Missguided in Norwich...

Recently we had a lovely few days in Norwich. It's somewhere I have actually visited a few times for shows, but never actually seen or walked around it very much.
Luckily for us, me and Edd were both asked to visit the Norwich and Norfolk Festival, and perform in the amazing Speigal Tent in Chapelfield Gardens over two nights.
It is such a pretty place, and quite manageable to walk everywhere, something we aren't so used to anymore living in London, so we got to explore the city, it's shops, it's many many churches, and cafes!

Surprisingly Edd actually did a lot more shopping than I, as we found a little mens shoe store that was having a closing down sale, and he snapped up two pairs of smart leather brogues.
Tho I did find an amazing skirt in Topshop that I fell in love with, and I'm sure will be making it's way onto this blog soon.
You sadly can't see my phone case very well in this photo, but as usual its an Iconemesis case, designed by Fifi Lapin of a bunny couple with their puppy.
It's been my favourite case to use, as I hope soon that will be me and Edd when we finally settle somewhere and get a pet, and also since my other favourite case, the Cupcake one, has been permanently borrowed by Edd!!

I've gone back to my staple Monochrome, with a mix of Red as it is such a classic look, and also because I'm currently loving this playsuit from Missguided, a bargain at £30!
I may have to get some more in different colours, especially lovely pastels, as I've worn this one to death. 
As it was a bit sunnier, but not completely warm yet, I matched my playsuit with my ASOS check coat, and I actually quite like the effect of the clashing patterns in matching colours.

I love my leg tattoo, and so rarely get to let it out as it covers most of my left thigh, it's usually just poking out or not visible at all.
It was designed by my friend and maid of honour, Ellie, who is an amazing artist and made this as a print which I fell in love with.
It was a five and a half hour sitting in one go, and a treat to myself on my 27th birthday, meaning a large chunk of it was spent in the chair! My good friend and regular tattooist Julie McCay from Sacred Fortune did this one (and most of my others!), and I love to show it off whenever I can.

The belt, and surprisingly as I managed to go away without remembering to take sunglasses with me, are cheap Primark specials. The sunglasses costing me only £2!
The belt I've had forever, but it fits with this playsuit perfectly.
The chiffon headscarf is a vintage one, you can occasionally pick these up in charity, vintage, or thrift shops, and are so very versatile too. This one is a bit worse for wear, but I love to wear it in a bow, which I shape into the best position and then spray with hairspray to stiffen.

The handbag is Angela and Roi, who I've mentioned and worn in posts before but I still love this bag so much.
It's vegan leather, and is fantastic quality too. Usually by now I would start to see a bit of wear and tear which would force me to start using the bag less, but even with how much I stuff into my handbag it still looks good as new.
I can't wait until they are fully shipping into the UK, as currently they only ship within the US, because I really want this bag in green too, and as each bag colour supports a different charity with green donating towards charities helping those who suffer depression (something I too have dealt with) I really want to wear it with pride.

The shoes are also Bronx from ASOS, and I nabbed them on sale at only £50, and worn them nearly every day since! It used to be that I would never wear ankle boots with a dress or shorts as I didn't think it was a look I could pull off, but as these have cut out sides they just somehow work.
They're actually very comfy, and add a bit of hight without hindering my walking, as I'm pretty crap in heels!

After this post and the previous outfit post, I'm completely loving Missguided for quirky looks you won't see millions of people wearing, while still being an affordable price. 
They also have a lot of bargain items available at really cheap prices such as basic dresses etc all under £10, so you can stock up on essential items while nabbing some not on the high street, but totally stylish, outfits.

I'm wearing my usual make up combo too, of Lime Crime Red Velvet lipstick, and Ciate Ditch the Heels nail polish.

Thanks Norwich for being such a lovely and pretty place, we very much enjoyed walking through the city drinking our hot chocolates, cooing at the amount of churches, and performing at your lovely festival.
Even the travel lodge wasn't that bad!

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