A Day in Covent Garden

I love Covent Garden, from its quirky boutiques, well known brands such as Tatty Divine, Pop Boutique, Coco De Mer etc, little cafes and naughty treats, all mixed together inside classic buildings and on cobbled streets.

It can be somewhat overwhelming as it's a tourist hot spot, but if you know where to go and handy tips that I shall now post here, it can be a lovely day out especially in summer.

Where we live we can get a bus directly, which at £1.40 with an oyster card means it's a cheap day out. The only problem is, it's a bus. Unluckily (or luckily) for us, the bus we got decided to terminate a few stops early so we just jumped out by St Pauls Cathedral as there's a few restaurants and cafes in that area, and its only a picturesque 20 minute walk the rest of the way.

As we got off there was a Pizza Express about three steps away, usually I would avoid franchises but I had heard many rumours that they were introducing Vegan options, and as I'm always searching for somewhere to eat when travelling, I'm so happy that they actually have and there's somewhere I can find in pretty much every town.

It's the Pianta Pizza and comes covered in Artichoke, spinach, rocket and Mushroom, which I switched for olives as I'm allergic to mushrooms.
The tomato sauce is a bit spicier than usual, so remember to order a drink, but this was delicious and didn't suffer from the lack of cheese. 
Edd even tried some and, as a fully fledged carnivore, also enjoyed it.
Finally a vegan option pizza that's actually really nice!

There's also a Dairy Free Raspberry Sorbet, which was a very generous serving and topped with dark chocolate.
Again it was lovely and we very much enjoyed sharing it, I'm sure Pizza Express will be our new go to restaurant when needing to find somewhere in a pinch.

As well as the lovely food, there is a great view of St Pauls cathedral, and we played tourists again taking photo's in between courses.

After a late lunch we started the walk towards Covent Garden surrounded by Tourists and City Types, just as the sun had started to descend and the city glowed while we wandered past the lovely older buildings that area has still in place.

I had to stop and pretend to be a Disney Villain, the windows on this building looked like the mirrors of snow white and I took advantage of their free framing. 
I just hope there wasn't any office workers in there laughing at my posing!

Finally we hit our destination! The tips start now -

1. Covent Garden is the best spot to pick up your luxury make up brands with it's dedicated make up boutiques for Dior, Burberry, Mac, and Chanel so you can nab the products you've been lusting from staff with fantastic knowledge of those brands.

2. Most of the streets in that area are cobbled, which makes it look more quaint and old fashioned, but means it's hell in heels! I'd recommend wearing flats, or a chunkier heel so you can comfortably get around.
You don't want to spend the whole day rolling over onto your ankle.
Speaking of heels, the Zara bag in the following photo has those green shoes I was lusting after for so long....!!

3. Covent Garden station is the worst station to use, there's many other stations nearby such as Charing Cross or Leicester Square that would be better to use and walk the rest of the way.
As it's a lift system getting out at Covent Garden, it always makes crushes, and waiting for ages to just get out of the station.
I've learned the hard way too that using the stairs instead is a huuuuge mistake they go on forever and ever!
As it's always busy outside, when meeting with a friend use a central point that isn't the station, with so many buskers, human statues, flier-ers, tourists, and people bustling around it's always tricky spotting each other.

5. I feel I must point out that this has nothing to do with the above picture(!), but if you ever get stuck in the middle of Covent Garden, it's helpful to know that the giant Apple store has public toilets downstairs which is very useful information!

6. Covent Garden has some of the loveliest shops and cafes in London, if you're shopping for gifts with a bit of difference then this is the place to go.
It's also got the lovely Laduree Cafe which is worth a visit if you like me, love macaroons, but maybe not so much if like me, you're vegan! 
If you eat everything then there is plenty of delicious treats to be had, and you can get plenty of little gift boxes to take treats with you too.

I wanted to make this more of a tips, shopping, and travel advice blog rather than an outfit post, but I'm again wearing my staples, Leather Jacket, Zara Jeans, Bronx Boots, Quay Sunglasses, a new kinda string vest from Miss Fiori and a £10 clutch from Primark.

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