A Mixture of Looks - Love and Bacall...?

After an interesting debate talking about celebrity style icons via Twitter, I mentioned how I didn't look to one particular celebrity or icon for fashion ideas, but as my wardrobe is a mix of classic and high street, I talked about how my icons were so very mixed there was no pinpointed look.

This lead to discussing the possibilities of combining two looks so very far apart, and seeing if such a result is possible.
So I now present to you the very first mixed look, or sub title: 2 Celebs 1 Look, which is a combination of sultry screen starlet Lauren Bacall, with Hot Mess, Courtney Love.

I've loved Lauren Bacall from a young age, when my mum used to sit me down in front of classic films where the women were sultry and classy at the same time.
I've always loved the 40's look of loose waves, red lips, and well fitting tailored outfits which is completely embodied for me by Bacall, even in the 50's when she was the sensible lady to Monroe and Grables girly giddishness in How to Marry a Millionaire. 

Courtney Love came as a later inspiration to me, during my grungy teen years where I saw Nirvana as deep and intellectual, Freddy Got Fingered as cinema gold, and Bam Margera as my perfect guy (I realise now that he's just a rich dick with fading fame due to dickishness).
Hole filled my girly angst fuelled nights out, where me and my friends would scream along to "Celebrity Skin", drink copious amounts (sorry mum), and then get a night bus home to our parents houses.

To combine the two looks was quite a challenge, but one I hope to have pulled off. 
Combining tailored jacket and skirts with the tartan so beloved in the early 90's, ripped fishnets, and for a modern touch these lust-worthy Bronx cut out boots that I want in my wardrobe!
Of course whichever look you're leaning towards, red lipstick is non optional and must be worn at all times, it's just up to you if you want to wear it neatly a la Bacall, or smeared across your face like Love on any given day.
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