Little Bit of Lucky Dip Romance.....

Valentines day is not over yet....!
Not if you subscribe to Lucky Dip Club.
Keeping that romance going just a little bit longer, when this box arrived at my house I finally got valentines gifts at last! To be fair we've both been too busy and it came and went with no lovey dovey celebration for us.

I instantly recognise a lucky dip club box when it arrives, with its colourful arrays of butchers string tied around the box, to the various colourful slogan logos that seal the boxes.
On the Lucky Dip website there is also a countdown clock too so you can keep an eye on when each monthly subscription will be delivered.
Of course subscriptions only open on the 1st of each month until the boxes sell out, which happens within a matter of hours if not the first hour they become available, so if you want to sign up, be prepared to set and alarm for early.

In the last and again in this box is a new addition to these subscriptions, a fold out newsletter with info from Leona (who hand packs these boxes!) with additional highlights from other companies and mini interviews etc.
On the other side of the newsletter is a lovely poster, book backing paper, wrapping paper etc matching the themes of these boxes.

Paper tape has become somewhat of a big thing amongst the crafty lot, it is so very useful and can be used for so so so many things.
This is the second roll of paper tapes I've received in my Lucky Dip box and they have come in so handy, plus the designs are always adorable to boot.

I never knew I needed one of these until this arrived inside the box.
There is a huge range of these Popcult pencils available to bring out the geek in you, but Lucky dip have teamed up to bring personalised loved up pencils for doodling your name with your intendeds surname and practising your new signature.
Eraser end to destroy the evidence.
You can find more from Popcult on this site.

Each box contains a brooch, and as an avid collector of brooches this is what I look forward to the most.
This is pretty cute, and I love a bit of sparkle but I can't imagine I will wear it as much as my many many others, it's a lovely brooch it's just a bit pink!

Craft lovers, this is totally the box for you.
Each box contains a crafty kit, ranging from homemade bunting, to sew it yourself sleep masks to now in this latest instalment, love heart slogan patches.
Each kit contains four pieces of coloured felt, an embroidery needle and some embroidery thread to stick on it!
I miss sewing as it has been quite a while, but these may just need a bash at!

I used to have a necklace similar to this that my nana gave to me, I wish I knew where it was now, it was a small gold envelope that opened, and inside contained a small gold letter with the words 'I love you' stamped onto it.
So this necklace bought back many a nostalgia memory for me, and I will definitely be wearing this for a while.
The newsletter mentioned that charms like this will now feature in each box for the rest of the year, so can be collected and worn either as necklaces or used to make your very own Lucky Dip Club charm bracelet.
I love charm bracelets...!

Once again this box made me so happy that I signed up for the automatic monthly subscription, this way I won't miss out on these boxes coming to my door each month, inspiring, crafting, and even bringing back childhood memories in one little box, Leona never misses the mark.
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