Cartoon in the Park with Jump from Paper!

I hate winter with a passion, as I'm naturally quite petite usually I freeze in cold weather, and feel every breeze hit me to the bone. 
Thankfully this year we have managed to side step winter completely, and are now feeling the benefits of a fantastic spring that will become an even better summer, and makes me feel very positive and excited for the year ahead!

On one such lovely sunny day, me and Edd hit the park with camera in tow and confused the many people hanging around in the sun, I can't remember the last time I saw Victoria Park so full!

I love this dress, it's become a staple of mine now and as you can see, I also used in in my Bio pics. 
It's so flattering, and was a bargain at £25.99 In Zara's TRF range.

 The Sunglasses are from Quay Eyewear who are one of my favourite companies right now, their designs are a mix of classic with quirky while still very practical.
 You can buy them in the uk from ASOS.
The earrings I've had for so long, I can't remember where they are from, but they were a last minute addition as I felt I needed to add some jewellery.
They aren't my usual style, but matched the outfit, what do you think?

The Bag is from Jump from Paper, who's designs are so eye catching and fun, I can't help but style my whole outfit around them!
I recently wrote about the influx of knock off items affecting this lovely company, and you can read my review of this product Vs. it's knock off HERE.

 These shoes are Melissa for Vivienne Westwood, and I have collected a few pairs as they are fun, comfy, and not too expensive compared to other designer companies. 
The fact they also smell like bubble gum is just a bonus!

The nail polish is by my new favourite nail company, Ciate who have been mentioned in a few previous posts. This shade is called Boudoir, and it matches my lipstick, Lime Crimes Red Velvet, perfectly!
You can also see my finger tattoos better, and excitingly, my great big engagement ring!!

Who else has been enjoying the sun lately? 
How would you style this bag?
And what's your favourite part of this outfit??
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