My Little Superhero Box...

Everyone wanted to be a super hero at some point, some still do, some try, and some succeed.
I however was more enamoured with the sensual not quite bad but not quite good allure of Catwoman, from Julie Newmar to Michelle Pfeiffer, the whip cracking, skin tight outfit wearing, and ever purring catwoman was who I wanted to be.
However I can still appreciate the outfits and ideals of those 'do-gooders' when unmasked, and de-clawed, and so I was excited when opening this months My Little Box revealed an ode to those superheros, fictional, and the ones we hold inside us.

Although nearly 30 (yes, I'm ancient in blogging terms) I do love a good sticker set, and of course that cat mask sticker matches my own so very well.
I will be sticking these everywhere, and now need a new phone case just so I can add some of these onto them.
So far, one point to the good guys!

Every box contains a My Little World magazine, a refreshing brightly coloured mini zine with a difference.
From it's eye-catching style shots, to it's tutorials, it really is a lovely little read which covers things you may never have known about otherwise.
This months featured an interview with a popular instagrammer, a blogger (carrie from Wish, Wish, Wish), a dancer from the Crazy Horse about her make up routine, and of course Gat Ramon who collaborated for this months box (collaborations seem to be a big thing for their boxes right now, pretty sure the last few have been).
There are also short tutorials for nail art designs, red lippie, and hair buns.
Just what every Super Woman needs.

I must admit this box was a little more bare than some of the others I have received from them before, usually they are so jam packed I did raise my eyebrows (now hidden behind a handy surprise shielding fringe) when I saw that there was only two items hidden under the magazine.
But I tried to not judge too quickly, before I checked out exactly what there was on offer here for my £15.00 monthly subscription fee.

The tshirt has been made for My Little Box in association with Gat Rimon, a chic french designer with a penchant for simple lines and patterns, producing some clean lines and plenty of high style outfits.
These tshirts are also available on his own website, retailing at €39,00 each making the box price suddenly more worthwhile, and ranging from three different slogans.
I was very much hoping for the We Can Be Heroes slogan shirt that I spied via instagram, but was rather disappointed with this I Believe I Can Fly tshirt which, as a child growing up in the 90's, reminds me only of renowned pedophile R Kelly, which means I'm now highly unlikely to wear this shirt, especially not in public and makes me side eye slightly at how this was approved.
The man is a pedophile, how about we not ever glorify anything he has ever done ever....?

Every box contains a small bag containing some beauty products, ranging from skincare, to haircare, nail products to make up generally from their own in house range My Little Beauty.
I'm quite a fan of Caudalie, the french company who use an extract of grape seeds known to be significantly more effective than vitamin E, and this year the company turns 20 years old!
This hand cream sinks in so lusciously and quickly, leaving hands baby soft.
The scent is very subtle but also very pleasant and I'm sure this will be going into my handbag for day to day usage!
Kerastase is a parisian hair care company, but research shows that they are owned by L'Oréal whose animal testing information is overtly contradictory and confusing, which makes me steer clear or anything owned by them.
I may try this conditioner if I somehow run out of my trusty American Cream conditioner from Lush, where I work so always buy bottles of making it pretty damn unlikely..!

My Little Beauty products are always just a bit exciting, as although they are sold separately on their website My Little Corner, they do not ship to the UK just yet making each one a unique product your friends will want but cannot get (thats the super villain in me coming out again).
This months was a lip and cheek tint in a rather fetching peach with gold shimmer base, aptly matching my hair and colouring perfectly.
It blends nicely but didn't quite have the longevity I would have liked.
As it's handily handbag friendly size it can be used on the go too so the longevity problem can easily be solved, and to be fair I have never yet met a blusher who can last all day.

Not one of it's best boxes, but not one of the worst either.
I have some items to keep me happy and entertained (I write this with stickers aaaaall over my face), there were also some items which forced me to get my claws out within this review.
Well, what more would you expect of Catwoman?!
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