Fragrance Direct - A Purse Lifesaver!

We all love a good bargain, a good money saving scheme while still treating yourself because frankly, we all deserve a treat every now and then, or at least that's what I frequently tell myself.
I remember hearing about this site occasionally, but it was one of those things I just never got around to.
Oh how I regret it now.
Everyone sit on the mat with arms folded while I tell you how I managed to bag everything in this photo for only £50...!

Yes, the grand total, which included shipping as it is free on orders over £40 (I know that seems a lot, but your basket fills quickly with so many bargains), of all of these items came to £51.
I know some may exclaim that is still a fair amount to spend on a little treat for the self, but in the interests of this blog, and so I could argue my point, I took the time to price everything from the prices you would pay on the high street.
The grand total sum of £129.97, which does not include the nail files or buffers.
So let's see those savings in action, eh?

I'm sure you are all aware of my current addiction to Ciate nail products, and I've recently written posts on some of their other ranges. 
These were two collections that I had been lusting after, but at £25.00 each, I was hesitant.
On Fragrance Direct however, the mini paint pallette set me back £10.99 (saving £14.01) and the chalk board set, that I will be writing about soon, cost a measly £6.99 (saving £18.01!!!)!

I needed some new nail tools, having lost my previous glass nail file which yes, really are better for your nails, this cost me only £1.99 so I wasn't breaking the bank. 
The seven way buffer, which is pretty confusing but does work quite well, only 4 actually being the buff and 3 being yet more nail files, but at 99p for two it was a worthy buy.
I've tried a few Sally Hansen products and find they work kinda sorta okayish, but as I've decided to try and grow my nails again after years of acrylics and damage.
On the high street this would set you back £4.50, but this website will save you £3.00 at £1.50 each.

After reading so many great reviews about the Essie basecoats, including reports on how they manage to keep nail polish from chipping and lasting longer, I popped to Boots in Stratford Westfield to no avail. 
After asking an assistant they told me that they are only stocked "In bigger stores." 
I thought it was one of the big stores, it's pretty big! 
Luckily for me I stumbled across these available on Fragrance Direct for only £2.99 each, meaning I didn't actually have to choose between them, retailing at £8.99 each, this meant I could buy all three for the price I would have spent on one.
I's also happy to report that the reviews are ALL TRUE! 
Usually my nails chip in the first 24 hour mark even when doing not much.
I painted my nails four days ago, done 4-5 loads of dishes, cleaned my house from top to bottom, made 3 fancy meals and a batch of cupcakes, shopped for dresses, had a picnic, and done a lot of typing and editing, I have one small chip on my thumb, and the rest are still perfect!

I love Agent Provocateur everything, but I have been wearing their signature perfume for years.
I avoided buying it for years but after a busy December I splashed out and bought myself the 25ml purse sized mini bottle for about £33 in their store with a lingerie set I nabbed on sale.
It's a lovely scent but I decided I wanted an everyday scent, hence this lighter day wear version, which set me back a measly £19.95 instead of the store priced £48.50.

In total I saved a grand sum of £78.97 on the generous discounts on the website, the only problem I had was choosing over their large range of products and bargains, and could have very easily spent double if I didn't force myself to wean my basket down.

This website will now be my go to for toiletries, with nearly everything you can think of being available including electrical appliances, gifts, especially bulk buying for Christmas and their range of gift sets, and before hitting Boots or Superdrug just in case I can save my hard earned pennies!
Check them out now, and try to not go too mad!
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