What's inside my handbag?

We are by nature rather nosy creatures. We must open boxes, find out if anything is inside the cupboards at Ikea, and poke our noses into whatever we think we can possibly get away with.
So bearing all of this in mind, I now invite you to a very personal peek, a peek inside my handbag!

I tend to use the same bags, my Blue Dune handbag if I don't have to carry around a huge amount of things but still have my iPad, notebook, something to read and the usual essentials which easily fit inside.
But as I'm sometimes on the go for a long time, I'll need a lot of stuff which my Brown Zara bag is perfect for as I'll usually carry around quite a lot.

And so here are my cannot live without carry almost at all times essentials -

Everyone asks why my handbag is so big, I carry around so much stuff on a daily basis as I'm always running around, working on shows, having meetings, traveling, or working on this blog!
 I couldn't live without my iPad and iPhone, I'm pretty much always on them when at home as there's so much to update constantly, but also finding new companies, planning new things, reading interesting articles, or even comic books. They can do nearly everything, here you can see it's open on an app I recently discovered and now completely love called Pocket which you can download onto your web browser and download the app to your iPad, or tablet.
Whichever article or website of interest you find but don't have time to read, you can mark it to read later using the Pocket button and it'll download onto your iPad or tablet, you can even read those articles while the tablet isn't connected to the internet.
I've saved so much onto there that it is going to take me a long time to read through them all!
I also take my Instax everywhere just in case, and always carry spare film. With all the film options available I couldn't resist this Pandora film, with quirky doodles around the frames.

 I'm not as organised as I would like to be, I constantly have to check my ipad diary to see where I'm meant to be and if I've forgotten anything, but this paper diary from Laduree was just a must. It has lovely tips, recipes, and beautiful illustrations, and also spaces for your daily info, addresses, even your online log ins and passwords in case you ever forget!
I also carry a lined notebook for noting out ideas for new blogposts, list making, and whatever else needs to be scrawled down, which I bought from Paperchase, the blue notebook is plain papered so I can doodle to my hearts content, and the cover design is great inspiration for that! It's by Rob Ryan and seems to be available in many stores online.
I always carry a paperback with me wherever I go and whatever I do, because you never know when you'll get a stolen moment to read. Currently I'm reading through the works of David Sedaris and I recommend his work highly.

 I don't always carry my make up bag if I can avoid it, preferring to put my day's lipstick in the front pocket with my keys and oyster card, but when I do I take this cute little bag. You can see the contents of my make up bag in this previous post.
The other bag contains little essentials that usually rattle loosely in the bottom of your handbag, Lip balm, cough sweets, paracetamol, and the like live in this bunny bag from Ollie & Nic so it can easily be found. They release these bags with different patterns on every season, currently it's poodles. 
I've also slipped my other Iconemesis phone cases into there as I'm away from home for over a week and I'll expect I'll be changing phone cases to match outfits!

I'm away for a while performing and organising shows for a week, but I went away with my boyfriend and planned to sneak these on before we get to our hotel as he'll notice if I put them on in the morning.
I don't tend to carry around expensive designer lingerie in my handbag! This is a previous season set called Mercy by Agent Provocatuer.

Of course there's the ever present essentials, Passport, Oyster Card, Purse which is also Ollie & Nic.
As I'm British, an Umbrella, as I'm optimistic, Sunglasses from Quay Australia available on Asos, as I travel a lot I invested in a proper padded sleep mask which has padding around the eyes rather than over them so your eyes don't get squished or your make up ruined.
I also carry an emergency purse with hairclips and hair ties in just in case of hair emergencies!

 And of course since it took all the photo's it wasn't in any other shot, but my Fujifilm Camera which I use for all the photo's on this blog! It's a very over worked little camera and it travels with me almost everywhere!

So now when you see me carrying my giant handbag, you'll understand exactly why it's just so damn big! Just call me Mary Poppins!

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