Real Vs Fakes - Black Milk Part Two....

After last weeks Black Milk Fakes Vs. Real post, so many people messaged or commented saying they had considered buying the fakes, but after my post saw that you can't beat the real deal when it comes to quality.
So now it's time for part two, and it's time to turn the attention to the other big sellers on their website, the dresses.
My lovely lovely boyfriend bought me this R2-D2 dress as an xmas gift and I love it. Now.
When he first ordered it he'd ordered the wrong size, and the wrong style (there's two R2 designs....confusing!) so it was far too big for me and not really a design I would wear.
Sadly due to their exchange policy it took a while of doing back and forth emails till they agreed to exchange it, and send it back with free shipping as they were doing an offer.
But this didn't stop us getting two separate customs charges each time meaning the dress including shipping costs meant it came to about £250!

The BMO dress was another eBay special and is another complete copy from Black Milk.
Costing about £10 with free shipping, it took forever to arrive, and only comes in three sizes S,M,L which meant it was too large for me.
Again the quality seemed really lacking, bad stitching, cheap fabric, and a terrible shape.

You can see from the shape of the dress that the Black Milk is a lot more fitted, cut to actual real lady shape, the BMO dress seemingly cut to fit a tree trunk.
You can tell this better when wearing.

The Black Milk fits perfectly, gives great boob, and makes my Boy rather happy.....!
The BMO dress was poorly fitting, and just looked awful on me. 
This and the leggings were very happily taken in by my little sister, who tho only 15 is already a clothes size bigger and taller than me!
Again tho the dress I got cost quite a lot in the end, it is still worth going with the real deal. Just make sure you buy the right sizes according to the size chart, and expect customs charges.

Also you may notice my signature has changed below, as I'm doing this blog separately from my performing I'm assuming more of my real identity into it, and putting my real name behind this project.
Millie Dollar is who I am at the weekends...!
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