My Little Frenchie Box...

Yes at last, I'm back!
Thank you guys for patiently waiting while I waded through an amazing amount of life stuff, I was becoming a little overwhelmed with the many many many things I have been juggling lately, from my lovely supportive day job, to running a show on Valentines day, planning our wedding and general every day life...!
I shall try to get back into the swing of blogging as best I can despite the growing to-do list, and still have much I want to share with you all.

I'm going to slip back in using one of my favourite monthly subscription boxes, My Little Box, and their latest adorable instalment, My Little Frenchie box.
Plus as the last blog I actually wrote was reviewing one it makes sense in a kinda roundabout type way.
A sea of red, white and blue, they have teamed up with Inés De La Fressange, the french model turned fashion designer and perfumer, for all of the chicness of France in one box.

I love the attention to detail each box brings, from the statements stickered inside the box lid, this months really made me smile, down to the matching ribbon inside the box which holds its inspirational cards and My Little World mini magazine.

This months box wasn't as jam pack full as they usually have been, but I'm a great believer in quality not quantity every time.
Every item was beautifully packaged inside, plus I seem to now collect these little drawstring bags which hold the beauty products in every box, they are really very useful!
There was also a postcard for their latest venture, My Little App, a blast of colourful quirky ideas, tips, and even sales low downs sent directly to your phone.
It's a lovely app, and always makes me smile from it's inspirational quotes, free exclusive app downloads, to it's quizzes and DIY tutorials.

The cutest thing I have ever seen, a little jar filled with tiny tiny scrolls all sealed shut with itsy bitsy gold rings, each scroll containing a different message to dip into whenever you want a little pick me up.
The colours are of course french flag colours, and the scrolls range from tips, to quotes, and little messages especially for you (and well....whoever else bought a box!) which is such a unique thing I cannot say I have ever seen before, but may have to pinch the idea and rings to write lovely things to Edd to read whenever he feels like he wants a smile.
How many of you will pinch this idea too?!?

The most useful thing I could have expected in this box, mainly down to it's amazing timing!
I just got a new iPhone 5s and didn't have a case to put it into, this fits in perfectly plus the really useful pocket for my headphones that have helped me keep them tangle free and ready in position to be used.
I was planning to buy a clear case from apple for it, but I think I would miss that handy pocket if I did.
It's a little on the larger size for my phone, but I guess as it needed to be made to fit all shapes and sizes of phones I cannot fault it.
There are two colours, and luckily I got a red one, my favourite colour!

There are always make up and skin care items in every months box, which vary from various french pharmacy brands, London based brands, to world wide brands.
There is also an item from their own in house range, My Little Beauty, which is actually rather good and also available from their online store (sadly not currently shipping to the UK).
Their own brand instalment this month was a peach tinted primer, which actually sinks in very quickly and rather nicely, I shall be giving it a weeks run, follow progress on my Instagram!
I'm not a huge fan of L'Oreal, tho they now claim to no longer test on animals (really tho...?!) I'm still not too keen to give them my money.
I gave this a bash tho I usually have to fill in my eyebrows due to a lack of any, and it was only a transparent brow gel, but it does gain amazing reviews. 
It did keep the brows nice and neat, but I need more to be convinced, if it help me get some actual eyebrow growth I'd be very happy but so far I just seem to get barely there neater brows.
Blotting paper was one of those things I loved in my childhood, it being the only item my mum didn't usually miss in her make up haul (sorry ma!) and helped me feel somewhat grown up (I was like, 9...) but now the idea seems a little gross and outdated to me.
Just get a good primer....!

The By Terry khôl however made my friend squeak when she saw it, what with them costing €25 each, it seems a pretty good haul as the whole box cost less!
It has gold shimmer mixed in too for a more eye catching look, and stayed in place rather well for a kohl liner, I don't usually wear kohl as I get make up everywhere but this was a little impressive.
I of course gave it to my friend however.
I'm just that nice.
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