Two Months Blogging Birthday - What Have I Learned so Far?

I actually can't believe it's only been two months today, after working so hard on the layout, content, and editing it's started to feel like a second nature to me now that I can't imagine not ever doing it!
Thanks to everyone who has helped and joined in on this journey so far!

So what have I learned in this time?

  • HTML is a cruel unrelenting bitch that we all must bow and worship so we can get our way
  •  The Blogging scene is full of wonderful friendly people, who offer support and advice to each other despite never meeting!
  • It's fine to publish whatever content is interesting to you, although staying with a loose theme is good, mine has a mix of style, make up, and wedding planning!
  • You may have a few bloggers ask to swap links for follows, this is a great way to find new blogs and people to connect with, but some may ask just to boost follower numbers.
    I don't mind being asked, but I prefer to follow the blogs I think I'll actually read and enjoy, and as I work hard on my content, I'd hope others felt the same about mine.
  • Blog chats happen on twitter all the time, including #fbloggers on Mondays and Thursdays, #stylechat on Wednesdays, #BritFashChat which happens straight after stylechat and many many more.
    Loads of companies use these alongside bloggers, and it's a great way of NETworking, finding new blogs, and also asking opinions or advice on style or blogging.
  • Lot's of bloggers chat on twitter, but most are busy people with day jobs, kids, or companies so join in the conversation, but don't expect to always get an answer, join twitter and use it like a party, bring something interesting to say or share!  
The Future!
  • After two months I've already learned so much, from editing, to photoshop, to layout design alongside trying to improve my writing.
    I think there is plenty more to come, and I hope it just gets better and better.
  • I shall be expanding and adding more content or differing varieties, in different formats! Stay tuned for more.
  • I will be looking to work alongside more of my favourite brands and companies, and will be accepting recommendations and submissions. Just email me at  

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