Sephora Haul...

It's been quite some time, I know, I'm happy to see people are still reading the blogs despite my absence and I shall do my best to not desert you again!
Now my situations have changed somewhat I should actually have the time once again to dedicate to this blog, and shall be working on much more new content for you all.
So why not start with a good Sephora haul?!
My mother travels a lot with work, and offered to pick me up some goodies from Sephora as she knows just how make up addicted I can be.
I gave her quite the list, as there are so many things over there that either aren't available in the UK or are much cheaper there than here.
You can probably tell too from the items I acquired, when it comes to make up, I have expensive taste.

I couldn't possibly pick any favourites from this haul, but I know I will be adding to them as soon as I can afford a large Sephora online order that will hopefully be able to be shipped my way, especially as now after trying some of these items, I want to try more from the range.
Nars for me do the best blushers, and as much as I love my Orgasm I wanted something a little more toned down and less shimmery for every day use.
Of course I had to go with a blush called Sex Appeal, a matte peachy pink that adds that healthy glow to the cheeks and is just right for that french 60's sex kitten look.
For highlighter just where I wanted it I asked for this Too Faced shimmer, with two shades to really layer up and change that look. I opt more for the champagne shimmer which I think works better on my pale skin, but I seem to not have much luck with highlighter as I never see much difference myself.
Just look at that chandelier design tho, such a gorgeous compact to carry in my handbag.

I've never really been a fan of Kat Von D, I haven't followed her work, and really wasn't interested in those tattoo shows, despite being heavily tattooed myself.
However I have heard so many rave reviews about her make up range that I just had to try it, and I am hooked. 
I've had three items from her range so far and I want a lot more of it as it seems so effective and really stays in place.
The Lock-It concealer really does a great job of hiding those bags under my eyes, and is so easy to blend and use that I really must get the matching foundation now in the hopes for a flawless finish that'll last.
The Tattoo Liner is easy to use, a deep deep black that doesn't need to be reapplied many times in a day if at all.
It's a little on the pricier side of things starting at about $20 per item, but you don't need to use much of it to have a great long lasting effect.

Dying my hair red has always made finding good eyebrow make up harder, I'd read a lot of good reviews on this product that again seems to only be available in USA.
This is the auburn colour although it looks quite brown, and again you only need to use the smallest amount of this product and build it up for a more natural looking but much more defined brow.
First few days I used it my friends told me my eyebrow game was on point, so I'm pretty chuffed with it, my hair is on the darker side of red however so works with my colouring perfectly, if you have bright red or more ginger tones it may not work quite so well.

The finishing touches.
I highly recommend Urban Decays setting sprays, I use them on long days or onstage to keep my make up perfectly in place, even under heavy costumes and stage lights you won't have to worry about your make up crumbling under pressure.
This is a super sized jumbo bottle, but you can also buy purse sized bottles from various make up retailers in the UK.
Trust me, get one.
The one product I would put as my least favourite however is sadly this Ciate Velvet Lip and Mix which you apply over your usual lipstick for a matte look, this is only due to some crossed wires as I actually asked for a lip glitter as mine have all ran out and I generally use it onstage, so not what I was expecting at all and sadly doesn't really have much use for me.
As soon as I can afford to I know I'll be straight on the Sephora Website, if you decide also be aware that they will not ship certain brands like NARS, or nail polishes etc so be aware that you may have to sacrifice some of your basket.
What item will be going into your shopping basket?
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