Latest in Beauty Ultimate Pamper Box...

I'd tried Latest in Beauty many many moons ago, when I bought their Glamour edition with comical effects, but I decided it may be time to revisit their boxes with this Ultimate Pamper Edition, bringing you everything you need for an indulgent pamper.
Costing only £17.50 there are a few categories to help decide which box will be the best for you or if buying as a gift, the receiver.

It was absolutely jam packed full of miniature products, sneaky chocolate treats, and even a candle for those long hot baths.
It was hard, but I ignored my entire huge stash of Lush products to give all of these a whirl, and tell you my honest thoughts on every product.
Trust me, they're very honest.

There was a set from John Masters Organics, a lavender and rosemary shampoo, and a citrus and neroli detangler, something my hair really does need as it tangles quite easily.
The shampoo was a bit less than impressive, I found it actually quite tricky to get any of it out of the bottle, and as they are made from quite tough plastic, I couldn't even squeeze it to get more out.
When I finally did get enough out it barely lathered up leaving my hair feeling less than cleaned, and also feeling a little matted as it struggled to rinse out.
I assumed the detangler is a conditioner, as why would a conditioner not be included?!
I was a lot more impressed with this product, although I did have to use the whole of this miniature bottle to cover my hair.
The Neroli really softens my hair a lot, and it does feel quite soft and silky with no tangles in sight but for $26 a 26 oz bottle, I don't think I'll be going out of my way to buy it again.
I'm a bit of a fan of Percy & Reed, their delightfully illustrated bottles and products have been ones I used occasionally (when feeling a bit flash with the cash anyways...!) so I was intrigued to give this mousse a try.
I haven't really used moouse since I was in high school, but now the fringe requires some extra styling I was quite excited to try it, plus anything that promises volume is a must try in my lank haired world!
Super amazing loads of volume, it really does work, at at £6 for a large bottle I know this is going to become a regular part of my daily routine.

Rituals isn't a brand I have ever seeked out or was excited to see and try, but these products sounded nice enough, and so of course I gave them a go!
A hand scrub is a bit of an odd one, I've never felt the need to scrub my hands with exfoliants, but it was softening and did give a good but gentle scrub. There wasn't much scent to it which is a shame, but I'll give it another few bashes.
The shower gel mousse thing however was a bit of a disaster, squirting from somewhere on the top rather than the side, a gel squirts out at high speeds which lathers into a mousse when washing with it.
This lead to mousse squirts all over the bathroom wall, and although it did leave my skin feeling soft, there again was no scent which is something I love from my usual shower products.
Will not try again.
The Sanctuary Spa face 'polish' was a very fine scrub, maybe a little too fine making me think of sandpaper as I rubbed it over my face....owch....nope.

Something a bit different from the rest of the products, a little bit of indulgence never hurt anyone!
I laughed a little when I pulled out the candle, as it kept stating how it was full sized and so making me expect a regular sized candle, this however is more of a large tea light!
But it's 100% plant wax so a little different and more animal friendly but at £6 I think I'll stick to Primark specials!
For extra room scenting, there is also this Mistletoe room spray which actually does have a very pleasant scent, and will come in pretty handy every time the dog lets out a smelly one....!
The Lindt mini chocolate will be very much appreciated by Edd, sadly I can't eat it due to the milk contents.

I had some high hopes for these three products tho, as they all sounded very nice products, but again I wasn't impressed...
The Essential coconut cleanser was okay, again not much scent and it did the job but without much aplomb, it will not be replacing my Ultrabland.
The Balance Me is a moisturiser and supposedly a primer too, it sank in nicely and felt fairly nice on the skin but just a few hours later my skin looked and felt like an oil slick.
I do not have oily skin but this gave me horrible feeling skin and will be getting chucked out to avoid forgetting how bad it is and re-using it.
I'm a big fan of Crabtree & Evelyn products, they always smell so nice and work really well.
I've lost count of how many hand creams I have of theirs, but you can never have too many! 
They sink into the hands so quickly and easily, leaving your hands without that greasy slippery feeling some hand creams do, giving you the moisture that you need without inconveniencing you while it sinks in taking forever.

All in all there were ups and downs in this box, more bad than good really which is a shame.
I think in future I'll only order from their build your own box section, that way I'll either get products I like or may want to try, and avoid any disappointment with these pre-packaged boxes.
Would you give any of these things a try?
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