Get Rid of Clutter, and Get Freebies/ Make Money...!

We all amass an amazing amount of clutter in our lives, from beauty products pots and tubes, to those no longer loved handbags and shoes.
Why not have a spring clean of your items, and end up with some extra cash, some new products to try, or refilling those beauty essentials you may be missing?

A Rather De-Cluttered Desk

Lush Cosmetics have an amazing recycling scheme for all of their black pots, if you're anything like me then you may have loads of Lush pots everywhere for every single purpose, but did you know it's worth keeping hold of them when they are empty?
If you bring 5 empty black pots (of any size, from those face masks up to your pots of Rub, Rub, Rub) cleaned out and ready to recycle, you will receive a fresh face mask in return from the fresh face mask range!
I highly recommend their Brazen Honey or Love Lettuce masks which have natural exfoliants and leave your skin feeling amazing.
You can read more about their recycling scheme and why they do it here.


Mac Cosmetics also have a similar scheme, if you return six items of empty product from liquid foundations, mascara tubes, lipstick tubes etc you will receive a MAC lipstick of your choice.
You can return these instore or online here, so you can de-clutter AND pick up that tube of Ruby Woo!

Want to get rid of other old make up and skin care packaging in an environmentally friendly way too?
You can also deposit any empty packaging from any brand to your nearest Origins store or concession for them to recycle.
You get nothing but good karma in return, but isn't that one of the best beauty regimes?!

Dear Mum...I have made loooooads of money...

Yes it's one of the most used and easy ways to create some space and make some cash, but listing hundreds of items that may or may not sell can be a bit annoying, but there are a few tips and tricks to make this easier.
If you have items that you've never worn still with the tags, shoes that never made it out of the box, and branded hard to get ahold of items, you could make a small fortune!
Keep an eye out on their announcement page for free listing dates, here you can list items with no insertion fee's (you may still have to pay for extras like more photo's etc, but be thrifty) so it's not the end of the world when grandma's knitted jumper doesn't sell.
You can also post up multiple items quicker with Ebay Turbo Lister, a downloadable tool for adding in hundreds of listings so much easier.
I've also found the Ebay phone app to be quite quick and easy when in a hurry, you can even snap the photo's as you list.
Just be sure your photo's are clear, neat, flattering and the item description is clear and easy too.
I shall be adding many many items to be Ebay sometime soon, I have a lot of very nice stuff that I just never wear, so keep your eyes peeled!


If ebay isn't your thing, what about flogging your goods to your nearest and dearests via a Facebook album?
I've sold many items via Facebook, there's no limit to how many photo's you can add, you can sort it all quickly and easily via comments or messages, and there's no fee's to worry about.
It also means theres no time limit on the items selling so you can have them up and available there for a while.
I generally do this for a month or so before listing whatever remains onto ebay, it can be a little tricky at times (so many people love the shoes I buy but not my tiny feet....not my fault!) but it's worth a shot, especially as you can just use those same photo's for ebay if you do list them.


If you have a load of old worn tshirts and unused fabrics you can actually make something back for them.
For every bag full of textiles you bring to H&M, you will receive a £5 off voucher for purchases up to £30 in store. 
There's a maximum of two vouchers per day, so if you take two bags in at a time it will work out better for you to save some money on your next H&M splurge.
You can read more info and all about the scheme here.

So go forth, declutter, and make some extra dough!
You can use all that extra dough on my ebay listings, go on....there's many lovely shoes...!
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