My Little Energy Box....

With January comes the inevitable diet articles in every magazine, even the TV times, gym clothing taking over all the stores despite the freezing temperatures outside, and everyone jumping on the healthy bandwagon.
If like me you're one of those people who refuses to start working out when still wearing so many layers, and also because why would you even go outside unless you really had to when indoors is so warm and full of blankets?!
My Little Box have joined the health bandwagon with this months instalment of the aptly named My Little (lack of) Energy Box.

Full of inspiring postcards with happy looking joggers (hahaha!) tho I do agree with the sentiments written on the note as I hope to make 2015 a fantastic year.
I admit I was slightly disappointed that this months was a fitness instalment as every box I've had before have been so quirky and interesting, this was a little more boring than I had come to expect from them.

As usual the My Little World magazine is there for plenty of tips, tutorials, recipes, and so much more.
These magazines are always full of beautifully shot photographs that would make your instagram account jealous, even just for a flick through it is very inspiring.
I like that these magazines feature interviews with people that you may have not heard of but have very interesting stories and lives, we should feature people like this more rather than pseudo celebrities.

Amazingly they even somehow fit a whole gym bag into this box, I don't know how they manage to fit such big things into a usual sized beauty box that I'm so used to being half empty when I open them.
It's a handy storage bag too for bits a pieces that may not have a home, so don't fret, you won't have to actually go to the gym.

To start off your year with a little bit of planning, there is also a calendar mixed with illustrations from their in house illustrator, Kanako, with inspirational messages and even a soduku chart mixed in there.
As July for me is quite a special month (yes, those dates are all true and correct!) I of course filled these dates in first.
With the advent of iPhones, iPads, smart whatever else's, calendars and diaries seems to be a thing we all buy with good intent at the beginning of each year only to not really use, there are so many things like this, we all do it so here's a list of such items...!
  • Yearly diaries, this year mine is a lovely Cath Kidston diary I have yet to put anything in, despite it being the 21st of Janurary.
  • Trainers, yes jogging could totally be something we do, tho we never really do now do we?!
  • Calendars that may have kittens, puppies, or Ryan Gosling on them that we hang up to note dates, but realise however that while it is now June, we haven't turned the pages yet away from March.
  • Smoothie makers, usually with piles of fruit and some kale, cos you can't really taste it when mixed in with all that fruit, and that one week you start every day with a smoothie you feel really great. So how come we inevitably stop?
  • Slow cookers, similar deal to above. Only with vegetables that we will of course chop up and throw in before we head off to work, coming home to a ready healthy meal, but it's still just too much effort isn't it?

Every box contains a handy little drawstring bag full of make up and other beauty products, including one item from their own in house range, My Little Beauty.
This months included a refreshing face mist packed with vitamin C and green tea.
Talika is a long standing brand in France, launched by Dr Danielle Roches in 1948 to help heal war victims of their wounds and burns, it not only healed their wounds but encouraged the regrowth of their eyelashes (!). 
Since then their range of lash care, skin care, and even serums to promote growth in eyelashes and eyebrows have been popular all over the world.
I shall definitely be using this for a while as I could really do with a miracle on my face right now!

The last item was from well known London based brand, Nails Inc.
Usually I only ever get Nails Inc. products whenever I buy it attached to Glamour magazine, which seems to fairly often have them as their free gift.
I usually don't read the magazine much or at all, but £2 for a nail polish that usually retails at £10? Yes please.
It does leave you limited for the colours tho, but I was so pleased to get this blue based red that is my usual perfect red nail colour of choice.

Edd asked if it was really worth it just for the nail polish (but maybe the miracle cream too, I shall report back) but every box I've had from this company before has been so lovely that I have hopes it will be back to it's usual girly francophile pleasing self for next months instalment.
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