Outfit of the Day - Valentines and Ballrooms

On Valentines weekend me and Edd whizzed up to Blackpool to perform at the beautiful ballroom underneath Blackpool Tower, the show wasn't until the next day but we travelled up north a day early to do tech runs, and  spend a lovely night in Blackpool together before the show, celebrating Valentines day itself in our hotel, drinking wine, laughing, and ignoring the soppy valentines couples everywhere.

The venue was beautiful, and absolutely huge too but it was great to get to perform there. 
It had a lot of space to perform in, as we were on the ballroom floor due to the band taking over the stage!

Here's a cheeky Selfie I took while backstage at The Blackpool Tower Ballroom too, great mirrors backstage, plus it looks like I was matching my Iconemesis Fifi case on purpose!!
I packed a new and romantic (well, in my mind anyway) outfit, with this beautiful black lace skirt and mouse eared hat from River Island, and the sequinned top, chosen by Edd, and shoes from Zara.

 I then whizzed off for my own show, The Martini Lounge in Liverpool, and due to my capsule wardrobe I was in fact wearing the same outfit....separate cities so it's okay!
St Georges Hall is also a very beautiful venue that I have loved this concert room for years and years, and plan to marry there.
Edd returned back to London so I had some time to see family and friends for a while and take a much needed London break!

 Thanks to InaGlo for taking these photos while at the venue, her photography is amazing, and I love working with Glo on location, or in studio but we do spend an awful lot of the time gossiping!
 I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful talented friends.

Now it's time to tell you all a little story! At the end of my shows, I always have a curtain call where the performers come out one by one and take a bow, luckily this time I had decided to throw on a dress rather than run back onstage wearing only a G-String, Pasties, and Heels! 
As I'm always announced last I knew I would have time to throw it on, and take to the stage to do my final bow with plenty of time. On I went waving and smiling at the audience.
 Strangely the audience started to scream, and someone grabbed my by the arm.

I turned around and Edd had appeared onstage, I thought he was doing a show in another city and wasn't expecting to see him so I was pretty surprised.
He took my hand and went onto bended knee while the audience's cheering and screaming rose to an almost deafening level.

The performers, who are also good friends of mine, were all in tears and my dad and friend Becky had also taken onto the stage with phones at the ready.
I said yes, of course I said yes, he is the love of my life!

As we embraced and he put the ring on my finger the screams and cheers continued, Edd scooped me up and ran us offstage while the audience went wild.
My family were in on the planning, as were a few of my friends. It's also lovely as it's the venue we wanted to marry in, we come full circle from the engagement to the big day.
Thanks to those at the Hall for helping them to sneak in this surprise!
So now we have a lot of planning to get through, and had so many many lovely messages and were surrounded by so many good friends and family, and luckily Glo was still there to capture these moments!
For those wondering, this dress is from Coast, and the shoes are Vivienne Westwood.
I'd also had a hair cut the day before this show, and yes I miss my lovely long locks.

So now expect plenty of Wedding updates, blog posts, and more till the Big Day!

Zara Top - £12.99 in sale
River Island Hat - £3.00 in Sale
River Island Skirt - £39.99 
Lime Crime Lipstick - $20.00
Zara Shoes - £29.99 in Sale
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