Lush Mothers...!

Day...mothers day of course! 
It is two weeks away and it's time to get your gifts and cards at the ready, of course again your local Lush store is available to save your neck with an amazing range of limited edition products, and some absolutely amazing gift sets.

An amazing array of bubble bars, bath bombs, and sweet smelling treats are currently filling stores all over the country, and while they are part of the mothers day range, they are so lovely you will want most of the items for yourself!
I have got my macaroni at the ready...

Yummy Mummy names two of the products in this current range, one a body conditioner, designed to use on wet skin to soften and sweeten with an amazing scent, that smells of strawberries and cream in the most subtle but spring worthy way, the other an amazing shower gel to compliment.
Jam packed full of real strawberry juice, almond oil, and marumaru butter which leaves your skin feeling absolutely amazing, and leaves your skin smelling strawberry sweet for hours this Yummy Mummy conditioner is top of my list.
I love the body conditioners, both in pots and in their solid bars, for using in the shower to leave my skin feeling ultra soft without needing to stand shivering in the cold waiting for the body lotion to sink in before I can throw on the many layers winter requires.

This Yummy Mummy is a brand new shower gel, a lovely pastel lilac colour with a beautiful sweet smell, with tonka absolute and geranium oils as a base, and brazilian orange oil for a bit of zest. 
It also contains carrageenan extract to moisturise and thicken.....use it as a shampoo...!
I will need to buy a big bottle of this I think, although my huge bottle of Rose Jam is still going strong from christmas.

These handmade mini nuns are so cute, all of which are completely unique (find the best face you can, send me photos!) with a slight element of Finn from Adventure Time (I'm not the only one to think so!) this is a generously sized Mother Superior bubble bar scented with mimosa absolute, orange blossom absolute, jasmine and sicilian lemon oils, for a very uplifting scent.
It may smell rather familiar to fellow lush addicts, compare it with Rub, Rub, Rub!

I'm so good at drawing.
This is the most darling little bubble bar I ever have seen.
If you ever watched any of my vlogs (revive...or no?) you may remember my first featured this Rose bubble bar a year ago! 
This is a creamy rose and lemon scented bubble bar with the added element of fair trade organic cocoa butter to soften your skin, working as a bubble bar and bath melt in one adorable little shimmering rose.

This is my current favourite, violet is one of my favourite scents ever, so this huge amazing bubble bar full of violet leaf absolute, jasmine absolute, rosewood oils and ylang ylang oils for frothy bubbles and skin softening benefits.
Ultraviolet also turns the water varying shades of purple, blues and green depending on which section you use (you can get about 4/ 5 baths out of one of these bars!) with shimmer which swims around in the water creating patterns and hypnotising you into relaxing completely.

There are two bath bombs in this collection, but sadly I couldn't grab a Secret Garden before they ran out here!
But this is a rather exciting bath bomb, full of rose oils, rosewood oils, and soya milk powder to soften the skin, but it does so much more..!
Inside this bath bomb is real rose petals, which shoot out of the bath bomb as it melts away in the water, even changing colour as it goes.
As I loved So White so much this Rose Bombshell is an adequate replacement to stock up on while I await their return.

Of course these products are also slipped into their three gift boxes for mothers day, all of which are so very nice too, my personal favourite is the beautiful scarf wrapped hanging basket, loaded with amazing products, called Flowers for Mum.
The bonus of this gift box is that the labels on them are unique compared the all the other gift sets, as they contain real flower seeds to plant in the hanging basket for a year round gift that keeps on giving.
Get yourselves to a store or their website to nab some bits for yourself...ahem...I mean your mum.
Now I'm all prepared, I just hope my mum likes the card I made!
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