Introducing Etsys hottest new shop, Meraki Handmade Jewellery

Instagram seems to be the secret alley of a small village you sometimes stumble across, the one with the charming old bookstore, the quirky vintage shop full of fur with faces and beautiful brooches, the artsy shop that has hidden treasures, sometimes the upmarket but hidden lingerie store that will take your breath away with luxury corsets.
I'm forever finding up and coming independent boutiques, companies, or sole trading businesses with hard working and lovely people at the helm.
One such business is a one woman company, called Meraki Handmade, whose photos of delicate whispers of gold adorning mannequin necks caught my eye.
Usually I stear towards large plastic statement pieces that probably scream "I'm not ready to grow up just yet" more than fashionista effortless took three hours style, but these chic lines and shapes of barely there but eye catching jewellery scream with fashionable city girl who has her finger on the pulse, because she set those trends anyway.

I just had to have this necklace, as with the changes going on in my life lately it seemed to be very fitting and made me smile secretly to myself, and when a deal popped up on my instagram with a discount code I finally had my excuse to buy..."It was on special offer, dear!"
Selling mainly on etsy, you can see her designs on her Instagram under Merakihandmade, and also the occasional special offer, exclusive pieces or giveaways.

After ordering I ended up talking via email to Joanna who was really pleasant, lovely and easy to talk to, more like emails to a friend than the usual cold emails from companies, or standard template emails. She even tagged photo's on Instagram with my order and updated me with when it was sent.
I wish all customer service was this way, I'm so used to standing awkwardly while the till girls in Topshop carry on gossiping and not knowing when they are talking to me yet queuing eye rolls when I hold up my credit card at what I hope is the right point.

It always takes a while for a package to arrive from America, but still everyday I hoped and when it finally did come, right before Valentines Day, it was worth the wait.
Opening the Package revealed a lovely and personally written thank you note, which mentioned things we had previously talked about, so made it even more personal.
 Joanna also has lovely handwriting so I was a little jealous what with my chicken scratchings!

The necklace was boxed and tucked inside a small brown bag embellished with a printed bow, and tied with an actual ribbon in hot pink. Inside the matching brown box with another cute little message stamped on top held the necklace my heart had so desired. 
Every layer and item made getting to the necklace a little more exciting.

I chose this limited edition Eve necklace, as I thought it to be quite sweet and romantic but in an unorthodox way, I don't usually do things the usual way so it screamed perfect to me.
There is such a large choice available and I love the fact that they are individually handmade rather than mass produced items that are being churned out to meet demands.
There is at least four or five more necklaces from this current range that I want, and may also ask if some of the cute pearl bracelets can be made in super tiny wrist size as I'm actually a little sad I can't wear bracelets!

The range also includes tiny triangles that you can customize with as many letters and triangles as you want in different metals, the resulting affect looks like tiny neck bunting and have a brilliantly quirky yet elegant affect. I may get one with a H for me and an E for Edd but with an ampersand in the middle so it doesn't just say "HE"! After this necklace I think they are my favourite.

Photo by InaGlo
I'm very glad I found this company and connected with Joanna, even if this is my only order (and we all totally know it won't be) I am really happy with not only the item, but the service, attention to detail and the fact that receiving this necklace filled me with the joy that every special little purchase should bring.

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