Ciate Caviar and Foils Review...

We all know my addiction to Ciate Nails in diagnosed, confirmed, and incurable, but surprisingly there are still so many colours, sets, and more coming out all the time that I'm yet to try, and my collection is far from complete!
As a few sets keep popping up at bargain prices on Fragrance Direct, a website that I'm addicted to, somehow managing to make me keep spending a lot of money while also saving a lot of money!
Recently I decided to splash out on those Caviar sets I had regarded with curiosity for the past few months, as they sell at £18.00 per set from Ciate they are a bit of a stretch, but thanks to Fragrance Direct, who are selling them at a bargain £4.99 a set I nabbed three sets for less than £15.00!
As I saved so much it was perfectly justifiable that I also nabbed the Colourfoil set, especially as the colour in the set, Pepperminty, has been on my wish list for a while so even if I only used the colours they worked out £4 cheaper than from Ciate who sells at £9 a bottle (it's worth it, but this blog is about bargains....sorry Ciate, I do love you...I do!)

As each set comes with a full size colour polish, not being keen on the full product isn't the end of the world, plus you can mix and match the colours and products to your hearts content.
Each of the caviar bottles is also full of an entirely different caviar, with varying coloured caviar "balls" so you can try these out with a wide range of colours, and get many looks out of them too!
The Colourfoil set also comes with quite a lot of foils, I was only expecting a couple but it is really full, and will keep going for a while.

So we shall start the Caviars! There are options between six different brightly coloured Caviar sets, and also three luxury Caviar sets, which have a range of two shades of gold, and one silver which I may have to test too, these being slightly more at £5.99, but originally retailing at £20 a set!

The steps are pretty simple, and it did feel a bit like childlike fun, just put the polish (PVA Glue) onto the places you want the Caviar (Glitter) to stick...!
The set I have already tested in this photo was the Candyfloss Caviar, which had the Ferris Wheel pale Blue polish, and a more muted pastel Caviar, with pale Pinks, Blues, and Gold.

Each set comes with a Funnel to get the excess Caviar back into the bottles, and the set comes in the usual plastic packaging which the top of handily doubles up as a tray!
I decided to try the funnel to direct the "Balls" in the hope they would fall nice and gently onto the nail I was directing it towards.
What was I thinking, Balls get all up in everywhere!

Once you have covered the nail, or nails you can funnel the remaining back into the bottle for another day, and so you don't run out quickly, or end up with balls everywhere (I'm sorry, this won't get old!)
This is the Rainbow set, which consists of the Strawberry Milkshake nail polish, and what looks quite a mermaid mix of coloured Caviar, with Lilacs, Blues, Reds, Pinks, and Greens mixed into one pot.

It seemed to work for me to pour straight from the bottle. 
You have to be aware when opening that these aren't in fact a polish with the caviar inside as the look of the bottle suggests!
If the nail isn't covered in certain patches you could pick up some excess from the tray and carefully pat them onto the nail to make sure they are fully covered, and also so they are securely attached to the nail.
This set is Lemon Drop, and comes with a Loop the Loop pale Yellow polish, and a bright eye catching caviar, with Hot Pink, Royal Blue and Gold colours.

The Colourfoil was a bit trickier, as it didn't seem to want to work for me, and took a few attempts to finally get right.
It comes with a small pot of foil glue, which from the smell and consistency I would say is PVA Glue! 
You have to wait till the nail is completely dry before painting on the glue, so it takes a bit longer to do as you have a bit of waiting around.
Once you paint on the glue you have to leave it to get tacky which instructions say will only take a few seconds, but I'd give it about 3-4 minutes after attempts proved futile.
The action to get them to stay on your nail is a little like waxing, you smooth the foil over, with the shiny side facing up and smooth it onto the nail. You'll need to smooth it for a while to make it work, and then rip off the foil quickly to leave a patch behind.
It won't evenly cover the full nail, but you can place it back on and try a few attempts before the glue dries completely.
It was a bit too tenuous and I didn't really like the affect as much as I liked the Caviar, but I did get the Pepperminty colour out of it, I think that may be my summer staple!

The Caviar sets will make a lovely addition to your nail polish collections, I'm not sure I would use it on every nail, but it would make a lovely accent nail, or even if you have a steady hand, a Caviar French Manicure!

As Ciate are the innovator of these Caviar sets, which have been picked up by so many other companies, they prove that the original is always the best.
Which one do you think you'll try..?

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