Glossybox Vs. Glossybox....!

It's like Kramer vs. Karmer, I'm pitting March's Glossybox up against its April counterpart.

After reviewing and loving the February Glossybox I awaited March's instalment in the hope that it would again bring new great products I would love.
I am sorry to say I was disappointed. 
The contents didn't really fill my with any kind of excitement at all, and seemed a bit of a waste of £10. I even had messages from people who I'd talked to previously about their service to tell me they were so disappointed in March's instalment, they immediately unsubscribed.

The contents are shown here for March.
first thing to catch my attention was a Mitchell and Peach body cream, that I vetoed once I read the ingredients as it contained honey.
I'm vegan.
I did my due blog diligence and tried it out on one arm, only to be overpowered by the smell of lavender, it was only one of the scents listed but really over powered everything else.
It also didn't actually absorb into my skin, quite a few patches staying wet in a greasy style way and needing to be rubbed in more. 
I would avoid this product completely.

I was more willing to try this Dove Intensive Repair as my hair is in serious need of damage control.
Tho it's not a product I was filled with glee on encountering.
It's one of those things you get free with Glamour magazine of similar, but it'd be one of those free gifts you see and think "Nah, I won't bother this month".
We all do it, don't lie....thats how we get most of our benefit or Nails inc products!
The amount inside wasn't a massive amount, if I hand't cut my hair recently (still regret) then I would have needed two to cover.
I let it dry naturally partly to give my hair a rest, and partly because my flatmate had work early and it was after 10pm!
It felt really soft and not in a fluffy way, which for my thin hair was great as it wasn't full of static. The strangest, but for most best feature of this product was that it didn't seem to be perfumed, at all! There was no scent left on my hair which I actually found to be a nice change.
I'd buy it again, if it came free with Glamour.

I wasn't thrilled by the Make up products in March's box, again totally not in my colouring and not flattering in any way.
On the left is Sleeks Chocolate Kiss lipgloss, chocolate being the worse lip colour in the world, especially on girls as pale as me. You either look like a toddler that was given a curly wurly, or worse which I won't even go into here.
Needless to say I tried it out, Edd laughed at the colour, I wiped it off. End of.
I've never heard of EllaPierre before, and it wasn't a colour or product I would have ever picked up if my own accord. 
The colour name is right, it really is the colour of shiny pennies, and looked nice when mixed in with other colours on the eyelid.
I may use it again, but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it.

Lastly the box contained two Juicy Couture perfume samples.
I'm nearly 30, I have no interest in Juicy Couture.....
In fact I prefer my Couture to not be juicy at all, as that would ruin lovely outfits and beautiful handiwork.
Needless to say, I didn't whip these out and put them on.

After March's instalment as tempted as I was to also cancel my subscription I stuck it out to report on my findings here, you all owe me a tenner (yes all of you.....profit!!)
So now we shall move onto Aprils offerings.

Again the box seemed a bit sparse in comparison to the first box I received back in february.
The first thing whipped out, and as you can see used and lost the lid for, was this Tres Semme dry shampoo.
I've never got onto the Dry Shampoo train, but as I tried this out it made my hair look so much lovely and thicker, and with hair that's basically a wisp of something atop my head I loved it.
The first day I used it was actually the day I shot the Bowie Dress outfit post, so you can see the affect.
I've used it a few times and it's safe to say that this will become a staple, I'll definitely get this again!

When I first glanced into Aprils glossybox, I spotted this Me Me Me bottle and immediately assumed it was a nail polish. "Gah! Look at this nail colour! I'd never wear that!" I told Edd.
Upon further inspection I realised it was actually a bottled highlighter.....d'oh.
Feeling somewhat foolish I tried it out still unsure, having never got a highlighter to work for me.
I actually quite liked it in the end! It does highlight the areas beautifully without over powdering, and despite the appearance of the bottle, it isn't very pink and girly.
It's made it's way into my everyday make up bag, which is like an exclusive club for make up!

The Monuspa again didn't make my shout "oh, yay one of those!" but it was the perfect excuse to ask Edd for a massage, and after lugging around suitcases and handbags I needed one.
It was quite nice, smelt great and wasn't too greasy.
Sadly it was also not warming, I even asked Edd if he realised it was meant to be which he replied No.
I may need two or three more massages with it tho, just to make sure....

I wasn't sure till I read the booklet what kind of brush this is, it is in fact a lip brush as I first thought, I wasn't sure as most lip brushes have that little protective tube around it.
I tested it out with Ruby Woo by Mac, and it didn't pile on the colour like some, but instead left me with a lovely raspberry matte look that was perfect for subtle day lips.
With another coat on top I could have built it up if I had chosen to, but the colour and evenness the lip brush gave, along with how easy it was to line around my lip line too.
I'll be using this again, but I do wish it came in travel size, and with something to cover the brush.

So now I've saved the worst for last....
I had liked all the other parts of Aprils Glossybox, but this Sun Sense Tinted Sunscreen was the worst product completely for me.
I'll admit I was already biased as I'm not a fan of tinted moisturisers at all, but summer is coming up so tinted sunscreen does seem a great idea in theory.
It wasn't, or not at least for this particular product.
It sat on top of the skin, and gave me quite a shine. Not supermodel chic sheen, but greasy teenager working in a McDonalds sheen.
That was bad enough, but my skin was reacting to it rather unfavourably getting a bit irritated so I immediately removed it only for my skin to start stinging during removal.
I slavered Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream on quickly in the hope it would soothe my skin enough to avoid any more redness.
It has settled down now, but my right eye (I only applied to the right side of my face, for comparison) is still irritated.
Of course I'm sure this wouldn't happen for everyone, but for super shiny skin without much coverage, this was definitely not the product for me.

I've much preferred the contents of Aprils box to March's, and will give it one more month to decide if it's worth the money or not.
I have reviewed the products on the Glossybox website, which very nicely gives you points and I get to voice my opinions, no matter how harsh, so I wait to get the free one with my points and then unsubscribe.
I guess I have enough make up already!

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