Lushs Most Overlooked Products....Part One.

I say part one, because I will undoubtedly add more and more lists over time since there is just so many amazing items to choose from, just gaze away from the bath bombs briefly and you'll see Lush is filled with a whole variety of amazing products set for pampering you from head to toe.
That is how I've chosen to showcase todays list of products too, from head to toe!

When it comes to hair care Lush's range just keeps on growing, with loads of new shampoo bars added just before christmas and probably more to come.
If you've never tried/ heard of the solid shampoo bars then allow me to educate/ convert you to these amazing discs of cleanliness!
One of their 'naked' products, they require no packaging, are solid so much easier to take in your hand luggage when travelling, work amazingly well but also last ages (one being equal to about 3 shampoo bottles) if treated right.
Lush also sell shampoo bar tins to store them in and keep away from moisture and surfaces it could stick onto when wet (this is how most of mine have ended up being used up quicker...doh!), just store it in the lid to dry before sealing it back up as the tins are the same depth as the bars, and it may possibly get stuck to the bottom of the tin too!
I use Copperhead, a coffee and vanilla scented bar that contains red henna, which keeps my hennaed hair redder and more vibrant for longer. I also seem to get a lot of compliments about how shiny my hair is whenever I use it, highly recommended for darker hair colours, especially those who dye!
My other favourite is Jason and the Argan Oil, a rose scented bar which is jam packed with argan oil to leave the hair not only soft and shiny, but also add some extra strength to the hair, perfect for any hair type but especially those who bleach, this bar may be your hair saviour!
Just rub the bars over wet hair to create a lather of shampoo, it doesn't take much to get plenty, huge bonus that it's cruelty free and also environmentally friendly producing no waste.
After using one of these two bars, I always opt for American Cream.
A strawberry and vanilla conditioner that always leaves my hair so soft and shiny.
It also contains Lanolin so not one if you're allergic or adverse to using lanolin based products, but if not then definitely try it, just the smell alone is enough but the fact that it works so good is also a very large bonus for this product.

Herbalism has become my go to exfoliator, made up from fresh herbs this scrub can be used for face and body to leave squeaky clean, scrubbed and softened.
Rose and camomile helps to even out the skin tone and reduce redness leaving my face finally looking less reddened and more even after many many products I've tried before failing to do so, I now will not be without a pot of this in my bathroom.
I only use it three or four times a week in the shower or bath as opposed to every day but for me that works perfectly, some may like to use it daily but I'm cautious of over scrubbing which will make the skin start to produce more oils to stop dryness and not giving me the effect I desire for my skin.
It's also jam packed with vitamins and minerals to leave the skin nourished and healthy.
There's many to choose from in the fresh cleansers range, but for me this one ticks all the boxes.

A product that gets very much overlooked, mainly due to people either not knowing it's there or not knowing what they do and how to use them!
I was also unsure of these until a friend gave me a packet, now I'm completely and utterly hooked.
There are many varieties which include a whole range of different flavours and ingredients but Dirty for me is that classic toothpaste type that makes it seem a bit more normal to brush with.
Full of spearmint you'll still get the minty fresh breath but no fluoride which is what most people find issue with when it comes to toothpastes.
Since I started using these little tabs my teeth have noticeably whitened, I feel a bit more able to smile now after years of trying to hide my awful teeth, but also the sensitivity problems I had before which made me only use sensitive toothpastes has completely gone.
Costing £2.00 a packet, put again only using packaging that can be recycled and also meaning you're using the entire product (toothpaste tubes usually have about 15% left in when you throw them away), using them requires them being chewed up before using a wet toothbrush to make a paste, I've found holding a tab underneath the cold tap for a few seconds soften them up to make it easier to chew with your front teeth, it does take a little practise but it's so worth it.

I'm sure I've mentioned Rub, Rub, Rub in a previous post a very long time ago, but this product is the absolute best thing I've ever used.
A natural exfoliator with sea salt to scrub with, orange flower for the most amazing scent, but also mimosa absolute which is a natural antiseptic giving the best possible clean but it also leaves the skin so silky smooth and softened, an effect you can feel immediately when rinsing it away.
It also makes an amazing shampoo for volumizing and softening, tho I would worry the sea salt and lemon could wash my colour out a little quicker.
It's £8.75 a pot but it seems to sell out pretty quick in stores, being bought up by those in the know meaning it's a product that not many people really know about.
If you see it buy it, or ask for a demo as you will fall in love with it once you feel those magical effects.

The massage bars are a little more well known, mainly due to the Lush Spas that are popping up around the world currently (if you can get to one, go to one. You'll love it) and these bars being used during the treatments.
I seem to collect them, I have so many for so many purposes and Edd does the same meaning we have about 6-7 of the bar on the left...!
The left bar is Wiccy Magic Muscles, containing cinnamon and cooling peppermint, it is amazing for aches and pains, something I have a lot of. Also containing organic jojoba oils and cocoa butter, it will leave the skin feeling wonderfully soft after using too.
I often ply Edd into giving me a lovely massage with them, and whenever I do have a treatment at their spas I always pick this one to help my aching back.
For a gentler scent I'm also a fan of Pearl, a rose and argan oil based massage bar with softening shea butter and coconut oils.
I don't use this one for the massage qualities quite so much, but as a body lotion to sink in overnight.
Rub it all over the skin after drying off from a long bath or shower, it'll melt quicker and leave your skin with a layer of beautifully smelling lotion. Afterwards pop on some fresh cotton pyjamas and let it sink in over night. 
Wake up to amazingly soft skin, and feeling slightly more perked up throughout the day!

All of these products are either naked products, or packaged in recyclable materials to help reduce waste too. 
Make your skin shine, your hair gleam, your teeth sparkle, and keep your bathroom green with some of these wonderful Lush products.
There will surely be a part two coming very very soon!
Because there's more pampering to be had in life than bath bombs.
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