Bombshell in Camden

Usually Edd and I avoid Camden Town like the plague, with it's constant stream of tourists, buskers, and people with large signs handing out fliers for anything from Chinese Buffets, to permanent tattoos! 
It's got the hustle and bustle that Oxford Circus suffers but with smaller pavements and shops, so it's not somewhere I tend to go for light shopping.

My favourite cafe is located there, and luckily, directed away from the crowds down a little side street. It's called Cakes N Treats, and is a German company that have recently branched out into the UK. Their cakes are amazing as are the hot chocolates and well worth the visit, but if you don't have much of a sweet tooth there are savoury options too.

Now the cakes were finished, it was time to wander through Camden enjoying the sun, and my new Bombshell by Katya Wildman Bowie Dress.*
It's always lovely to walk by the canals, and there is always a sunny spot in which to sit. 
Be wary tho as you may get the odd unsavoury characters in that area who love to prey on the tourists.
One group assumed we were as we had out our new Canon Camera, and heard them whispering "Canon, Canon!" while we approached. 
We of course side stepped them and carried on without missing a beat, aaah London you've taught us so much!

I paired my Bowie Dress* with my very old (At least 40 years old, we think!) leather jacket, and my Bronx cut out boots from the ASOS sale.
It was a bit more of a Bowie groupie kinda look, and I kept my hair and make up quite simple for this look, but this dress would also look amazing teamed with 60's style eyeliner, lashes, and kitten heels for a completely different look.

It's always lovely to walk along the canal while the sun is setting, getting the last of the rays, dodging joggers and cyclists, and seeing the quieter part of camden. 
As we were taking these the stalls were starting to close, and Camden was winding down after a busy day, it's always peaceful at that time.

Even in the busiest parts of London, there's always a quiet spot.

I still love these Quay Sunglasses, that I picked up again on sale at ASOS for only £12.
Yes I know I've worn them in a few outfit posts now, but they're just great! 
The Biker Jacket was passed on to me by my Auntie Kate, who got it from her brother, my Uncle Ben who I believe bought it second hand, so it's seen it's fair share of action.
I'm probably the only person who hasn't worn it while riding a motorbike, and I don't think the moped in Paris counted.

I really am so in love with this dress, I love anything that you can easily throw on and go but that still looks really eye-catching and interesting. This is perfect for that, and I can't wait to try out other looks in it.
You can see more of their dresses and designs in my previous blog post, where I visited their studio for the day.

Luckily for us, as the market stalls closed, the graffiti came out! I love the boldness and quirkiness of graffiti, and in this area there's so much condensed into the one place, they all try to outdo each other with the best and most interesting designs London has to offer.

This has to be my favourite, Vintage Inspired of course, and a swear?! Count me in! 
These shots were taked with the Canon that I lusted after in my previous post, my April Wish List, and I'm so glad that I invested in it, the shots look amazing, and Edd's really enjoying playing with it, I think it might become his new hobby.

A huge Thank You to Katya Wildman for gifting me with this dress, it looks great, and it was so comfortable to wear too, tho it was so eye catching it was getting a lot of attention, and Edd spent some of the day playing a game of 'catch out those staring at my amazing new dress'.
It was perfect for this time of year, as I didn't overheat but didn't freeze either.
Day or night, this is a fantastic little number, it comes in longer lengths and other colours too.
We ended our day in Camden here, as after this shot we were accosted by some rather drunken kids who said they wanted to be ASOS models, and then a Traffic Warden who made fun of my Scouse accent before walking into a lamp post....

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