A Day of Being Spoilt....!

My fiancée is very very good to me, and after a few days of feeling a bit fed up after a terrible advert shoot (I can't go into details, but it was a long long day in a lot of pain!) he decided to treat me to a day of shopping, and refresh my wardrobe too!
I put on my new Bronx boots from the current ASOS sale, which teamed with a Japanese striped mini dress, complete with white collar and a red bow seemed to get too much attention, and a creeper in Boots the Chemists! Eek!

Mainly we went to visit the Apple store, to play with the laptops and decide which one would be best for me, hassling the geniuses, and looking at this blog to see how bad the images look on a Retina display....awful is the answer! I'll be working on my photography and editing skills to try and fix this.

First stop was Primark. I tend to avoid them when possible, but as Edd needed some white T-shirts for his stage act (where he plays the Diet Coke Man, and yes our lives are weird) I decided to have a hunt around for summer dresses, and I'm so glad I did! 
Not for dresses which I found to be sadly lacking, but for their great selection of tops and blouses.
I'm always sighing into my T-shirt drawer, which while full of t-shirts, never has anything I want to wear in it as I actually dislike wearing t-shirts! 
As someone more likely to be found in Pencil skirts and Capri pants, T-shirts just never quite go but I've never been able to find good shirts that fit, especially for spring and summer.

The two on the left came in a range of colours, and at only £8.00 each, I may need to get some more colours when I have some money again.....one day I'm sure, this is a budget blog for a reason!
The third one was sold out in loads of sizes, so I had to get one that'll be a bit loose. well a lot loose, but as it's a perfect nod to a Burberry catwalk favourite, which was worn teamed with a striped pencil skirt, it's been snapped up quickly as did so many designs in the store.
Good bye T-shirts, welcome back the smart 60's style button down blouse.

I never usually wear pink, but these H&M royal blue and pink polka dot capri pants just caught my eye, and I have a rule if I'm uuming and aaahing over an item of clothing, I try to think of an outfit that will go with it, and the one I came up with will be an outfit post soon!
These will really refresh my wardrobe and force me to wear a bit of colour this summer, after my winter monochrome!
I also had a Glamour 25% off at H&M card, so while these were cheap already at £12.99, we got them for only £9.75!

Every shopping trip needs to include a trip to Lush, and after the awful advert shoot included a Make Up "Artist" who put the Bobbi Brown pan stick, and concealer straight onto my face out of the tube, didn't clean in between use and I've got no idea how many other peoples faces that may have been smeared onto, I really needed a facemask.
The brushes had been being used all day, and she even put eyeliner in my waterline without cleaning it first so my skin felt like it was crawling ever since... :(
I also had to grab one bathbomb, as it's Lush Laws.

I picked up a new eyeliner felt pen from Seventeen, I'll report back on it, and also as I hadn't bought one in ages, a Ruby Woo by MAC.
Why didn't anyone tell me their prices had gone up again?
It used to cost £9.00 when I started to buy it, and now it retails at £15, eeek that's a whole £6 or item from Primark!

This handcream I found in Boots, at only £5 and a cute vintage style tube I had to grab it, as I've noticed I have had tight dry skin on my hands lately.
It's from a company called Crabtree and Evelyn, and is Rosewater scented which smells amazing. 
I think it's now gonna be a staple in my handbag, well worth the Fiver.

So yes, I'm a spoilt very very lucky girl, and taking me for a shopping spree is always welcome!

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