Releasing my Inner Bombshell with Katya Wildman

Way back in 2011 I was wondering through the middle of Liverpool City Centre, still living there at the time I had popped into Boudoir Boutique in Cavern Walks to say hello to the girls there, having worked with them on a few occassions for events and in store signings.
On the way out I double taked at a beautiful dress on the mannequin in the window.

I fell in love with the design instantly, a late 50's, early 60's style fitted dress that just screamed sex appeal and prim and proper all at the same time.
You could wear this to meet his parents, but his dad may fall in love with you.
I noticed that the name of the dress was indeed the Bombshell, a very fitting name, designed by Katya Wildman previously a TV costume designer, and I found the company via Facebook.
Setting up shop in North London, Bombshell is very much a family business and the owners are very hands on with their clients, catering to their every need, and will even alter your garments to fit your hourglass perfectly.
As well as dressing from a by-gone era, you are treated with the long forgotten customer service, where shopping meant well fitting tailored outfits, personalised care while searching, and kind and attentive help that makes shopping that extra bit special.

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to their London studio.
 We braved the rain (which will explain my flat hair in the following photos....!) to have a look through the collection, try on some amazing designs, and take some snaps for this blog.
We arrived and took a seat in their lovely showroom, which is very extravagant, cosy, and has an excitingly full dress rack with many eye catching designs in the middle. 
Shortly after being served a drink, Stephan the managing director arrived and after a quick chat we delved into the dresses, which was so very exciting I can tell you!
 I wish all shopping was like this as I felt very important being brought so many dresses to try on.

Their studio is beautiful, and full of flattering light too, but this also meant my Fujifilm Finepix didn't want to focus properly.
 Warning: some shots may be in super soft focus..!

I bee-lined for this Red Bombshell dress, it's really flattering while fitting to your shape. 
The design is genius as it's flattering for everyone,
 with the bust area either accentuating or complimenting your boobs, no matter what size without resorting to padding, boning, or gratuitous cleavage. 
The waist details also drew attention while minimising to give a full hourglass look, whether you have been blessed with a natural hourglass or not.
Anyone work as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator? This also comes in white, you need this!

The mix of designs really ticks the boxes for everyone, from fun rockabilly style, to cocktail hour chic depending on the design of the fabric. 
I can now understand why Nigella Lawson bought TWELVE of these dresses in
different patterns and colours.
If I could, I would!
As leopard print goes this has to be hands down the chicest full leopard print dress I have ever seen, and as a lover of rockabilly and psychobilly I've seen a lot of leopard print at shows and events, I fully expect this to became a staple on the scene.

This is such a 60's Mad Men look, I don't know if the costume department of Mad Men have come across these designs but this needs to be worn by Christina Hendricks at some point, couldn't you just imagine her in this all big boobs and red hair!?!
Again this is really flattering, and considering this was two sizes too big for me (I just had to get a shot of this one), it still looked amazing.
I can grow into it, right?!
This is from the event wear section of their range, which is full of stunning gowns in different shades of silk, matching silk jackets and some jaw dropping gowns.

As well as the classic shape, newer more contemporary styles have been introduced, but designed with the same magic flattering affect that the Bombshell cut gives.
This isn't my usual style at all, so I did raise an eyebrow when presented with it, but once it was on I felt I could proudly be a fashionista owning any event, while standing out in just the right way.
This is the Abstract Leopard Coral Print, and comes in three different cuts, including the ever popular Bombshell cut.

I loved the cut and fit of this dress, it was a lot more lightweight than the others, so is perfect for hot sticky summer days, and is a winner for summer weddings in hot stuffy venues.
It would also be the best dress to pack for holidays in the sun, as you can look classy while not over heating, plus it's so easy and lightweight it'd be wearable after being shoved into a suitcase or carry on without wont for an iron.
 This is the Drape Dress version of the Abstract Leopard, and comes in many other patterns and colours too.

As well as the abstract Leopard, they proudly handed me this amazing abstract print, that is aptly called the Bowie! I'm not sure how appreciated my Bowie impression was, but once I got into this I loved it and wanted to paint a lighting bolt onto my face in tribute.
I felt like a 60's star trek vixen, and it was well appreciated by my Kirk (Edd) too who made some rather odd noises when I walked out.
Again this isn't one I would have picked but now love, these dresses look great on the hanger, but they look even more amazing when on.
And yes, there is a bombshell version too which is drool-tastic!

This is the same print and cut in red, but this is the Short Version for girls like me who love to show off their legs.
This got an even bigger reaction from 'Kirk', and I couldn't help go go dancing a little in it!
This is the perfect amount of edgy, interesting, and quirky but I really can't choose between these two designs, I loved both colours and cuts.
The company have so much choice in their range that you can totally understand the Twelve Dress Drama (it being so shocking, the Daily Mail reported on it, if they'd seen the designs they would understand)!

The dress is the result of a collaboration with Liberty London, designed with Liberty's silk crepe de chine fabric which is luxurious to the touch, and has been given a 1920's Great Gatsby make over with this dress, of course called the Gatsby.
This comes in plenty of summery prints and colours, but reveal a slight bit more cleavage than other dresses in the collection!
Hello Boobs, well, don't you look great in there!

Of course I had to try on the dress that started it all, this is the dress that caused that double take!
This design was discontinued, but luckily for us they reinstated it due to high demand, and you can still buy it online.
I must say it was a long wait from first seeing it to finally trying it on, I knew deep down that when I did finally put it on I would never want to take it off and want to wear it as my new skin.
This dress is worth the double take, triple take, quadruple take and more that it receives.
I shall love this design forever.

The dresses are a little more than I would usually delve into my pocket for, with prices starting from £225 and going up to £375 for the evening wear section, but the quality of these dresses is immediately obvious when you walk into the show room, even more obvious when you have them on, and they really will make you feel a million dollars while you are wearing them.

This is a dress you will want to live in and it'll make you feel sexy as hell, with other fans including Jerry Hall, Angelica Houston (yes Morticia Adams wears these dresses!), and Vogue Editor Alex Shulman, you will join the ranks of those curve flaunting, fashion savvy, confident ladies.

Sizes range from a size 6 up to a size 18, and look great on every shape and size, with the bombshell having been designed with larger busted woman in mind but working just as well on their smaller busted friends.
Me being a somewhat in between bosomed lady found they perfectly accentuated while covering for demure shaping and comfort, plus the waist detail made me feel like Jessica Rabbit.

Don't worry if you're on a tight budget (like me most of the time!),  there is also a sale section on their website with prices hitting as low as £80, so there is always a bargain to be had and as all the deigns are gorgeous, you'll be ecstatic with your purchase no matter how much it came to.

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