Ciate Dolls House - Sugared Almond Nails...?

After I fell in love with Ciate Nails because of the one I received inside my February GlossyBox (see my review Here) I poured over their website cooing at nail colours, styles, and interesting nail art ideas I decided to test out their Dolls House Collection, as I'm a sucker for cute packaging, and pastel is the hot trend for this year. I just wanted cute spring themed nails!

The package turned up pretty quickly considering it said it may take 5-7 days to arrive, and each purchase made on their website collects you 'Bows' for their points system. Each single £9.00 polish earns you a 0.50p bow point, but you earn more with their recommended products and this earned me £2.00 in bow points. It may take a while to make enough for one free polish, but I don't know of any other nail companies with such an offer.

 The packaging was even cuter when I got it out of the box, and the miniature bottles were rather sweet. I think they will have to forever live in the display box when not being used.

 The colours are a great mix of pastels, a great white perfect as a base for nail art, and a neutral flesh colour.

 When painting on the first coat, I then realized that Porcelain Finish means a strange Matte but delicate look finish, like delicate china cups.
It dried quickly but a little streaky and patchy with one coat.

The second coat even it out somewhat but it needs to be painted on with super light speed to stop it streaking, and I found out the hard way that trying to go over a patchy or streaked section only makes it streak or patch worse. 
I then realized it would take a third coat.

The third coat helped to make it look more even and it made it worth it and really bought out the effect of the porcelain polish.
They remind me so much of sugared almonds that looking at my nails makes me crave a sweet sugary treat!

They look great, and I think it was worth the price tag and the effort of painting on each individual colour three times just to show the product to full affect!
This polish dries so fast, and doesn't chip nearly as much as others I've tried, but it's just tricky to put on, and also the miniature bottles don't have the long sleek handles that the full sized boast to make application easier. I found these a little tricky to use as you can see from my slight smudges on these photos..! 

Here you can see the polishes alongside their names, this would be a perfect gift for a friend, a sister, or anyone you know with a girly streak and a love for sugared almonds!
NOTE: I've noticed since writing that Baby Doll (Pink) and Sweet Pea (Mint Green) leave your nails rather yellowed once removed so be sure to slick on some basecoat before using these colours!
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