Tip or Fire the Stylist - Oscars Edition!

Finally the awards ceremony that really divides opinions, families, and friendships! The Oscars!
Why the divide you ask? Well some just can't agree on an outfit.
There is always speculation when it comes to Oscar outfits, who will wear what? Who will look amazing? Who'll turn up looking dreadful and fill us with secret glee and judgement?
Let's find out, shall we?!

The "what will she wear" question fell mostly to the worlds new favourite style sweetheart, Lupita Nyong'o who stunned everyone on many red carpets this year, and lead to much excitement for her Oscar outfit where everyone knew she'd be winning something!
She did not disappoint, stunning us with this baby blue Prada number, leading to a few carpet spins, scooping up a best supporting actress statue, and getting involved with the new "Oscar Selfie".

Other favourite, Jennifer Lawrence stepped out in yet another Dior gown, a contract we can all be envious of, but maybe not so much this time. 
Sadly a little bland for my tastes, she looks amazing as ever but the dress isn't quite Oscar worthy.
Dior stylist, make it more her next time.

Cate Smugface Blanchett hit the carpet in Armarni Prive, and also scooped up the best actress award.
Between winning, and scoring that amazing dress for the night I worry, she's going to look more smug now, isn't she?!
Well, her stylist will anyway.

JoPitt, Hollywoods favourite Siamese Twin Couple, step out in non matching outfits, with Jo from JoPitt deciding that now is the time to wear a not black number, and we now all gasp and realize! 
She looks awful in the not black number.
Draining, and a mix of bland AND too over the top, even Pitt from JoPitts face shows dislike.
Stylist failed you again...last strike.

Portia De Rossi (who alledgedly gets separate invites than Ellen...) turns up 70's net curtain, and frankly, rocks it completely. 
The curtain was designed by Naeem Khan and looks absolutely stunning.
Good Job.

Amy Adams underwhelms in this Gucci royal blue number, which is flattering on the bust, but absolutely no where else. at all.... 
Bad job stylist, even we know, stick with plunging necklines.

Now this is how to do royal blue!
Sandra Bullock stuns in this Alexander McQueen blue satin gown, and it must feel so much better to walk the Oscar carpet for a film like Gravity, rather than the premiere carpet for Miss Congeniality 3.
I think she upgraded her career, and her stylist.

Speaking of blue....!
Liza has decided on this outfit as a nod to The Lego Movie, even the hair got a lego make over.
This is a whole lot of no, designed by Halston who no.
No stylist would okay this.

Still playing on the Great Gatsby trend, Jennifer Garner in a 20's inspired Oscar de la Renta gown with fun fun shimmy fringing! 
Thumbs up to the stylist for having a bit of fun.

 Do. Not. Like.
Is it long, short, strapless, sheer, what? what? what?!?
Anna Kendrick confuses in this J. Mendel dress type thing, the icing on top of the cake being the sheer middle with herpes scab details.
Fire your herpes riddled stylist.

Special Mentions Category...!

 Pharrell Williams somehow convinced Lanvin to make the first red carpet Tuxedo Short....
Shuxedo? Tuxort? 
Also no socks with shoes, very east london...

 Kate Hudson wearing Zuhair Murad, and this deserves special mention for being a fantastic dress that didn't make it to the red carpet, opting instead to wear for the Vanity Fair aftershow party.
Very very good work.

Special mention to Lady Gaga for bringing....
A) Her Grandmother
B) her mother
C) Gollum in a blonde wig?
Answers on a postcard please....

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