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I love that nowadays thanks to this blog I can learn about newer companies, and independently run creative types that are producing some eye wideneningly (not a word...is now!) squeak inducing products!
One such company, ran solely and part time but one to keep an eye on, is designing products that made me squeak so loudly when I first saw them it probably made the foxes who live outside my building run for cover.
The company is Chimeric Garnish, a one manned company based in Norwich, and offer a whole new take on the laser cut jewellery that has become very popular in recent years, with quirky designs dripping with humour, nods to geek culture, and some painstakingly detailed amazing designs that include a range for you palaeontology lovers, dinosaurs!

The T-Rex necklace has been carved from a dark wood, giving it a classic effect, especially when matched to a solid brass chain, this design is also available in acrylic plastic in a huge variety of colours.
The detailing of this design shows just how much time and effort is put into each piece, with Chimeric Garnish quality is the key, and despite the prices being so very very reasonable, this necklace being a steal at £12.00, the material and quality of the items isn't affected but seems more generous than you would expect for bargain prices.

As well as colour variety, there is dinosaur variety!
I loved the Triceratops designs, which also comes in a similar double necklace design as the T-Rex, but I was treated to a sneak peek at a new range that has just hit stores of dino brooches, which again had amazing details of the skull but the brooch part actually securely attached screwed onto the back, which for £8.00 you would expect those glue gunned attachments that a lot of companies including on the high street cheat with, and causing the attachments to break easily but instead of taking the easy lazy route, the time and effort has been put into each product. 

There's more dinosaurs in the range, including velociraptors and one of the worlds most famous dinosaurs, Godzilla!!
With the Godzilla remake now in cinemas it's time to show your Godzilla love, along with your appreciation of some of the worlds most famous cities, with the brilliant "Godzilla's World Tour" range, placing Godzilla in places such as Paris, New York, Tokyo, San Francisco and of course as it's where I'm currently based, London!

As I love my geekery I was excited to see bits of 8 bit inspired jewellery, superhero inspired word necklaces, and very excitingly sound wave necklaces that show the frequency of the Tardis noise, tho it shouldn't make that noise, he has been leaving the brakes on!

The most interesting is one that you would be explaining again and again, and I loved this little package as it just made me feel happy to receive, is these molecular structures of various chemical states, and mine rather kindly was Serotonin the chemical form of happiness!
There is also some for your vices such as Nicotine, Alcohol, Caffeine and of course, chocolate.

One necklace bought out the cat in me, in which I sat batting at it like a confused kitten, hypnotised by the spinning cogs that do of course actually spin!
This design looks great in acrylic and wood, and is perfect for that steampunk lover you may know (or are..!) and is also perfect if like me, you fidget a lot.
It's the perfect fidgety tool.

As the photo obviously cannot show it's full features, I have made especially for you guys a gif of the cogs in action, so you can get a full idea of how this range works, as it comes in a variety of different patterns.
Sorry if you get hypnotised....

The last item was the 8 bit ruby that gave me flashbacks of the 90's, playing super mario and street fighter on arcade games against my brother (on a ferry to Ireland, it was a different time...before EasyJet and RyanAir) and is definitely a statement item that will catch everyones eye.

I was again pleasantly surprised by this item, as it's not one but two pieces of acrylic making a really sturdy chunky necklace while still being very light and wearable due to the material used. 
At 3 inches across, and made of very eye catching colours it's a very stunning necklace, and at only £12.00 as well you can guiltlessly snap up a couple of items from this store.

This was such a fun box to discover and unwrap, not knowing which treats were in store inside, but every item was intriguing and exciting and I definitely have to complete the dinosaur collection too.
Thank you to Cameron from Chimeric Garnish for sending me this box of amazingness!
Every item in the store is fully customisable, including the sound wave necklaces to your preferred sound wave, I have no idea how that works, but it sounds amazing! 

The colour and design of each item can be customised, from the materials, even down to the colour of the chain so you can have any item made to your personal tastes, and at such a reasonable price Cameron provides a brilliant and personal service while ensuring each item has been made to perfection.
With prices ranging from as little as £8.00 and only going as high as £18.00 for a large necklace you get an awful lot for your money, and it is a shop I will be eagerly returning to again and again.
I just can't wait to see what is next in store for Chimeric Garnish!
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