Hair Stripping or Getting Rid of Mistakes

Last week I had a hair disaster.
I couldn't see the dye I usually buy, and in a blind panic due to terrible roots and a model casting first thing in the morning, grabbed a colour that looked like it might be nice and slapped it on at home without the usual care I take to dyeing my own hair.
Once I washed it off and dried it I cried, it was almost black, patchy, and looked terrible.

After lunch with my mum who did the usual maternal tutting at self hair dyeing, I tracked down my nearest Superdrug and grabbed a colour stripper, and some semi permanent dye.
I picked up something called Colour B4, in a blue box and hoped for the best.

I read up various reviews on the way back, racked with fear that my hair would weaken and snap, and I'd end up with a lovely GI Jane style do.
As it contained no bleach or ammonia, I tentatively gave it a go, starting of course with a test strip.

Thankfully the colour lifted right out, after reading reviews saying that red was the worst I was worried, but as the dye had been on less that 24 hours it came out easily and the colour I was left with was a weird gingery strawberry blonde.
With the success of this I bit the bullet and applied it all over.

It smelled awful, like very rotten eggs, and wearing clingfilm around my head to keep the heat in was a bit weird. I was half tempted to add tin foil so I could sit on my balcony and scare the neighbours screaming about little green men.
I had to leave it on for an hour, which is a long time to bake under such a lovely eggy concoction but needs must.

It said to rinse out for 20 minutes, such a long time to be hunched over a bath tub so my back got a bit sore. 
I then added on the Clarifier, which I wasn't to clear the point of, but did anyway just to fix my hair!
I was so glad to see so much of the colour go, and while my hair didn't feel great, it didn't snap off in my hands or look too bad.

Here it is dried, and it was all over the strange gingery blonde which looked rather strange. 
I wish I had kept to this tho as I decided to try and go back to my natural colour of light brown using a semi permanent hair dye.
I didn't realise that after using this your hair is really porous and takes the colour very intensely so it actually ended up a dark brown annoyingly, and I'm washing it out like crazy with head and shoulders before applying a semi permanent red when light enough. 
The Colour B4 does claim you can just use it again, but once was definitely enough of an experience, and the small didn't go even after hours of airing out our room, which lead to Edd telling me off that I could have "At least aired out the room" to which I exclaimed loudly that I did!

So it works, it smells, it's a drama, and it'll probably stop me from panic dyeing my hair ever again.
Well, it's one way to learn.

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