One Topshop Skirt, Two Looks...

When I was in Norwich I decided to pop into the Topshop there, my only option in London being the rather large but all too busy branch on Oxford Street meaning it's not really somewhere I go to often, and also because at the prices they have nowadays it's actually like luxury shopping to me..!
While in the store my eyes zoned in on one item on the other side of the store. It was polka dot, it was a pencil skirt, and it was a beautiful shade of cream all rolled into one.
I ummed and aahhed, I went back to my hotel and ummmed some more, eventually and with a, by this point, rather fed up Edd in tow I dragged him into the store and splurged!

It's now sold out online, and I think it's thanks to the Norwich branch being so well stocked, and also not too busy even on a Saturday meant I was able to nab it up, tho parting with £40 for one skirt is a rare rare occurrence for me!

Not long after our Norwich trip, we were invited to perform at an event in Bath, one of the prettiest cities there is, and always lovely to visit.
As we were there for two days I decided to pack light as I had my costumes and props to lug around also, and wear my new skirt both days, but different outfits of course!

On the first day I went for a monochrome affect, complimenting the skirt and my ASOS checkered coat, what I'm still constantly wearing despite it now being June...!
I teamed with a pair of flat Melissa pumps as we were also getting across London, getting the train, and running about before we managed to relax and look around the city.

The look ended up being quite European, mainly thanks to my lovely H&M basket bag, a bargain at £5.99 and a great every day bag, tho you do have to be careful what you put in there, as everyone will see it! 
This bag also comes in pink, but I love the simple chicness of the black, making it look simplistic, vintage, and also very interesting, even if it is just to look inside!

I teamed these with a simple black sheer blouse, available in a range of colours (I currently have three, they're so wearable!) currently available in Primark
They have been worn a lot by me, and in previous outfit posts too, the only problem I have is deciding between out there cleavage (like in these photos) or shirt bulge...bit of a pain.

As you may have noticed I've been getting into my lip glosses lately, and I just had to try out Tanya Burrs new range of lip glosses, a fellow blogger with a make up range?? I had to try!
When it first arrived (if you've been lucky enough to find a superdrug stocking the range, you can see it's been snapped up quite quickly!) I wasn't too sure of the consistency, it being a bit thicker than I am used to but Edd's approval noises, and falling completely in love with this colour, Picnic in the Park, I'm now sold hook line and sinker.
The thicker consistency means it's longer lasting than most, and the wand applicator also makes it really easy to apply.
I would recommend them, and you can easily buy online at which I used alongside a handy three for two offer!

It's a good thing the contents of my handbag are so pretty as everyone can see inside it!
The sunglasses case (£2 from Primark) also matches my skirt tho the sun didn't quite pop out fully that day.
The tube is my favourite hand cream, rose water by Crabtree and Evelyn, which you can buy for £5 in Boots, and smells delicious. 
The phone case is of course Iconemesis designed by Fifi Lapin, and I mentioned in in last tuesdays post tho it wasn't properly pictured.
San pellegrino is one of those drinks I've grown accustomed to buying as it reminds me of springs and summers spent travelling around Europe, and this blood orange is my favourite flavour. It also added perfectly to the European vibe my outfit gave off.

The next day we decided to have a lazy brunch before hitting a Mini Golf course, which was inside a nearby park and only £4.50 each!!
I'm terrible at golf....

I opted for a cream and white look swapping the black shirt of the day before for it's white counterpart, and you can kinda see the shirt bulge I mentioned, some photo's bordered on the inappropriate due to the shirt bulge...!!

Luckily for us the sun was a little more visible that day, and I could hide behind my Quay sunglasses, available from ASOS (sadly not in this design tho, but click for similar).
The outfit ended up a little more pin up style, if only I had some little white gloves to go with it...!!

The shoes are Melissa for Vivienne Westwood, and always give that cartoon vibe to any outfit due to their vibrancy.
I matched them with my old Primark belt, and my go to red lip, Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet.
Usually I'm too scared to wear an outfit with so much cream and white, due to being really clumsy but I somehow managed to go a whole day without smothering it in ketchup or hp sauce!

I lost very badly at this game, I'm awful at anything where I have to aim such as golf or snooker!
But it was a lovely fun thing to do before we had to get back to London and back to work again, I would have liked to have seen a bit more and investigated Bath a little more but sadly time did not allow.

I love matching my Jump from Paper with the Melissa shoes, as I mentioned the cartoonesque vibe of the shoes and the bag just pushes that further, it also matches the bow of the belt going into the polka dot perfectly.
This is a perfect bag to take on holiday, as it has a zip around the bottom to flatten it so it's thinner and much easier to fit into your luggage.
It may look small but you'd be surprised how much you can fit in, I had my usual pair of flat shoes inside the bag, and my purse!

As the skirt is pure cotton I think I will be wearing it quite a lot this summer, I just hope I don't have to keep wearing the coat too!
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