Iconemesis - Brand Review and Giveaway

With the help of Instagram I have recently stumbled across a new exciting range of independent companies that I am excited to share and also to buy copious amounts from.
One such company was Iconemesis who have such a large and interesting range of phone covers, but also currently have a sale! The two combined meant I went a little crazy as the choice was so vast I couldn't decide on just one.
I've also had some amusing chats with them via Twitter about not only their cases, but bathtime pizza, and bathing in beer vats so this also gives them another big thumbs up from me, five thumbs up..!

Iconemesis launched in 2011 and is a British based company, primarily producing phone case ranges working alongside British artists, illustrators, and designers to bring a range of quirky and unique while still being fashionable and covetable, and of course, affordable.
Some of their current collections include work with well known artists such as Gemma Correll of pugs not drugs fame, and my new favourite and favourite of the fashion world, Fifi Lapin.
If you want a phone case that sets you apart from the rest, supports artists, and is also high quality then look no further.

And so onto the cases! I went for a range (yes, a range, and I still want more) of the iPhone 4s cases by Fifi Lapin which are priced at only £15 each, throw in free shipping and I was there! There's also cases for iPhone 5 and 5S for those who have upgraded.

Cherry hat?! Cupcake body?! Rabbit...?! I couldn't resist this pastel dream of a case, and if you can't either you can buy it HERE! 

 This was first into my basket, a darling array of bunny ladies in various outfits and accessories, it had to be one of the options! You can select this one yourself HERE!

This looks like the perfect little bunny fashionista, and when I put the cases up for a vote (I really couldn't choose) this one came out on top. It's the first one to slip itself onto my phone, so well done all of you, you made the right choice! 
A few other people bought cases based on my voting post, and I'll make it easier for you to get this one HERE! 

Inside the case
Button Holes on the side of the Case
What they look like on, black iPhone left, white iPhone right
 As well as receiving these phone cases (which I did pay for, this is not a sponsored post)  Iconemesis were kind enough to send an extra iPhone 4 case so I could have a lovely give away.
Yes, you can win this case!

All you need to do is the following -
  • Follow this blog with blogger or Bloglovin!
  • Share this blogpost on facebook or twitter!
That's it! The best reason, picked by me and probably Edd will be selected by next Friday and the winner will be contacted and named on next weekends blogpost.

 If you are not based in the UK, don't fear!! There is also a USA branch who can shop with and contact on their separate Twitter account.
Good luck to those who enter, and to those who went straight to the shop, enjoy your new cases.
I may have to go back for more....

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