The 90's are back....?!

There's a trend I see popping up lately, one that looks all too familiar, one filled with nostalgia, school hallways, and butterfly hairclips.
If you were too young to experience or remember those things the first time around, it's okay, it's coming back.

I am of course talking about 90's fashion which, to my memory, served of summer dresses covered over with large denim jackets, tattoo choker necklaces, girl power mini dresses, and learning to walk in platforms.
It fills me somewhat with dread having awkwardly bumbled my way through the 90's, acne, bleached striped hair, and a tiny skinny frame meaning that it was a decade I would rather forget, not repeat.

One of my earliest memories was of the countdown to 1990 beginning, having been born in the mid-80's, the 90's was to be my defining decade seeing me through the ages of 5 to 15. The decade ahead seemed full of excitement but then we moved back to the UK.
My world had become grey, and I started at a normal school after having travelled around Australia and New Zealand with my parents, the UK was a very different place and I only knew one thing about it. I didn't fit in.
At school I was the girl with the funny accent, which wore off taking my popularity with it and soon I was the lonely kid. I didn't, and still don't, socialize well making school a chore I tried to avoid with feigning illnesses and usually failing.

In high school I found I still didn't fit, I never understood why, I liked boys, and the spice girls, and make up just like every other girl..?
I started to find out about make up and style during this time, practicing looks in my bedroom, reading all the advice Just Seventeen (which changed to J-17) had to offer on fashion, and taking embarrassing "modelling" photo's which are still somehow in my parents photo albums.
I bought clothes at the cheaper stores Liverpool had to offer and I still remember some of my clothing pride and joy's during this decade.

The White Loafers - I loved these, and wore them with pride along with my Purdy from the Avengers (played by Joanna Lumley) haircut in my little 60's revival. I was about 8 or 9 and wore this with my school uniform of a checkered dress. I stood out.

The Capri Pants - I bought a pair of "Pedal Pushers" with turn ups for £5 in a small shop in Birkenhead, that had already stocked up on year 2000 t-shirts and novelty glasses ahead of the event.
I wore them feeling a little Marylin Monroe, when in reality my legs were too skinny for them to fit properly, I didn't know what to wear with it, and they had an elasticated waistband 

The Black Platform Boots - I begged my parents into buying me some black block platform shoes. They were ugly as sin, but I wanted a pair of high high heels having only hit 5 Foot by the end of the 90's (luckily I grew an extra 6 inches in college!) and I argued I could walk in them, and as they were from C&A they must be sensible. I don't know what became of them, but I have seen similar ones making a reappearance...mainly in Shoreditch.

The Red Lipstick - It was in these years I started to wear red lipstick when outside of school, even tho my fellow classmates would spot me at the weekends wearing it, and laugh at the concept of a 15 year old girl in full 50's style make up I didn't care. It felt right, it felt like me, and I still wear it to this day.
I still rock it....!
 The 90's is the decade in which I found myself, I was figuring out life and continued to do so through 2000 to now. It was the decade of glitter, high high shoes, bad disco pop, and boybands, but for me it was the decade where I watched old movies on my black and white TV, emulated the movie starlets, danced around like Rita Heyworth in my bedroom, and found red lipstick.

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