You Sexy Mother Pucker...

I have to admit, I gave up on Lipgloss when still a teen.
Thick sticky pinks that would attract only my hair, and scare away the boys by looking like a drooling cousin it mental case.
Fast forward about ten or so years (ahem, can we say four..? I can pass for 22 right?!) and many tubes of matte lipstick later, I found Soap and Glory's Motherpucker clear gloss and it became a staple in my handbag.

After a recent clear out, which included throwing away out of date make up (because I am a hoarder apparent.) I came across a very squeezed out tube that I've held onto for god knows how long and I remembered how much I loved this product.
A trip to Boots was in order!!
As I had lots of Advantage Points (I've done this for Boots, but not tesco....shows where my priorities lie) and it was on a three for two offer I grabbed three, one clear and two new shades now there are 4 colour options available!
The fourth shade is a nude colour, which may work for some but not for me.

Left to right they are Pink Out Loud, Very Berry, and Clear.
I was a complete convert to this when I first bought it, as I love anything that promises to plump up your lips and give an amazing pout, and I actually quite like my lips as they are both small in size but full and pouty in lip. 

It works by tingling and making blood rush to your lips, it can be quite a strange sensation, but one that you quickly get used to, and can be strangely pleasant in an odd way!! 
It also smells lovely, and tastes nice too so if you forget and lick your lips accidentally it isn't a horrible gross lesson learned the wrong way.

This is the Pink Out Loud, which is a very subtle flush of pink and is a great everyday subtle make up look. I think this is the one that'll be staying in my handbag at all times out of the three, as it gives the holy trinity of lip glosses, it's a great non sticky consistency, a touch of colour without over powering, and it gives that lovely plumping affect.

The Very Berry is a sharper hit of colour, giving a lovely bitten pink to the lips.
But as it's such a stronger colour you do have to be careful to apply evenly and consistently onto the lip to avoid streaks, so this would be a more high maintenance colour to use.
I think nights out, and cocktail hour but I couldn't make that effort regularly.

This is the clear gloss, my old favourite and here I show not only the colour, but the plumping affect in action!
As I didn't leave the previous two colours on long enough you couldn't see much affect so I left this last swatch on for a while to allow it time to work and document it.
The first photo is about 30 seconds on, the middle for about 2 minutes, and the third after 5 minutes.
You can really see that it completely works and leaves me with a soft eye catching pout.
These retail at £10 each, but Boots regularly have deals and offers on throughout the entire range of make up, so you can grab one with some of their other amazing products, such as Kick Ass Concealer, Heck of a Blot, or whichever other product you'd like to try!
Have you tried this product? Tweet me your opinions to @Styleyouvintage or comment below!

Making a House a Home, and a Bed an Office...

Those of who who follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook will have seen that earlier this week I posted some photo's of my Bed Office.
Ideally when writing, editing, etc etc, I would love a real desk to sit at, but unfortunately I live in a shared flat in London, and our room simply couldn't take anymore furniture!
Occasionally I will share the couch with Edd and work while he either goes through his admin, or plays his game shouting all the way. Not very relaxing!

Due to this and us sharing one room, him making the couch area very much his little den, I decided I wanted to make an area my own no matter how girly it may be!
With the couch area firmly dibb-sed, I decided on the comfiest part of the room, the Bed!
Loving my morning writing while drinking tea snuggled up in bed, so it made sense to embellish onto my Bed Office!

We headed out firstly to Homebase, and as it was a bank holiday Monday, it was full of a sea of couples who had all decided spring means a fresh look.
With spring in mind, I hopped back into Interior Designer mode (What I was actually training to be before I started performing), and decided on a mix of grown up green, cream and hints of dusky pink.

So now onto the photos, which for a change of pace, are all shot in candle light as that's how I'm now sitting and writing...ahh relaxing!

These fairy lights seem to have been in my possession forever, I can't remember where or when I acquired them, but they have been sadly neglected tangled up in a tote bag for a long time.
I decided to resurrect them, and picked up some clear plastic self adhesive hooks to attach to the wall easily.
I'm glad I did as these along with some candles makes the perfect winding down lighting at the end of a long day.

Cushions are the first port of call when it comes to sprucing up a bed.
I'd checked out the Homebase Website and made a mental list of all the items I wanted, but sadly I couldn't find everything on my wish list.
The back two green cushions(£4.00/Each), and the front large cream cushion (£9.00) were from homebase, but the fluffy middle cushions(£8.00/Each) were from a separate trip to Wilkinsons as was the green throw (£7.00), just seen at the end of the bed.

The vase (£7.00) was also from Wilkinsons, and looks so lovely!
I wanted a tall vase so I could have my candles and flowers in one spot without worry for open flames catching foliage! This vase is the perfect for even sitting with large candles, the petals and leaves are high up enough to not catch.
The two large candles (green £5, and ivory £1.99) are from Homebase, but the smaller jar candle with wooden heart (£5.00) and the surprisingly nice bunch of flowers (£10.00) are both from Sainsbury's which I only popped into for some old bits.

I just picked up this small heart ring holder (£2.00) from Tiger, which is a newish chain I've seen pop up around London, and seems to be slowly spreading north, so far hitting Birmingham, then missing in between Birmingham till you hit Scotland!
It's making it's way around, and seems like a mix of Ikea and Paperchases quirky and affordable offspring, with a very mixed offering in every store but gaining popularity with interesting and cheap home decor that has many ranges from hipster colours, to pastels, vintage style, and lots and lots of candles!

Now my corner is complete, and I have no excuse to not be super productive when in such a lovely, and comfortable environment!
Do you like my office?!
How do you work best?

A Day in Covent Garden

I love Covent Garden, from its quirky boutiques, well known brands such as Tatty Divine, Pop Boutique, Coco De Mer etc, little cafes and naughty treats, all mixed together inside classic buildings and on cobbled streets.

It can be somewhat overwhelming as it's a tourist hot spot, but if you know where to go and handy tips that I shall now post here, it can be a lovely day out especially in summer.

Where we live we can get a bus directly, which at £1.40 with an oyster card means it's a cheap day out. The only problem is, it's a bus. Unluckily (or luckily) for us, the bus we got decided to terminate a few stops early so we just jumped out by St Pauls Cathedral as there's a few restaurants and cafes in that area, and its only a picturesque 20 minute walk the rest of the way.

As we got off there was a Pizza Express about three steps away, usually I would avoid franchises but I had heard many rumours that they were introducing Vegan options, and as I'm always searching for somewhere to eat when travelling, I'm so happy that they actually have and there's somewhere I can find in pretty much every town.

It's the Pianta Pizza and comes covered in Artichoke, spinach, rocket and Mushroom, which I switched for olives as I'm allergic to mushrooms.
The tomato sauce is a bit spicier than usual, so remember to order a drink, but this was delicious and didn't suffer from the lack of cheese. 
Edd even tried some and, as a fully fledged carnivore, also enjoyed it.
Finally a vegan option pizza that's actually really nice!

There's also a Dairy Free Raspberry Sorbet, which was a very generous serving and topped with dark chocolate.
Again it was lovely and we very much enjoyed sharing it, I'm sure Pizza Express will be our new go to restaurant when needing to find somewhere in a pinch.

As well as the lovely food, there is a great view of St Pauls cathedral, and we played tourists again taking photo's in between courses.

After a late lunch we started the walk towards Covent Garden surrounded by Tourists and City Types, just as the sun had started to descend and the city glowed while we wandered past the lovely older buildings that area has still in place.

I had to stop and pretend to be a Disney Villain, the windows on this building looked like the mirrors of snow white and I took advantage of their free framing. 
I just hope there wasn't any office workers in there laughing at my posing!

Finally we hit our destination! The tips start now -

1. Covent Garden is the best spot to pick up your luxury make up brands with it's dedicated make up boutiques for Dior, Burberry, Mac, and Chanel so you can nab the products you've been lusting from staff with fantastic knowledge of those brands.

2. Most of the streets in that area are cobbled, which makes it look more quaint and old fashioned, but means it's hell in heels! I'd recommend wearing flats, or a chunkier heel so you can comfortably get around.
You don't want to spend the whole day rolling over onto your ankle.
Speaking of heels, the Zara bag in the following photo has those green shoes I was lusting after for so long....!!

3. Covent Garden station is the worst station to use, there's many other stations nearby such as Charing Cross or Leicester Square that would be better to use and walk the rest of the way.
As it's a lift system getting out at Covent Garden, it always makes crushes, and waiting for ages to just get out of the station.
I've learned the hard way too that using the stairs instead is a huuuuge mistake they go on forever and ever!
As it's always busy outside, when meeting with a friend use a central point that isn't the station, with so many buskers, human statues, flier-ers, tourists, and people bustling around it's always tricky spotting each other.

5. I feel I must point out that this has nothing to do with the above picture(!), but if you ever get stuck in the middle of Covent Garden, it's helpful to know that the giant Apple store has public toilets downstairs which is very useful information!

6. Covent Garden has some of the loveliest shops and cafes in London, if you're shopping for gifts with a bit of difference then this is the place to go.
It's also got the lovely Laduree Cafe which is worth a visit if you like me, love macaroons, but maybe not so much if like me, you're vegan! 
If you eat everything then there is plenty of delicious treats to be had, and you can get plenty of little gift boxes to take treats with you too.

I wanted to make this more of a tips, shopping, and travel advice blog rather than an outfit post, but I'm again wearing my staples, Leather Jacket, Zara Jeans, Bronx Boots, Quay Sunglasses, a new kinda string vest from Miss Fiori and a £10 clutch from Primark.

Glossybox Vs. Glossybox....!

It's like Kramer vs. Karmer, I'm pitting March's Glossybox up against its April counterpart.

After reviewing and loving the February Glossybox I awaited March's instalment in the hope that it would again bring new great products I would love.
I am sorry to say I was disappointed. 
The contents didn't really fill my with any kind of excitement at all, and seemed a bit of a waste of £10. I even had messages from people who I'd talked to previously about their service to tell me they were so disappointed in March's instalment, they immediately unsubscribed.

The contents are shown here for March.
first thing to catch my attention was a Mitchell and Peach body cream, that I vetoed once I read the ingredients as it contained honey.
I'm vegan.
I did my due blog diligence and tried it out on one arm, only to be overpowered by the smell of lavender, it was only one of the scents listed but really over powered everything else.
It also didn't actually absorb into my skin, quite a few patches staying wet in a greasy style way and needing to be rubbed in more. 
I would avoid this product completely.

I was more willing to try this Dove Intensive Repair as my hair is in serious need of damage control.
Tho it's not a product I was filled with glee on encountering.
It's one of those things you get free with Glamour magazine of similar, but it'd be one of those free gifts you see and think "Nah, I won't bother this month".
We all do it, don't lie....thats how we get most of our benefit or Nails inc products!
The amount inside wasn't a massive amount, if I hand't cut my hair recently (still regret) then I would have needed two to cover.
I let it dry naturally partly to give my hair a rest, and partly because my flatmate had work early and it was after 10pm!
It felt really soft and not in a fluffy way, which for my thin hair was great as it wasn't full of static. The strangest, but for most best feature of this product was that it didn't seem to be perfumed, at all! There was no scent left on my hair which I actually found to be a nice change.
I'd buy it again, if it came free with Glamour.

I wasn't thrilled by the Make up products in March's box, again totally not in my colouring and not flattering in any way.
On the left is Sleeks Chocolate Kiss lipgloss, chocolate being the worse lip colour in the world, especially on girls as pale as me. You either look like a toddler that was given a curly wurly, or worse which I won't even go into here.
Needless to say I tried it out, Edd laughed at the colour, I wiped it off. End of.
I've never heard of EllaPierre before, and it wasn't a colour or product I would have ever picked up if my own accord. 
The colour name is right, it really is the colour of shiny pennies, and looked nice when mixed in with other colours on the eyelid.
I may use it again, but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it.

Lastly the box contained two Juicy Couture perfume samples.
I'm nearly 30, I have no interest in Juicy Couture.....
In fact I prefer my Couture to not be juicy at all, as that would ruin lovely outfits and beautiful handiwork.
Needless to say, I didn't whip these out and put them on.

After March's instalment as tempted as I was to also cancel my subscription I stuck it out to report on my findings here, you all owe me a tenner (yes all of you.....profit!!)
So now we shall move onto Aprils offerings.

Again the box seemed a bit sparse in comparison to the first box I received back in february.
The first thing whipped out, and as you can see used and lost the lid for, was this Tres Semme dry shampoo.
I've never got onto the Dry Shampoo train, but as I tried this out it made my hair look so much lovely and thicker, and with hair that's basically a wisp of something atop my head I loved it.
The first day I used it was actually the day I shot the Bowie Dress outfit post, so you can see the affect.
I've used it a few times and it's safe to say that this will become a staple, I'll definitely get this again!

When I first glanced into Aprils glossybox, I spotted this Me Me Me bottle and immediately assumed it was a nail polish. "Gah! Look at this nail colour! I'd never wear that!" I told Edd.
Upon further inspection I realised it was actually a bottled highlighter.....d'oh.
Feeling somewhat foolish I tried it out still unsure, having never got a highlighter to work for me.
I actually quite liked it in the end! It does highlight the areas beautifully without over powdering, and despite the appearance of the bottle, it isn't very pink and girly.
It's made it's way into my everyday make up bag, which is like an exclusive club for make up!

The Monuspa again didn't make my shout "oh, yay one of those!" but it was the perfect excuse to ask Edd for a massage, and after lugging around suitcases and handbags I needed one.
It was quite nice, smelt great and wasn't too greasy.
Sadly it was also not warming, I even asked Edd if he realised it was meant to be which he replied No.
I may need two or three more massages with it tho, just to make sure....

I wasn't sure till I read the booklet what kind of brush this is, it is in fact a lip brush as I first thought, I wasn't sure as most lip brushes have that little protective tube around it.
I tested it out with Ruby Woo by Mac, and it didn't pile on the colour like some, but instead left me with a lovely raspberry matte look that was perfect for subtle day lips.
With another coat on top I could have built it up if I had chosen to, but the colour and evenness the lip brush gave, along with how easy it was to line around my lip line too.
I'll be using this again, but I do wish it came in travel size, and with something to cover the brush.

So now I've saved the worst for last....
I had liked all the other parts of Aprils Glossybox, but this Sun Sense Tinted Sunscreen was the worst product completely for me.
I'll admit I was already biased as I'm not a fan of tinted moisturisers at all, but summer is coming up so tinted sunscreen does seem a great idea in theory.
It wasn't, or not at least for this particular product.
It sat on top of the skin, and gave me quite a shine. Not supermodel chic sheen, but greasy teenager working in a McDonalds sheen.
That was bad enough, but my skin was reacting to it rather unfavourably getting a bit irritated so I immediately removed it only for my skin to start stinging during removal.
I slavered Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream on quickly in the hope it would soothe my skin enough to avoid any more redness.
It has settled down now, but my right eye (I only applied to the right side of my face, for comparison) is still irritated.
Of course I'm sure this wouldn't happen for everyone, but for super shiny skin without much coverage, this was definitely not the product for me.

I've much preferred the contents of Aprils box to March's, and will give it one more month to decide if it's worth the money or not.
I have reviewed the products on the Glossybox website, which very nicely gives you points and I get to voice my opinions, no matter how harsh, so I wait to get the free one with my points and then unsubscribe.
I guess I have enough make up already!

Twitter Instagram | Facebook | Bloglovin'

Social Networking - Tips and Tricks!

As tomorrow marks three months since I started this blog (really feels like it's been longer, I've had so much fun doing it!) I thought I'd share with you some tricks and tips for using Social Networking while busy and on the go, as I often am!


Facebook pages have always been a great utility for gathering a fan base, sadly that is now somewhat hindered by facebooks greediness that means that if you want your posts to get seen by a larger amount of people, who have already subscribed to your page (!), they feel you should pay for it. 
If you don't want to spend out on every update and status to be seen, be prepared that the number of people seeing your posts will be a lot lower than you would expect.
The viewings get higher if the posts are interacted with more, so engage and reply to comments on your posts, as this will help to boost them.

When on the move and to make sure that my links are going up at the right times , and also so I don't forget as I can be a little absent minded, I use Facebook page's scheduler which is the little clock in the bottom left hand corner of the status box, to make sure I keep my page updated with links in between whatever various updates and fun snaps I may take and upload on the go!

Step 1 - Update your status as you usually would, and also add your link. 
Step 2 - Once your link shows as a pop up (The Card underneath) highlight and delete the link in your status box, the link pop out will stay and it looks much neater.
Step 3 - If you don't like any of the photo's in the selection, you can upload an image from your computer (Handy if posting about a blog you haven't published yet!) that would suit your link better.

Step 4 - Here you can see the scheduling options that pop up, where you can schedule for the right dates, and times, which is on a 24 hour clock system.
Step 5 - When scheduled and ready hit the Schedule button, that will be in place of the usual post button and it'll post at the times you selected. You can schedule as many posts as you want, even for the next week!


Twitter is a bit better for businesses that are able to update regularly, but as so many people follow so many other people your tweets may got lost in the mix. For this reason so many people tweet links quite often, but this isn't the best way in which to be seen. I have a system that on the first day of a new post I'll post three links at set times throughout the day, and two on the second day which I write in bulk at the start of each week, so that I have time to work on posts, work, and various life things!

I use a programme called Hootsuite, that you can authorise to sync up with your twitter accounts (if like me, you have more than one) and schedule tweets in a similar way to the Facebook page, but as twitter doesn't have that option on their own website, Hootsuite is a huge lifesaver!

Step 1 - Set up your Hootsuite account, and authorise it to post to twitter on your behalf
Step 2 - Select which account you would like to post from if you have more than one, I'm using my StyleYouVintage account to show.
Step 3 - again, type your text and link in the status box. Unlike the Facebook scheduler you DON'T delete the link!
Step 4 - Again, hit schedule (the calendar box in the right hand corner) and a box will pop out with a calendar and times which is on a Twelve hour clock, be sure to click the right button for AM or PM so you don't post at three in the morning!
Step 5 - As no pop out or card pops up (Unless you enable twitter cards, I may write on this sometime too) you can also (if there is space) add a photo using the attachment (paper clip on the bottom right hand corner) which will attach and image similar to twitpic.
Step 6 - This is an important one! Click at the end of the text in the box and press the space bar, and then check the number next to the twitter icon (bottom left) is still in the black, if the text is too much it will be red, but won't warn you when you click post so your tweets will still post but may be missing info or links!
Step 7 - Click schedule and your tweets will post at the times you have set and again you can schedule as many as you'd like.


There is a programme called where you can schedule posts for Instagram, for the sum of $15 a month...!! As it is the only current programme where you can schedule this now huge social network site for your benefit it seems a bit like your only option.
It isn't.
I have my own way of getting posts ready to post for a few days, with it set to post to Facebook and twitter, with texts and tags ready without using anything you have to pay for for the privilege.

Step 1 - As you can see I am actually using Instagram itself to prepare these posts, just make sure your device (iPhone or iPad) isn't connected to the internet while you prepare these posts.
As I use my iPad I just turned off the wifi, but if you have 3G make sure that is also turned off.
Step 2 - Upload your image and select your filters etc as normal
Step 3 - You can set these to upload to Facebook and Twitter, and they will all post at the same time.
Step 4 - Upload as normal, it will set as a failed upload.
Step 5 - Turn your wifi back on, they won't upload till you press the refresh button on each picture so you can upload them individually, this means you do have to open the app and still make them upload when you tell them too, but it's so much quicker when you are on the move.
Step 6 - Your photo's will be there waiting till you tell them to post. BUT! If you double tap to close the apps completely to stop them running in the background that will also delete those unpublished photos. Be sure not to close these apps completely, tho you can still go off the app by pressing the home button.

So there you go! My handy tricks for setting up social media posts to be sure they are ready to go no matter what happens! 
This means you can update, chat to people, and use these websites without worrying about updating and sharing, and also have a social life free of internet worries!!

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions just comment below!

Bombshell in Camden

Usually Edd and I avoid Camden Town like the plague, with it's constant stream of tourists, buskers, and people with large signs handing out fliers for anything from Chinese Buffets, to permanent tattoos! 
It's got the hustle and bustle that Oxford Circus suffers but with smaller pavements and shops, so it's not somewhere I tend to go for light shopping.

My favourite cafe is located there, and luckily, directed away from the crowds down a little side street. It's called Cakes N Treats, and is a German company that have recently branched out into the UK. Their cakes are amazing as are the hot chocolates and well worth the visit, but if you don't have much of a sweet tooth there are savoury options too.

Now the cakes were finished, it was time to wander through Camden enjoying the sun, and my new Bombshell by Katya Wildman Bowie Dress.*
It's always lovely to walk by the canals, and there is always a sunny spot in which to sit. 
Be wary tho as you may get the odd unsavoury characters in that area who love to prey on the tourists.
One group assumed we were as we had out our new Canon Camera, and heard them whispering "Canon, Canon!" while we approached. 
We of course side stepped them and carried on without missing a beat, aaah London you've taught us so much!

I paired my Bowie Dress* with my very old (At least 40 years old, we think!) leather jacket, and my Bronx cut out boots from the ASOS sale.
It was a bit more of a Bowie groupie kinda look, and I kept my hair and make up quite simple for this look, but this dress would also look amazing teamed with 60's style eyeliner, lashes, and kitten heels for a completely different look.

It's always lovely to walk along the canal while the sun is setting, getting the last of the rays, dodging joggers and cyclists, and seeing the quieter part of camden. 
As we were taking these the stalls were starting to close, and Camden was winding down after a busy day, it's always peaceful at that time.

Even in the busiest parts of London, there's always a quiet spot.

I still love these Quay Sunglasses, that I picked up again on sale at ASOS for only £12.
Yes I know I've worn them in a few outfit posts now, but they're just great! 
The Biker Jacket was passed on to me by my Auntie Kate, who got it from her brother, my Uncle Ben who I believe bought it second hand, so it's seen it's fair share of action.
I'm probably the only person who hasn't worn it while riding a motorbike, and I don't think the moped in Paris counted.

I really am so in love with this dress, I love anything that you can easily throw on and go but that still looks really eye-catching and interesting. This is perfect for that, and I can't wait to try out other looks in it.
You can see more of their dresses and designs in my previous blog post, where I visited their studio for the day.

Luckily for us, as the market stalls closed, the graffiti came out! I love the boldness and quirkiness of graffiti, and in this area there's so much condensed into the one place, they all try to outdo each other with the best and most interesting designs London has to offer.

This has to be my favourite, Vintage Inspired of course, and a swear?! Count me in! 
These shots were taked with the Canon that I lusted after in my previous post, my April Wish List, and I'm so glad that I invested in it, the shots look amazing, and Edd's really enjoying playing with it, I think it might become his new hobby.

A huge Thank You to Katya Wildman for gifting me with this dress, it looks great, and it was so comfortable to wear too, tho it was so eye catching it was getting a lot of attention, and Edd spent some of the day playing a game of 'catch out those staring at my amazing new dress'.
It was perfect for this time of year, as I didn't overheat but didn't freeze either.
Day or night, this is a fantastic little number, it comes in longer lengths and other colours too.
We ended our day in Camden here, as after this shot we were accosted by some rather drunken kids who said they wanted to be ASOS models, and then a Traffic Warden who made fun of my Scouse accent before walking into a lamp post....

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