On the Clothes Line....Zara

Zara sequined crop top £12.99 (reduced from £39.99)
Zara asymmetrical suede shoes £29.99 (reduced from £84.99)
Zara zip skinny trousers £29.99 (current season)

Recently I stumbled across Zara's website as I'd seen a few items of interest in their window but usually avoided entering their store as generally the items I find and like are the more expensive on their price scale.
As soon as the page loaded I spotted my favourite word, SALE. I peeked and started squealing at cute jumpers and cardigans that had been reduced from £45 plus down to only £12.99. A few items caught my eye so me and Edd went to the store on Oxford Street to investigate.

Once entering it looked like a bomb had hit the shop, this is a very popular sale! Clothes were strewn everywhere but still we went further, stepping over stray shoes and what once may have been a nice handbag. I'm glad we ventured more as the first thing to catch my eye were the shoes, and in my size too! They reminded me of the pair of black suede 40's style stilettos my Mum gave to me when I was about 14 or 15. I loved those shoes and wore them till they split, despite not being the best at walking in heels.

I picked up a few more items while Edd wondered upstairs to Mens wear and by the time he came back he had to pass judgement on quite a few items. I expected him to immediately say no to the sequined top, but instead he made a pleased noise and told me to put the other stuff back. He was right, a flattering crop top that zips at the back, as it's covered in sequins it's actually quite warm so perfect for a nice night out in winter.

I went back a few days later as I am clearing out my wardrobe to make space for more outfits that fit themselves together, I was in desperate need of a pair of well fitting black jeans, and a nice big bag.
(Bag will be featured in Thursdays post)
Although both items were full priced there's a few good items to be found on a more bargain scale, it's affordable style for those bored of H&M and not willing to delve into Primark.
These jeans are everything, tight fitting, reasonable price, but good quality, the added bonus that the ankles unzip at the back so taking them off is suddenly made a lot easier, and you won't have to wrestle out of them or flop about like a seal who got into some jeans for some reason.
I may need to get a back up pair.

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