Lush Valentines...!

After months of christmas stress, it's time to get all lovey dovey and focus on that one special person (or however many...!) in your life.
Lush have gotten into the romantic spirit with plenty of valentines gift sets, fruity scented soaps, plenty of bubbles and of course loads and loads of hearts.

There are two bath bombs in this valentines collection, but both are pretty spectacular looking and smell amazing to boot.
The Floating Flower bath bomb created a multi coloured pretty bath bomb that will look amazing as long as you place it gently at the top of the water to watch it slowly melt away.
Jam packed with soothing jasmine scents, ylang ylang and cypress oils to soften the skin before that special night in case of any skin contact...!

The Heart Locket also has a beautiful jasmine scent, but mixed with vanilla, gardenia, and softening neroli oils for a bath bomb you can share, or keep all for yourself.
The heart locket is absolutely huge, and it can be broken up and used in three pieces as the outside heart can break to make plenty of bath bomb for two baths, and inside there is a secret extra heart bath bomb encased inside with extra hearts inside...!
It's all so loved up!

Not had enough of hearts yet?
There are even more in the shape of bubble bars, Heart Throb and Lonely Hearts.
Heart Throb is similar in scent to the classic African Paradise body conditioner, as it's jam packed with frangipani (say that fast five times), vanilla, and softening shea butter and geranium oils.
Lonely Hearts however has my favourite scents rose, bergamot oils, and uplifting lemon grass.
It's hard to pick a favourite as both turn your bathwater a passionate red with slight gold shimmer but of course they fill the bath with fluffy beautiful bubbles too.

Unicorns are of course exceptionally rare, and it would seem this Unicorn Horn is too...!
It's so popular already that it flies out of stores soon as it gets stocked up, and as it's jam packed full of so much lavender it'll send you off to unicorn dreams.
The smell is gorgeous I can totally understand why it's flying out of stores, as it's also full of ylang ylang and neroli oils so it'll leave your skin as soft as the massive amount of bubbles it'll also bring.
It'll leave your bathwater shimmering with the small stars floating around, and may give you like it gave me, my little pony nostalgia flashbacks!

If you haven't found your prince charming just yet, the Prince Charming shower gel may give you some advantage.
It will leave you smelling delicious with plenty of pomegranate to refresh, vanilla to keep you sweet, grapefruit to add some zest, and marshmallow root to soften the skin.
No one could ridicule this scent...!
The Cupids Love soap contains passionfruit but alongside figs, bergamot oil, and soya yoghurt to soften the skin.
It smells good enough to eat and I will totally be stocking up on enough of this to keep me soft until the christmas yog nog soap is back in stores to keep me soft all year long.

A bit different from their usual lip tints, The Kiss is actually a lipgloss full of loads of shimmer but plenty of lip softening ingredients to make your lips look kissable for valentines.
Full of shea butter, mandarin oils, and agave nectar for extra sweetness, it is also full of guarana seed to stimulate and plump the lips but after years of super plumping lip glosses I didn't feel any effect sadly as I of course love a lip plumping but I think this is due to overuse of quite strong lip plumpers!
The subtle colour and shimmer however is lovely so I have started to use it a lot when I'm not wearing lipsticks.

Get yourself down to Lush for some valentines gifts, to drop hints, or even just for a little bit of self love...!
You can also order online for a box of hearts direct to your door.
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