Sephora Haul...

It's been quite some time, I know, I'm happy to see people are still reading the blogs despite my absence and I shall do my best to not desert you again!
Now my situations have changed somewhat I should actually have the time once again to dedicate to this blog, and shall be working on much more new content for you all.
So why not start with a good Sephora haul?!
My mother travels a lot with work, and offered to pick me up some goodies from Sephora as she knows just how make up addicted I can be.
I gave her quite the list, as there are so many things over there that either aren't available in the UK or are much cheaper there than here.
You can probably tell too from the items I acquired, when it comes to make up, I have expensive taste.

I couldn't possibly pick any favourites from this haul, but I know I will be adding to them as soon as I can afford a large Sephora online order that will hopefully be able to be shipped my way, especially as now after trying some of these items, I want to try more from the range.
Nars for me do the best blushers, and as much as I love my Orgasm I wanted something a little more toned down and less shimmery for every day use.
Of course I had to go with a blush called Sex Appeal, a matte peachy pink that adds that healthy glow to the cheeks and is just right for that french 60's sex kitten look.
For highlighter just where I wanted it I asked for this Too Faced shimmer, with two shades to really layer up and change that look. I opt more for the champagne shimmer which I think works better on my pale skin, but I seem to not have much luck with highlighter as I never see much difference myself.
Just look at that chandelier design tho, such a gorgeous compact to carry in my handbag.

I've never really been a fan of Kat Von D, I haven't followed her work, and really wasn't interested in those tattoo shows, despite being heavily tattooed myself.
However I have heard so many rave reviews about her make up range that I just had to try it, and I am hooked. 
I've had three items from her range so far and I want a lot more of it as it seems so effective and really stays in place.
The Lock-It concealer really does a great job of hiding those bags under my eyes, and is so easy to blend and use that I really must get the matching foundation now in the hopes for a flawless finish that'll last.
The Tattoo Liner is easy to use, a deep deep black that doesn't need to be reapplied many times in a day if at all.
It's a little on the pricier side of things starting at about $20 per item, but you don't need to use much of it to have a great long lasting effect.

Dying my hair red has always made finding good eyebrow make up harder, I'd read a lot of good reviews on this product that again seems to only be available in USA.
This is the auburn colour although it looks quite brown, and again you only need to use the smallest amount of this product and build it up for a more natural looking but much more defined brow.
First few days I used it my friends told me my eyebrow game was on point, so I'm pretty chuffed with it, my hair is on the darker side of red however so works with my colouring perfectly, if you have bright red or more ginger tones it may not work quite so well.

The finishing touches.
I highly recommend Urban Decays setting sprays, I use them on long days or onstage to keep my make up perfectly in place, even under heavy costumes and stage lights you won't have to worry about your make up crumbling under pressure.
This is a super sized jumbo bottle, but you can also buy purse sized bottles from various make up retailers in the UK.
Trust me, get one.
The one product I would put as my least favourite however is sadly this Ciate Velvet Lip and Mix which you apply over your usual lipstick for a matte look, this is only due to some crossed wires as I actually asked for a lip glitter as mine have all ran out and I generally use it onstage, so not what I was expecting at all and sadly doesn't really have much use for me.
As soon as I can afford to I know I'll be straight on the Sephora Website, if you decide also be aware that they will not ship certain brands like NARS, or nail polishes etc so be aware that you may have to sacrifice some of your basket.
What item will be going into your shopping basket?

Lush Oxford Street Haul 2....

Yep, it's another epic haul....!
I bought all this nearly a month ago, and I've been working my way through it all so I can share my reviews on everything after a few uses of them, well except for the bath bombs!
I got quite a mix of products this time, more hair care, soaps, lipsticks, facemasks and more.

Lush soaps take a while to work through, as they last for quite a long time, but for these new scents and designs it was worth picking some up.
In this batch I got Respect Your Elders (£3.40 per 100g), a purpley black soap with rather a kick of fragrance, full of bergamot oils, olibanum (a.k.a frankincense) for fragrant skin, mixed up with coconut and rapeseed oils to soften the skin.
The blue soap is Outback Mate (£3.40 per 100g), mixing eucalyptus, lemon grass and peppermint to help wake you up first thing it will leave your skin tingling.
I had to buy the Sea Salted Caramel soap (£4.10 per 100g), it being one of my favourite flavours it only made sense.
Full of fair-trade vanilla and sea salt, it's creams rather than lathers onto the skin leaving it smoothed due to the sea salt scrub, and moisturised from the coconut oils tho I did hope the smell would translate a little more sweet and strong, but it's still a beautiful creaming scrub.
My absolute favourite however is the Maypole (£3.10 per 100g), scented and resembling sticks of rock, this amazing smelling circle is one I've raved about many times, tho it does make a bit of a transferred mess onto my sink, it's totally worth it.
Peppermint oil gives this soap its pick me up scent, and canadian maple syrup adds a bit of extra sweetness you really feel the clean from this soap thats sure to keep you skipping all day.

Everyone has seen me rave about Rub Rub Rub many many times before, it is my all time ultimate favourite Lush product but this is no ordinary pot, this mega sized gargantuan pot of triple R is a godsend for any other triple R addicts who find themselves running out of it far too quickly.
Larger pots and bottles are also available in most products down in that there London.
The Comforter bubble bar has been a long time favourite, but if you aren't a bath person never fear! Finally this amazing scent now comes bottled in a comforter shower cream (from £4.75) for all you shower lovers, packed with cassis and bergamot oils, it gives a warm berry snuggle feeling and creams onto the skin leaving it soft and slightly shimmery.

Stinky feet? Let Lush be your saviour.
Roses and geraniums scent your feet with this Twinkle Toes (£5.95) powder, a little shimmer has been added too, in case you weren't feeling quite dressy enough, shimmer and glitter do seem to have become a big part of the Oxford Street products, it does feature more often than not so if you aren't a fan of the glitter (I must admit, I'm not a fan) then shop carefully.
Stepping Stone was a popular product for many years, tho it broke down a little too quickly for enough uses, but this new Pumice Powder (£3.10) is like a miniature soap/ scrub bar for the feet that sheds the dead skin and leaves the feet feeling light.

I'm always trying to convert people to the toothy tabs, maybe this new style of packaging may swing more people towards them, plus there are many many flavours available in Oxford Street and now even tooth powders to dip your brushes into.
Bling (£5.95) is a brazilian orange flavoured toothy tab, gold in colour and amazing in flavour, if you aren't a fan of that mint toothpaste flavour try something a bit different, try a bit of zest!
I do like the classic mint for a clean feeling, so this triple peppermint Miles of Smiles (£5.95) also ended up in my basket.
I like both of these, but have leaned towards that mint fresh more often than not for a clean white smile and appealing breath!

I didn't get too much in the way of haircare last visit, but this time I just had to nab a few of the offerings including Hair Custard (from £12.95) which was all out of stock last time I popped in.
Smelling like fresh custard, it contains vanilla for the scent, argan oil and free range eggs (so not vegan) to add strength and shine.
It has been designed to thicken the hair and stop static ends, and I really wanted to love it...but it just doesn't work for me.
I've tried it a few times and it really does help to thicken the hair, but it just doesn't distribute easily and left me with patches of hair that felt just greasy and gross.
It looked and smelt amazing, I just don't like the feel of it in my hair.
I shall be keeping on with it as I have a large pot to get through, but I've already given it a fair few goes so I'm not holding out much hope, sorry!
I liked Damaged so much last time I had to get another hair treatment, so I went with Tangled (£6.50 each) a peruvian rose and ylang ylang treatment so stop hair knotting and leaving you with soft manageable tresses.
Damaged treats dry hair, using avocado, almond and olive oils to replenish the hair while scenting with fair trade vanilla, it leaves the hair feeling amazing and they are both totally worth the price tags.
The babybel looking slice is the amazing Avocado Co-Wash (£9.50 for 100g), a once a week hair wash and conditioner, it's like washing your hair in a hair treatment, and is made up of 80% conditioner and 20% shampoo to co-wash, a current trend in hair care which now has this gorgeous smelling product designed especially for it.
It smells like some kind of sweet, feels amazing, and leaves the hair in such good condition, I'm torn between rationing it and using large amounts of it every week.
Finally to the solid conditioner, The Plumps (£5.95) that at first I wasn't too sure of, it wasn't seeming to cream or deposit onto the hair, but once I rinsed it out I realised it really had, and I've been using it religiously ever since. It is meant to help boost hair, but as I don't put conditioner onto my roots (don't do that, never do that) I'm not too sure how it would boost the hair, but I love it all the same.

I loved Rosy Cheeks (£6.50) when I got it last time, I tried to buy three but this was literally the last one in the store! Sob.
But I decided to pick up Don't Look At Me (£6.50) which is a skin brightening mask, filled with ground rice to exfoliate the skin.
I haven't actually had a chance to use it just yet as I've been sticking with Rosy Cheeks in the run up to my wedding (squee!) as I didn't want to confuse my skin with brand new products. 
I will instagram the results however, so keep an eye out there!

I alread have so so so many bath bombs all over my house, I can't really justify buying many more so I decided to stick with these three.
From left to right, the Experimenter (£3.75) has been a product that has got a lot of people very excited, full of fair trade vanilla and popping candy, it's like a technicolor dream coat for your bath.
Guardians of the Forest (£3.35) is a woody earthy bath bomb, which I hoped would help me avoid the glitter, sadly not the case, but the smell is wonderful and calming, feel at one with your inner hippy chick with this one, and a disco queen when you get out covered in glitters!
Frozen (£3.75) is a mix of grapefruits and rose oils for an amazing scented soak, you may be able to tell from the colours it produces what movie inspired this particular bath bomb, but again it is filled with silver glitters that coated my skin leaving me shimmering all night long, great if you like that kind of thing but my sweats didn't compliment it so much...!
Keep an eye on my instagram page for sneak peeks at these products in action.

I just couldn't resist getting even more of the make up, and I actually wished I could have bought way more of it!
I nabbed three lipsticks again, you may have noticed if you have a super amazing memory that I bought True (£13.50) the lovely nude colour last time. Sadly Jake (my puppy) got it and chewed it to pieces so I had to re-buy when there.
I also got Ambition (£13.50) a bright bright red colour that somehow is perfect for every day wear, and Affectionate (£13.50) that I wanted to suit me, but it's just not my colouring sadly, swapsies anyone?!
Refresh (£15.50) is a brozer with gold shimmer, that is a great shade, but a very small amount will do for someone as pale as I am! Must get tan.
Rose Lollipop (£6.75) is a rosy lip balm that smells much greater than it tastes...! I love the scent of rose, but I always forget that every rose lip balm I've tried hasn't had the most pleasant taste to this, great conditioning but blurgh!
I can't find the info for the Orange Flower and Strawberry Bombshell lip tints, but I can tell you they are utterly amazing!
Giving just enough of a tint but way more than you've come to expect of a tint, these easy to apply balms are now a handbag essential to me.
Independent (£14.50) is Lushs jet black liquid liner, it stays on very well, but my brush was wonky and then fell out of the cap, so be sure to check the brush before you buy, or ask a sales assistant to before you buy, as I now just don't use it because of it.
Bit of a shame.

Lastly I needed a bag to pop all these products into, and what better than the Oxford Street exclusive tote bag (£13.50)?!?!
An eye-catching way to say "I have exclusive stuff, and you doooon't...!".
But fear not, as of today (7th August) some of these products will be rolling their way into stores nationwide, so now you can get your hands on these items without the travel to London.
Be sure to pop in this weekend to peruse, sniff, and try some of these items out for yourselves.
But which ones you ask...?
Well you'll just have to go and see!


I'm sure we've all figured by now, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Birchbox, apart from a few rare instances I haven't found many of the products inside to be really very interesting or of use to myself personally, plus the amount of non cruelty free products I get from them puts me off completely.
I have asked them before for a cruelty free check box but to no avail, so if you strive for cruelty free skincare and make up, I would advise you avoid them.

To try and liven things up, Birchbox decided to try out a Birchbag for the summer, in four different neon shades for the quintessential 90's throw back look.
This meant they turned up in a thin green package that could be delivered through the letter box, wasn't the greatest idea tho for reasons that will soon become obvious.

Unani is an odd company, I can't find them online outside of Birchbox webpages so can't find if they are cruelty free, or anything about their company.
This is an aloe vera treatment to work as an after sun product, I rarely burn and never manage to tan, but I shall be passing this along to Edd who recently suffered with the worst sunburn I have ever seen! I think he'd appreciate it.
Balance Me however is a cruelty free company, who won't sell in countries where animal testing is compulsory.
This skin serum is basically a spot treatment to help unclog congested skin. I rarely right now am spot free (jinxed myself there....cue breakout pre wedding day) so can't test it fully, but I did wonder about how many ingredients are used in this product, especially the many chemically sounding names which makes me want to throw it away more than put it onto my skin.
I don't use benefit products, their own website FAQ's state they don't test on animals, except in cases where its legally required.
For me that is just not good enough.

Although the shade of this Soigné polish wasn't one I would pick myself, it does apply to the nails very evenly, dries quickly, and gives plenty of interesting sugary almond colour.
At £11 a bottle, and with loads and loads of other cute and lust inducing shades available on their website, I'm pretty sure I may start somewhat of a collection depending on how well this colour holds up!
Nail file is always handy, so er...yeah thanks for the nail file Birchbox.

So now you see why I don't think the bag was a great idea....
Who puts easily breakable powders into a slightly padded envelope and hope it holds up in our postal system!?!
I saw a lot of people have complained about receiving theirs the same way, some of which have had replacements sent to them, I didn't bother as really this product kinda looked cheap and not like something I would ever use anyway.
So one decent product that I could get mildly excited about in one months box, sorry bag, but not really enough to keep the subscription going.
I did only receive this months instalment as I signed up to see if the French Sole box I wrote about the other day was worth it, and didn't cancel in time to not get this one!
It has now been cancelled so I doubt I'll ever be writing about Birchbox again.

A Great Frenching...

It has been a while, I did keep picking up my camera and taking photo's of various blog subjects, but then never finding the time to sit and edit the photos, write and edit some blogs, and do the usual social media malarky....sorry!
In the run up to my wedding I'm going to try to set aside some time when I won't be stressing out with the upcoming nuptials and distract myself with some writing.
So some of these boxes may be a bit out of date now, but I shall still be giving a fair review on them all, and sometimes it does help to see a bit of what companies have done previously to see whether you'd like to sign up for their future boxes!
It's a battle of the French themed boxes, My Little Box is a company based in Paris bringing some genuine french chic to your door, and Birchbox is a well known company started up in New York but now sell all over the world.

Every box of My Little Box has very different and unique themes, all with a nod towards french etiquettes and styles, this months (well, last months I guess!) is a summer fresh French Riviera box.
In france it's the norm to summer on the southern coasts of the country, this box is the perfect nod to that, and lets me pretend momentarily that I have a summer chateau in St Tropez, not that I'm actually just quite skint generally and can't even afford a trip to Cornwall!

The contents of the My Little Boxes are always so different than what you would expect, it's one of the reasons I love them so much, as they are not the norm so you never know what to expect when it turns up at your door.
This box contained two plant pot holders, both with very cute nautical designs, and they could be used for more than just plants so let your imagination run wild!
I try my best with plants, but as you can probably tell from this photo, I haven't quite got the hang of it yet.
I'm a plant killer.

All the accessories I've got in these boxes have been so effortlessly chic, I almost imagine I could rock a monochrome linen suit with these sunglasses, made in conjunction with Sarah Lavoine, a French fashion designer, and interior designer who specialises in clean lines and slight 60's style.
I have many pairs of sunglasses, but these shall be making their way into my regular rotation.

I'm not always a huge fan of the beauty products in these boxes, simply due to L'Oréal being owner of many various make up brands, and french their products end up in these boxes far more than I'd like them to be.
I am however, always happy to receive the products from My Little Beauty, their own in house range of wonderful products, sadly not available to buy in the UK, but a treat is always tucked into their monthly boxes.
This month it was a sea salt scrub, with an adorable anchor design, which smells super fresh and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth due to its mineral rich sea salts.
Another collab with Sarah Lavoine brings this teal shade of nail polish, the perfect colour to have on the toenails upon a sandy beach!

I've had a subscription to Birchbox before, which I cancelled a long time ago due to just not being impressed. 
It's easy enough to go into stores and collect samples I actually want to try rather than pay for the privilege of getting some I'm not interested in sent straight to my door at £15 a month.
However when I saw this French Sole collaboration I decided to give it another chance, as a fan of French Sole products but being completely unable to afford such products.

Sadly instead of sending some actual shoes, or anything that was really a French Sole product, the box was once again full of samples.
It also had some temporary tattoos for people to try if they feel like being edgy one night, I however have real tattoos so I'm just edgy 24/7...
I have no space to put these fake tattoos, unless I popped them on top of real tattoos.

As well as perfume samples and fake tatts, you can also partake of miniature bottles of oils, if they haven't leaked all over the rest of the box like these ones had that is...!
Cowshed is a brand I do like, mainly vegan, cruelty free and paraben free, they offer a range of wonderful smelling products that are kind to skin and planet.
I will use this whenever I'm next travelling as I have so many shower products in my house!
I'm not one to use mascaras aside from my trusty Lush mascaras, every other I have tried has ended with eye irritation and red eye, so forgive me that I shall not be trying this one to review, especially so close to my wedding! 
Bridal pink eye, anyone?!

The only actual French Sole item in this box was a striped shoe bag, I'm assuming as it was possible to choose from three box patterns, this affected the shoe bag you received, but it's still a bit of a let down.
I don't have the French Sole shoes to put in it, and Primark ballet flats aren't quite so deserving of the outer label.
There was some French Sole shoes available at a slight discount of the Birchbox website, the ones I wanted seemed to not be discounted however, and there wasn't much of a discount on the others either.
All in all, I'd kinda like my £15 back please.
My Little Box wins this round, yet again!
Pull your socks up, Birchbox.

Lush Oxford Street Exclusive Products...

Any Lush fanatic is probably aware by now about the new and largest Lush that recently opened on Oxford Street.
Alongside opening this three floored store, with a large spa and perfume area on one floor, bath bomb floor that also has a large fun station, and a floor full of every product you could ever need, there are also over 200 exclusive products that are currently only available in the Oxford Street store.
This has lead to many of us Lush addicts making the pilgrimage down and spending hours and hours (about 3 or so hours this trip...!) in the store investigating all the new and exciting products on offer.
As you can see I did get quite an epic haul, but I could have bought so so so much more!

I had heard so many things about Jersey Bounce (£12.25), a shampoo designed to save us limp haired ladies like myself, it gives a boost from the roots while adding some protein and nourishment and shine with honey, eggs, and olive oil.
 My hair felt huge, and lead to me sending multiple selfies to my friends and boyfriend as my hair is usually a nothing wisp about my head, and I'm totally going to buy one of the 1kg giant pots they sell in Oxford Street on my next trip.
There are a few hot oil treatments, all of which come on a stirring stick to melt it in hot water making a warm hair mask.
I decided to go for Damaged (£6.50) in the end as my hair has been rather through the wars, definitely requiring a hair pamper...!
It's very easy to melt and creamy, I'd recommend using an empty large black Lush pot as it doesn't rinse out easy, rinsing it out was a little tricky as it gets quite thick after the 20 minutes, but my hair felt so much thicker and nourished, I didn't even bother to use a conditioner!
Totally buying both again, and very much hoping they will make their ways into other stores.

I love anything with rose, argan oils, and rosehip oils, so these two products were heading straight into my basket.
Rosy Cheeks (£6.50) is a rose filled face mask, using rose clay, rose oils, and rose petals, ingredients which all help to ease redness and even the skin tone.
Also packed with calamine lotion, this is a very soothing mask that dries quite quickly onto the skin, leaving you with tightened skin while the clays detoxify your pores.
The Magical Moringa (£28.00) was a lot more than I would usually spend on a moisturiser but oh my god I love it.
Infused with plenty of argan oil, this helps with my quite damaged skin, plus more rose oils to help with the redness too, it's a very thick moisturiser as opposed to their usual very creamy ones, it does also have a slight gritty element to it as well, but this feels amazing when on and leaves your skin beautifully matte and soft.
I applied it in the gym the other day and the girl next to me just had to ask what I'd put on as it smells so amazing, I've even had work colleagues smelling my face as it smells so good, I love everything about this even tho I now have to dodge a Jake lick attack when I've just put it on.

Well I couldn't just get one face mask, I decided to go for a non refrigerating required mask too in this Cup O' Coffee (£6.50) exfoliating mask.
Usually I wouldn't really go for something so caffeinated for my face, but I actually bought this to use on my thighs as caffeine really helps with cellulite...!
Yes I'm going to use it as a butt and thigh mask, it has quite a strong scrub to it, and of course smells very coffee like, I can imagine it would also help you to wake up somewhat if it takes you some time to come alive.

I love a good scrub, I'm an exfoliation addict and usually have about 10 pots of Rub Rub Rub in my bathroom.
Of course I had to pick up some scrubs including the solid version of Rub Rub Rub (£4.95) which still gives you a brilliant scrubby scrub but leaves your skin silky smooth, smelling like cherry blossoms and mimosa.
I'm wondering how much it'll melt down as it's nothing like the body butters nor the sugar scrub which dissolves away so it'll be interesting to see how it melts away, as I was actually surprised that it looked barely used.
Same with the Rough with the Smooth (£4.95) which smells like the christmas favourite, Lord of Misrule. It's a bit more of a scrub than the Rub Rub Rub bar and the murumuru oils leave your skin feeling amazing.
Both leave you smelling absolutely amazing, I'll totally be stocking up on more soon!
I was intrigued by these retro washing powder brightly coloured boxes, you sprinkle the product out of the side and scrub the washing powder over you, and I must say I'm totally going to buy the other three since using this one!
Life's a Beach (£9.95) is a sandy looking and feeling scrub, with vanilla scent and sea salt I love everything about this product, and totally want a shelf in my bathroom with them all lined up.

These are two products I wasn't too sure about buying, one was on my list and the other I was shown while I was there.
Elbow Grease (£5.95) is a small bar that melts over the skin and sinks in the nourish the skin, it does really help with very dry skin and as it states, it does make tattoos look great, but once it runs out I don't think I'll be all too gutted to be honest, it's nice but just for me not amazing enough.
Salted Coconut (£7.95) is a coconut filled hand scrub, not something I would usually go towards but after trying it out after being shown it by a member of staff, it went straight into my basket!
In my job I've got my hands in water all the time and was having some trouble with really dry itchy skin on my hands, this scrub really leaves them so very soft and I hope it will help my hands to get better.

Those who have read my blog for a while may have heard me mention Eyes Right mascara by Lush many many times, I love it, but now there is a new Lush mascara in town!
This mascara has been made with beeswax so sadly isn't vegan like Eyes Right is, but this is a much thicker darker mascara, Eyes Right is more of a day time light mascara, but Bewitched (£15.50) is very much an attention getting big lashes mascara.
I'm always trying out new things when it comes to eyebrows, so I had to pick up this Rouge (£7.00) crayon. It's very soft and applies fairly easily too, giving a good build up of colour, the only problem is its packaging or lack of, and move has broken already.
I'm also unsure of what to do as it goes down, do I sharpen it, use a brush instead...?
I've heard rumours of change so I hope it is true as it's the only eyebrow make up my fiancé has approved.

This Bamboozled (£12.00) really does stain the lips, it will unfortunately stain wherever else you somehow get it (I'm terrible with lipsticks and somehow manage to get them everywhere) but the colour is very similar to Ruby Woo by MAC, very matte and looks amazing.
It's main drawback however is although the packaging is very different and interesting, it's not really one you can transport around.
To keep getting the product out you need to cut the bamboo down using a bread knife, so I may cut a disc with the product inside and pop it into an empty tin to transport on the go.
Worth picking up, but just keep the above in mind.

Next time I'm in London I'm heading straight for the Emotional Brilliance range to buy more lipsticks, these absolutely pop with colour, go on nicely in their new tubes, and sink nicely onto the lips and hold the colour well until you simply wipe it away.
I only got three, Decisive (£13.50) an amazing raspberry pinkish red that I had bought before in its previous dropper bottle incarnation, but the new formula really works so much better for me.
Boss (£13.50), a bright eye-catching orange colour, that I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull off but surprisingly to myself, I've been wearing it the most.
True (£13.50) you can just about see on the swatch on my hand, it's a real flesh coloured but in a nice and not lip disappearing way, giving the perfect 60's Françoise Hardy look when teamed with winged eyeliner.
You can also see the swatch of Bamboozled too, as I couldn't find swatches online before my trip!

I didn't buy many bath bombs, I have so so many already plus I had gone mad buying everything else instead...!
I bought the Yoga Bomb (£3.75) which is scented with sandalwood, and ho wood oils (lolz) to give a very relaxing scent you could meditate to.
As it fizzes away quite slowly, plus inside fizzes out to reveal purple and green colours, and plenty of shimmer.
Intergalatic (£3.50) is a minty and citrusy bath bomb filled with popping candy that crackles and pops  while it quickly spins about the bath and spreads out colour and sparkles as it goes.
My main problem with these are the amount of glitter in them both, I got out of the water covered in huge amounts of glitter, too much glitter, an insane amount of glitter..!
I'm yet to use the Monsieur Gustave solid bath oil (£2.00), but I will snap it onto my Instagram account where you can also see the other two in action.

I had to buy these three bubble bars, I didn't really care what they even smelled like, I just love the look of them!
Flamingo (£5.95) is a fresh cocktail inspired reusable bubble bar, filled with rosewood and bergamot oils, it's a bright neon pink and is so kitschy it hurts!
Little Dragon bubble bar (£5.95) is a spicy, ginger infused bubble bar that comes in two sections with a paper attachment, it has a bit of gold glitter shimmer too and is very aesthetically pleasing as well as aromatic.
Cherry Blossom (£5.95) is slightly different to the others, made to look like actual cherry blossoms on a twig, scented with cherry and majorcan almonds, it gives the essence of cherry bake well tarts and other such sweet treats.
I can't use these as they are too pretty, I'm currently trying to figure out a way of displaying them nicely that won't ruin them or make them a waste!
Any ideas?!
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