Promo shoot, and I reveal more about me...!

Last week a photographer friend and I met up in Kentish town, where I was sporting this dress teamed with a large hot chocolate, and a Prosecco hangover.
The photographer goes under the guise of Mr. Suave (check out his other work Here!) and this was only our second shoot together!
We talked music, burlesque, modelling, and so much more in between setting up, changing, getting ready and drinking hair of the dog (Cava as it was a Sunday).
He was kind enough to take some promo shots especially for this blog, something I've been trying to get around to for a while! You may have noticed them popping up around the site lately.
The dress was only £25.99 from Zara and I really love it. It's so flattering and makes my waist look tinier than it really is, as it has a low back I've taken to teaming it with a cross back many straps bra to highlight it.

I think this last one is my favourite!

As well as telling you the story behind these shots, I've decided to let you all know a little more about me that you may or may not know!
  • I currently have over 20 tattoos, one of which is an RD2D tattoo, as I'm a fan of Star Wars.
  • I'm completely vegan due to many food allergies, and I still miss Brie and Parmesan although the smell now makes me feel rather sick!
  • I wanted to grow up to be an Interior Designer, I'm not sure when I'll grow up.
  • I can play the Ukelele, although I feel bad I haven't in so long.
  • I like listening to punk, rockabilly, psychobilly, grunge, riot girl, northern soul, 60's singers, big band, and sometimes...skiffle. Tho you probably wouldn't guess from the way I dress.
  • I have size 3 feet, tiny I know, so sometimes there isn't enough sole on my high heels which makes me fall over easier!
  • I love cooking and baking, and vegan red velvet cupcakes are my speciality
  • I'm scared mine and Edd's wedding is going to end up costing a lot, we have so many daft ideas!
What is your personal strangest fact, that people may not know about you?

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