Colours and Flowers in the Spring...!

Ahhh yes, spring has sprung or is at least claiming to have done....
Me and Edd decided to jump on the bus to Columbia Road flower market in Hackney to pick up some flowers for our flat and get into sunshine mode!

 There were so many many options, colour, and sneezing people everywhere (who visits a flower market during a hey fever bout?!) but seemed that we weren't the only people who had the idea to go and we spent a large chunk of the day in a sea of people surrounded by potted plants and every kind of flower you could ask for.

Alongside the flowers there were plenty of little boutiques, vintage stores, and cafes. 
It's also the street that the Rob Ryan Store and Workshop is on!
We spotted a lot of treasures and may be back again to get some knick knacks for the house, and maybe a vase or three for all the flowers!

As I knew we were going somewhere more colourful, I challenged myself to wear a brighter outfit, and something a bit different from my usual monochrome uniform.

The top is one I bought from Primark the other day, at only £8 I'm regretting only buying two colours, and am planning to go back for more.
It's surprisingly thick for a cheap Primark special, I'm actually wearing a black bra underneath and it's not as noticeable as you would expect.

The Necklace is from Tatty Divine, and was a gift from Edd.
I don't get to wear it often as I'm generally not a gold wearer so it doesn't quite fit with my usual outfits, but as the bag complimented it and also it fit perfectly around the collar of the shirt, so on it went!
Hopefully I'll get more chances to wear as I love it so much.

The Capri pants I bought the other day from H&M, and they were the basis of the outfit. 
It's got pink in it.....PINK!!!
I'm so not a pink person but I slapped on my Lime Crime Pink Velvet, and my Zara blue ballet pumps and I think it worked pretty well?
The bag was a steal from Yes Style, which has free shipping over £20.
It's a cute Sunday bag, as it's not very big so isn't one you can carry books or iPads in!

We ended up with three bunches of flowers, one load for us, one for the kitchen in our shared flat, and one bunch a gift for a friend.
Finally I could crack out this Iconemesis phone case by Fifi Lapin, it's the girliest one out of my collection and never really matched any other outfits quite as well as it did for this one.
I'm also sticking faithfully to Ciate, I'm so glad to not have to paint my nails every two days cos of chips!
This is Raspberry Collins in their pink collection, and it matched the polka dots of my pants perfectly.

When I got home I put them into water straight away, the red ribbon one for our room, where we have a little living room area, and the barge jug from my little collection for the kitchen, which as we were shopping towards the end of the market day (it runs 8am - 3pm, but after 1pm everything gets way cheaper) cost us only £2!
The roses and thistles are for our friend, because yes...she is scottish!
Now we can pretend it's really spingtime, but only when indoors.

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