Love on the Roxy.....

It's festival season, people are getting their sleeping bags ready, borrowing their parents old musty tents, and buying baby wipes by the bulk.
I am not.
I am totally not a festival goer, I like real toilets, private showering, and to be honest most festivals line ups aren't of interest to me as all the bands I like have either disbanded or sadly passed on.
However I have a connection to the worlds most important and well known festival event, of course I'm talking about Live Aid, which happened on the 13th July 1985.
 I was too young to go, far far too young, as Live Aid Day was also the day I was born!
Yes, I am a Live Aid baby.

My parents were very into their music (if you watched Sundays Video, you'll know my dad was even in a band) and my mum was a Roxy Music fan, Bryan Ferry of course played Live Aid, but due to my early arrival (no wonder I'm always early for everything!) they weren't able to watch it broadcasting on TV, like everyone else in their block of flats.
Eventually and rather quickly I was born to the faint sounds of Sade....

As it's festival Season, Live Aid's 29th Anniversary, and my impending getting older I've decided to revisit 80's fashion, especially the glamorous Roxy Music look my mum loved, I'm not sure it would work for a muddy festival however, especially in those heels!

I've never tried an 80's look before, so this was actually fun to recreate.
I also had help from my mum too, who directed me on the Roxy Music looks known in that time, and pretty much how she would have dressed then too!
As I don't have any baggy shirts or blouses, I achieved that essential 80's look by borrowing my fianc├ęs white tuxedo shirt.

The rest of the look I managed to find entirely in New Look, teaming the shirt with a cute polka dot pencil skirt* and simple black court shoes*.
I quite like this look as it has leanings towards the 40's and 50's styles I am more likely to wear so the items wouldn't look too out of place in my wardrobe, and I can easily mix and match!

I was also advised by mum to get a large belt*, and large hoop earrings* which I also picked up from New Look, it's so rare I can find a belt that will actually fit my tiny waist but as they sell in different sizes I managed to find one to fit!
Hoop earrings is definitely a new accessory for me, and these ones are huuuge! They rested onto my shoulders but they really set the look off.

My Jump from Paper cartoon bag fitted well with the 80's vibe and polka dot look, it also complimented my Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet perfectly.
I love the way I can easily tuck my Quay Sunglasses into the side as well, I always wear them whenever I use this handbag to keep the cartoon theme going, I'm quite liking the combination of them with the New Look skirt* and shoes*!

Everyone always remembers the bad looks of the 80's, but I had to try out this somewhat forgotten glamorous look, I even ensured my hair and make up was reminiscent of that look and I was pleasantly surprised how well the outfit and look came together!
I hope I have done my mum proud!

You can read more, and of course donate to such a worthy cause, about the Live Aid festival, that has and continued to raise so much and help so many communities around the world on their official website.

If you want to check out some more festival looks through the eras check out New Look's festival timeline, which features many famous festivals including Live Aid, and outfit inspiration for each era!
Join in on twitter and instagram by using the hashtag #FashFestFun to show off your festival looks!


Would you give this look a go?
What is your festival must have?
Comment Below....!

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