Cheap Fakes Vs The Real Thing - Jump From Paper Martini

Fakes are something the fashion world is constantly fighting, worrying that knock off's devalue their products and copying their hard worked on designs, but not everyone can splash out £2,000 on a fancy lipstick sack.
Now even the quirkier and more independent companies who's designs may be splashing out a little at around £100 a bag or for a pair of shoes are having their designs copied and sold for as little as £8.00 with free shipping, that's what I paid for this knock off after I splashed out a hard earned £100 for a handbag from a cute little company called Jump From Paper due to customs charged adding onto the price.
I'd lusted after this handbag for a long time before eventually buying it, it got so many compliments and it's a fantastic little accessory to add some charm to your outfit.
So when I saw a cheaper, and frankly cruder, version on ebay I had to buy and compare for all you readers out there.
Even they way they arrive is a huge difference, The knock off arriving in a brown envelope in a plastic baggie. When the Jump From Paper bag arrived it did so in a box, which held inside their branded protective bags. It feels a lot more special this way.

As you can clearly see once out of the packaging, the bags are so similar, but also, not quite right. The knock off seems smaller, the handles considerably so and the pattern is also incomplete with a dot missing in the bottom left hand corner.

As you can see from the back, the stitching isn't quite right and not very good quality. The fabric is also a cheaper quality and the stitching is poking out the side.

From a close up you can clearly see that loose thread, and the handles which haven't been made of the right fabric to match the real deal. The bow fabric is a red glitter fabric, which isn't actually similar to the original.

Here's the Martini close up, where you can see the quality of the handles, bow, and the fabric used to make the product. It was a bit of a budget breaker for me, but I do think it was worth it as I loved it so much.

Even the inside and closure of the bag isn't the same, Jump From Paper hiding the magnetic closure in the lining of the bag.

Side by side, you can really see how much they tried to emulate it.

If none of the photo's previous to this one really showed why it's always worth paying for quality then this one does.
Quality items will be with you for a long time, and mean more to you than a quick fix item that will fall apart, while not actually looking as good. It took a few goes for the fake bag to stand upright for this shot, and even when it did you can clearly see how poorly made it is compared to the original that stands proudly next to it's counterpart.

So I say save your pennies, invest in the good accessories as they are what complete and compliment your outfit. Bargains are great when picked up in sales, or on offer but save your money and avoid buying bad quality goods, that only damage the companies they copy.
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