great to actually start the day properly. We used to snack and drink tea till dinner time, but making the effort first thing leads to more energy throughout the day. It's also nice to have some time waking up together before we start work.
  • Don't let things get to you, and I am so guilty of this myself. I can question things for weeks but you know what? I'll never get any resolution or answer to those things so I'm trying to move past them stronger and only question them for maybe a day or so!
  • Surround yourself with the things and people that make you happy. Simple really, isn't it?!
Do you think it is possible to change, or is it a personality trait? I'm going to continue on and I hope that it'll make me feel better no matter what life throws at me, and I think you get back whatever you put out, so I shall be sending out positive rays all I can.
I can't stop bad things from happening, but I can change how I deal with those situations.

Knead the Stress Down - Tailor Made at Lush Spa

Above the Liverpool Lush store, which is the largest Lush currently in the UK, is a tranquil space tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, which consists mainly of a green grocers, and the tourists wondering up and down Matthew Street.
In the heart of the city centre, and a short distance to Liverpool One, resides a room which I would love to visit again and again whenever the opportunity arises, where every corner is filled with quaint curios, where it smells heart warming and calming, where even the toilets are pretty, it is of course Liverpool's Lush Spa.
I was recently invited by Melissa from Lush to partake of one of the treatments, and after months of hard work and running around of course I gratefully accepted, they are also such a lovely bunch that when I mentioned I would be bringing Edd to do photographs they even extended the offer to him too!

Behind an unassuming door lies to path to tranquility, tucked away next to the entrance of the store is the door to the spa area, built above the shelves full of gift boxes (birthday soon, yes please!), shower gels, soap wheels, and ice trays holding face masks, while shoppers gleefully fill their baskets you can unwind in scented rooms that seem a world apart, except for the same delicious products and scents!

As soon as we walked through the door we were in a pale calming green hallway, with fresh flowers and old fashioned apothecary jars filled with massage bars and bath melts.
At the top of the stairs was a large open plan room with plates on the walls, a lounge area filled with 1960's reclaimed couch set, shelves filled with vintage books, and a kitchen area of my dreams with a double farm house sink.
What I would do for a double farmhouse sink....

We took a seat at the large wooden table with our Lush Spa Therapists, who served us cucumber water and talked to us about the treatments they provided, and would be providing us with that day.
They were both really nice and friendly, talking to us in a more sociable manner than you would usually expect in a Spa, and making sure we felt comfortable while knowing what we had in store.
We each filled out forms too, to ensure they used the products that wouldn't cause reactions, but I was also pleased to see there was a box to select for vegans, Lush being a very vegan friendly brand who clearly labels their products, they have even extended this into their Spa treatments!

Before we started our treatments we were given the choice of which massage bars we would prefer, which you can keep after your massage, and shown the products that would be used throughout.
We had much amusement with the ice cold green jelly gel!
We were then asked to place the bath bombs into our individual jugs, filled with hot water, and taken through to our double treatment room to get ready.
The jugs of bath bomb watery goodness was poured into two bowls filled with dry ice, giving the room ambiance and releasing the scent of Big Blue while giving us reason to go "ooooh!!!" very loudly, and they left us to enjoy whilst getting prepared.

We got ready and placed ourselves under the towels, before ringing the bell provided to start the treatment.
As part of the treatment music is played throughout, but as the massage has a nautical theme due to the massage being likened to releasing the tension as the pulling and tugging of ropes on a boat, meaning the music wasn't what you would usually expect, comprising of sea shanteys and bird calls!
I would describe the music as Pirates of the Caribbean meets Glee, starring The Pogues, and with occasional special guest cameos from Beck.

I felt like my massage therapist had somehow hidden extra hands from me when I had seen her earlier, and I could feel the tension being worked out of my back and shoulders.
With the Tailor Made you can choose which areas you feel you would need the work the most, but as we are always carrying heavy bags and running around, both of us opted for back massages.
Part of the treatment involved paying special attention to knots in your muscles, and I was quite surprised at how many there were in my back, sometimes twitching at points but relaxing even more once each point was "released" and my aches started to disappear completely.

I didn't want it to end, my back felt almost normal, having had a bad back as long as I can remember and the half hour flew by sooner than I hoped.
The music ended, and I heard a soft voice telling me to relax for a while, I with somewhat of a start turned my head with what felt to me, and must have looked to them, the daftest bleary eyed relaxed look I'm sure my face has ever given before I settled back into the headrest.
Me and edd looked at each other with sleepy relaxed eyes and sighed simultaneously, we were both in heaven with newly rejuvenated backs.

We eventually remembered that we should move and got ready to join them for tea back at the table. 
I had mine with a few droplets of Rum, and we were offered a jar full of shortbreads too.
We talked some more but we had all the current movements of sloths, and were busy floating on clouds for a while but managed to talk about wedding plans, this blog, and of course as it is Liverpool, mutual friends!
They had set up some of the other rooms for us to photograph while we were recovering and it just made me want loads more extra treatments there, every single one sounds amazing.

I think next time I need to try The Comforter, a chocolate and rose filled warm cuddle of delights, just the room was enough to sell me onto it, that and it has a bubble machine as part of the treatment. 
Bubbles, actual bubbles, rose scented bubbles!
One please!

I'm not sure which treatment involved this huge bathtub, all I know is that I want it!
This room had the giant bathtub on one side, and a massage table on the other, and one day I will get something done, I don't even know what but I have to.
My friend Gill who had also been having back pains was coincidentally booked in right after us for the same treatment, which we found out only a few days before so I got to see her briefly before she went in for her session. 
I texted her later on that day to see how she found it and she declared it will now be a monthly treat as she felt so amazing afterwards, I agreed and I'm sure they will be sick of the sight of us after a while!

After the photo's were finished I was presented with a goodie bag full of items staying on the nautical theme, and with a few new items mixed in too to try out, I felt so spoilt and it was so very kind of them to treat us so very well, I shall be reviewing these items too so you can see exactly what was in there!
The sailors hat is of course my own, once I learned it was nautical I just had to!

We had a little look around the store afterwards too, while I pointed at all the items I love for Edd to take note (as I said, birthday soon!) and I profusely thanked Melissa for inviting us as we really had such a lovely day.
There is currently only six Lush Spa's around the country, but I hope they start spreading soon into every town and city, we would all be a lot more happier and relaxed if so!
In the meantime it gives me reason to go to Liverpool more often for Spa days with the girls...!

Next time you are shopping in Lush that has a Spa area be sure to book yourself in for a treatment, you can also buy gift vouchers for presents, or even packages to make an extra special occasion of it.
It's now helped me to decide what to do for my hen do, and I'm pretty sure all of us hens shall be clucking away about these treatments for weeks afterwards.

Thank you to all those at Lush Spa Liverpool, we shall definitely be back!

The Birthday Wishlist....

It's coming very soon, in about two and a bit weeks my birthday is going to hit, and I will begin the final year of my 20's! Sob! Sob!
Before I plummet towards thirtyhood I'm still going to act as childish as I always do (Hello, lack of a mortgage!) and revisit something that I used to do as a child, only then we used the Argos Catalogue and a marker pen, ensuring to leave bookmarks on those pages come birthdays or christmas.
It is of course, my birthday wishlist!!

 I'm yet to try these House of Holland false nails, but they look amazing and cute too!
They range from £7.99 - £8.99 but every design is so exciting and colourful, these two are my favourites want to have on my nails designs!

I recently got a limited edition Marc Jacobs perfume from Fragrance Direct, who I love so very much, and I love it.
But variety is the spice of life and all of the bottles are so pretty and cute, I'd love to have a little collection on my future dressing table (this will happen, one day!).
This one looks so pretty, and the smell is lovely too.
Thanks to Fragrance Direct it's £10 off at £43.95!

Over the fictional (at the moment!) dressing table, I'd love to have these Fifi Lapin prints framed and in the area that I get ready to start my day!
I adore Fifi Lapin, she always looks so amazing and I just need to collect as much of it as I possibly can, these two prints at $50 each would be a good place to start.

I love love love Tatty Devine, I have a collection going of their items and think every birthday and christmas day should come with a Tatty Devine gift for every girl.
With their range of prices there is something for everyone, from the quirky and affordable, to the luxury splurge items I wish I could afford!
These are the items that are filling me with shopping lust, and hope to find under the birthday tree this year, it's totally a thing, and if it isn't it should be...!
The forget me not necklace is super cute, I can imagine this peeking out of peter pan collars and around shirt collars and they are one of my favourite flowers too, a slight splurge at £50.
EDIT: Now via the magical Tatty Devine Sale this necklace is now only £25! Get on it family!!
The London bus I felt I should get at some point as a reminder of my time in London, I've been here for two years now, but may soon be moving on. This is an obtainable treat at only £30.
I loved the moth collection when it first came out, sadly I was never able to afford or get my hands onto one, but this is the last of that collection left, I shall name him and treat him well for the price of £36.
The final item is from a collaboration with Rob Ryan, who does some beautiful work and I have a few items from notebooks, to cards, to our morning mugs with his designs on.
I love the entire collection, made from precious metals they are definitely a splurge item, this ring costing a whopping £125 but it is so beautiful, it could even be used for a wedding ring.

Pink isn't usually my colour, but when I saw this jacket in Zara a few months ago I just had to try it on, and as soon as I did two girls walked past and declared that I was rocking it.
It looks great on, and I was surprised how hard I fell for this jacket!
At £79.99 I've been waiting for it to land in the sales, but it's yet to happen and I'm not sure how much longer I can possibly wait.

Every girl needs the perfect purse, some girls like me have loads of cards, some barely any and carry loads of change, for me this is the perfect purse as not only is it cute as a button, but it has plenty of sections and compartments for all my cards, and a section to carry the change I seem to end up with an awful lot.
This is £75 from Ted Baker, who have some lovely make up bags too which are much cheaper so worth checking out, but I would very much love to carry this with me wherever I go.

Yes, the actual fictional dressing table that I keep mentioning...!
As we hope to be moving soon (I will keep the details quiet for now to not jinx it!) I will finally have the space to have the dressing table.
It's an Ikea special, at £200 but I've actually shopped around and for the money it is the highest quality I could find for such a low price, even if I do have to put it together I'm pretty handy with an allen key!
The chair is a necessary addition, and at £35 it could help me use the area as a desk too rather than my uncomfortable perching everywhere trying to write and edit.
I would probably cry real full sobby tears if this was given to me, as it's something I have dreamed of for years, my very own white dressing table to fill with my pots and paints and start the day more relaxed that I currently do sitting on the floor too far away from the mirror to use properly.
But if you really wanted to get my bawling from happiness, a Pomeranian puppy would do that swimmingly!!

I shall pray to the birthday gods, lets hope they are kind to me this year!
Whats on your wishlist?

Opening Junes Glossy Box, on Film...!

Nip + Fab Concealer - It had a nice consistency on the skin too, meaning it blended in well and actually looked very natural.
The coverage while good, wasn't strong enough for me with my dark eye bag paranoia, so I reverted back to my MAC the very next day!

So Susan Blush - I was pleased to see that So Susan is an animal friendly product, who don't use animal by products in their range so I may just have to try some more items.
This blush however came on a little strong, with the teeniest amount causing super pink flush that I had to try and calm.
Throughout the day it settled down, but I'm not sure how much of that was this magical chemical formula, or just that it was fading....

If you want to try Glossybox for yourself (well, you know my thoughts!) then you can visit their website here.

Love on the Roxy.....

It's festival season, people are getting their sleeping bags ready, borrowing their parents old musty tents, and buying baby wipes by the bulk.
I am not.
I am totally not a festival goer, I like real toilets, private showering, and to be honest most festivals line ups aren't of interest to me as all the bands I like have either disbanded or sadly passed on.
However I have a connection to the worlds most important and well known festival event, of course I'm talking about Live Aid, which happened on the 13th July 1985.
 I was too young to go, far far too young, as Live Aid Day was also the day I was born!
Yes, I am a Live Aid baby.

My parents were very into their music (if you watched Sundays Video, you'll know my dad was even in a band) and my mum was a Roxy Music fan, Bryan Ferry of course played Live Aid, but due to my early arrival (no wonder I'm always early for everything!) they weren't able to watch it broadcasting on TV, like everyone else in their block of flats.
Eventually and rather quickly I was born to the faint sounds of Sade....

As it's festival Season, Live Aid's 29th Anniversary, and my impending getting older I've decided to revisit 80's fashion, especially the glamorous Roxy Music look my mum loved, I'm not sure it would work for a muddy festival however, especially in those heels!

I've never tried an 80's look before, so this was actually fun to recreate.
I also had help from my mum too, who directed me on the Roxy Music looks known in that time, and pretty much how she would have dressed then too!
As I don't have any baggy shirts or blouses, I achieved that essential 80's look by borrowing my fianc├ęs white tuxedo shirt.

The rest of the look I managed to find entirely in New Look, teaming the shirt with a cute polka dot pencil skirt* and simple black court shoes*.
I quite like this look as it has leanings towards the 40's and 50's styles I am more likely to wear so the items wouldn't look too out of place in my wardrobe, and I can easily mix and match!

I was also advised by mum to get a large belt*, and large hoop earrings* which I also picked up from New Look, it's so rare I can find a belt that will actually fit my tiny waist but as they sell in different sizes I managed to find one to fit!
Hoop earrings is definitely a new accessory for me, and these ones are huuuge! They rested onto my shoulders but they really set the look off.

My Jump from Paper cartoon bag fitted well with the 80's vibe and polka dot look, it also complimented my Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet perfectly.
I love the way I can easily tuck my Quay Sunglasses into the side as well, I always wear them whenever I use this handbag to keep the cartoon theme going, I'm quite liking the combination of them with the New Look skirt* and shoes*!

Everyone always remembers the bad looks of the 80's, but I had to try out this somewhat forgotten glamorous look, I even ensured my hair and make up was reminiscent of that look and I was pleasantly surprised how well the outfit and look came together!
I hope I have done my mum proud!

You can read more, and of course donate to such a worthy cause, about the Live Aid festival, that has and continued to raise so much and help so many communities around the world on their official website.

If you want to check out some more festival looks through the eras check out New Look's festival timeline, which features many famous festivals including Live Aid, and outfit inspiration for each era!
Join in on twitter and instagram by using the hashtag #FashFestFun to show off your festival looks!


Would you give this look a go?
What is your festival must have?
Comment Below....!

False Nails - An Easy Fix?

When I was a teenager, my friend and I would buy cheap 99p white false nails that were stupidly long, and came with that weird tube of superglue that you would have to carry with you in case of nail losses, and always worried that it would leak (and it probably did) in your bag, coat, or even blazer pocket!
As they were so long I would spend hours cutting and filing them into the desired shape, as they were really white in a completely not natural at all way I perfected the french manicure and layered the flesh polish until they looked as natural as possible.
Since that time I have avoided store bought false nails, either opting for Acrylics done properly at a salon, or the old fashioned natural look, but recently a few sets caught my eye.

As a lover of monochrome these Elegant Touch set caught my eye instantly, they are the new press on style nail set, which has become quite popular of late.
It's great for girls like me who are pretty rubbish at nail art, but want to get that look.

The Elegant Touch were a little pricey, buying them from Superdrug at £7.10.
I decided to also try out at last these Primark false nails, a bargain at only £1.00!
A lot of people have been raving about them with their large range of designs and low low price, I can see why so many are giving these a go!

When I was buying those 99p wonders back in the late 90's (yes I'm old..) we used them to give length, but these nails haven't been made for this purpose, instead opting for designs you wouldn't be able to paint on, and quick fix nails. 
I was just glad I didn't have to do a load of filing!

One thing I've always been confused by is why false nails don't come in different box sizes, for small, medium, and large nails so you knew you'd have the sizes required, and wouldn't have to throw away nails that are far too big.
As my hands are tiny, of course my nails are also tiny so sometimes it can be quite difficult for the falsies to sit on top of my natural nail due to not being quite the right size. 
Maybe I should make friends with a girl who has large hands so we can share a set..!

Instead of glueing them on, there is a small gel which was similar to what they use to stick your new bank cards to the letter they came with.
However instead of them being already in place on the nail, you had to peel them off and stick them inside the nail, before peeling off another layer so you can attach them to your nails.
It was all rather fiddly.

It was a lot more fiddly then I expected, not all the gels fitted into the nails properly and a few I had to fold into the nail to make them not poke out when attached.
I also learned to hard way that it's really tricky to peel the extra film while already having half your nails done, maybe be smarter than me and pre prepare them all before applying!

They looked quite good when on, although the range of designs were on different sizes, so some designs that I liked weren't on any nails that fitted me, and I ended up with a few matching such as the two here.
The gel isn't very strong however, and the nails pinged off quickly. I could just re-stick back on however but they didn't last the night and I gave up on them.
They would work for a special occasion or a night out, but you would have to gingerly go about your day and keep an eye out for any that made a break for it.
I considered glueing them on, tho glue isn't provided, but they were quite thin surprisingly, it would be possible to tear one in half so I didn't think it worth the trial.

The primark nails came with glue, and again a variety of sizes, one big enough that I could have glued it to my big toe!
As the price is so cheap, losing half of the contents due to being the wrong size wasn't quite so bad.
The glue reminded me of trying to pull the bottle from inside my blazer pocket when it had leaked so I was a little wary.

They applied well, tho I had problems with the sizes somewhat but at only £1.00 I wasn't expecting the earth.
It was a great quick and easy change and they looked quite nice too!
I kept them on until they started to naturally give way to see just how well the glue worked, and so many people were complimenting me on them, some of whom I directed to the Primark nail section.

They lasted over a week, and I wasn't careful as I had to be with the Elegant Touch set, and still they held up very well. 
I actually got a little annoyed that they had lasted so well as I wanted to change my nails but they just weren't going anywhere!
In the end I popped into a Sally's and got some pure acetone to soak and remove them. 
It's worth getting some if you're going to wear these as you don't want to damage your nail bed, but it's also cheaper than the high street retailers charge and it's the quickest way to soak them away.
As they dissolve rather than the glue dissolving and coming away from the nail, it was a little sad to see my lovely flowery blue nails turn into blue goo!

As I liked them so much, and also the many compliments and surprise from people over £1.00 nails, I have snapped up a few more for those lazy weeks that I'll just pop these on and go.
Plus the designs are really cute and quirky, they are really eye catching too so wear them with pride!
I couldn't find any of the cat french manicure sets I had heard about which I'm gutted about, if anyone finds a set I would love you forever and ever (or the week that I'd wear them!).

I can see the appeal of the Elegant Touch sets, if you don't want to go through the soaking off part and are wearing them just for the day they are perfect, the price however and the selection leave a little to be desired.
The overall winner for me was the Primark sets, and with so many options and new ones popping up in store all the time, I'll be wearing these sets for a while and making sure to always check out the new options and designs every Primark visit!

Have you tried them yet?

A Little Bit about my Dad...!

Here is their Wikipedia Page, I hope more people add to it, even if it is just funny stories my parents might not tell me!
I Don't Want to go Bald - The Moderates

*Edit* - My dad has now contacted me that he only streaked once, while a band called Budgie played
You can read more in his own words about the band here.

Have a great fathers day everyone!! <3
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