Conditioner Reviews - Loreal, Soap and Glory, and Coconut

As someone who puts their hair through the worst on a regular basis, dye, heated styling, backcombing, and leaving visits to the hairdressers for long intervals, I rely on conditioners to see me through.
I've tried many different kinds of specialist ones, ones for Red hair, volumising, repairing, etc etc and my hair still seems flat, split, and my roots will always need redoing anyway.
So I began a quest to see if any new remedies out there would be my hair saviour.

I'd read that across the pond the latest hair miracle was Sulphate Free haircare, as sulphates may actually strip your hair colouring and should be avoided if you dye. The first company that have released this new wonder treatment in the UK is sadly Loreal.
Loreal is widely disliked due to their testing standards, and also for telling women they are only worth something when their products are smeared on them (does it seem like that to anyone else?!)

I begrudgingly bought them as I wanted to test this theory, but I still disagree with their practices and they should really get into the modern day.
Also I found not only are they an awful company, but this product doesn't even work.
The first time I used it I thought maybe I hadn't washed the conditioner out properly as my hair felt that horrible filmy greasiness when you've left a little behind, I wasn't impressed but thought I'd try it again and make sure to wash it out thoroughly.
When it came to it I was stood under the shower head for quite a while as when I ran my hand over my wet hair it still felt like there was a film on it and it didn't seem to ever wash out.
Pros: It smells quite nice, it was on offer
Cons: Greasy film affect, didn't make much difference to hair, it's made by Loreal.

Everyone loves Soap & Glory, and I'm no different. Huge bonus, they are cruelty free! Take that Loreal, but they are a now very established and well loved brand. Every woman I know who's bathroom I have been in has had Soap & Glory products.
When I posted that I bought this conditioner I was asked my opinion on it, and I'm glad to say it's a pretty good one! My hair smelt lovely, it felt soft, and it rinsed out easily. I bought a small travel bottle as I quite like that you can get smaller sized bottles of Soap & Glory products to test out before committing to a larger sized product, they know just how fickle I can be.
As it was a small bottle I'm not sure I'll have enough for a second try, as my hair is quite long and this conditioner soaked in very quickly.
Pros: Great smell, great company, great product, my hair felt so silky and soft.
Cons: I used it up very quickly, and now I have to go back to Boots.

Now I'm well aware that this is a cooking product, a damn expensive one too at £8.00 a jar, but many people have told me and I have read all about the wonders of using coconut butter or oil for various things. It's a healthier cooking oil, a spoonful in a smoothie is great for your immune system, it can be used as a make up remover, cleanser, moisturizer, to get rid of spots and scars, coldsores, stretch marks, many more things but it was the dandruff removing element plus the hair conditioning elements that lead to me raiding the cupboard when my other half (the ever mentioned Edd) started to get a bit of a "flake on" and I suggested he tried it.
I popped some into a bowl and microwaved for 30 seconds so it was more of an oil, and massaged it into his scalp. He very much appreciated a soothing head massage and as there was plenty left I covered his hair too.
About 15 minutes later he rinsed it out, and his hair was suddenly really soft. In fact, it has been soft ever since so I decided to try it out for myself.
It felt rather odd rubbing this butter to melt it in my hands then run it through my hair, I wasn't sure exactly how much to put on and the feeling of making my hair greasy and oily was an odd one!
I kept it on for about 20 or so minutes, then washed it out using a regular tres semme shampoo.
It seemed strange to condition then shampoo and I did consider putting a tiny bit on but decided that wouldn't be fair as reviews go so I went with it and hoped for the best.
My hair dried quickly and easily, and was very very fluffy! It smelt great, it was shiny, it was very very soft but oddest of all? My hair for the first time ever looked thick, full, and luscious. The colour, which is dyed, looked great and Edd claimed it's the best he's ever seen it after washing.
I think we are both now converts but maybe only once a week to keep it nice and full, and avoid over greasing and getting the opposite affect.
It may seem weird, but it's really worth a go.

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