Shopping Trips in Stratford

I had a very rare Saturday off, and so did Edd, our first Saturday off together this year!
Because we don't really know what else to do with ourselves when we are not working, and going out to a club nowadays feels like work we decided the best thing to do on our day off in the cold and strong winds was to do some indoor shopping at Westfield Shopping Center in Stratford.
We stocked up on many bits and pieces which I will share with you now, it was a good day!

I've heard that Sulphate free shampoo and conditioners were the latest new thing for keeping your hair healthy without losing any colour, sadly the only company who seem to have released it first in the UK is Loreal, a complete enigma of a company for people who are anti-animal testing, as it's said they still do but they also set up funding to find testing alternatives to save the animals.
If other companies can manage to be completely cruelty free then so can all of them.
It smells great, and my hair does feel a bit softer but I'm yet to be fully convinced as of yet. I will update.
I think Grey is going to become the next Manicure staple. After the trend for nail art, quirky and colourful designs that are impossible for the average woman to do, grey makes the perfect subtle yet interesting neutral colour that matches with everything.
I'm also taking advantage of midi rings as my hands have always been too tiny for rings I can find these to fit me like normal rings! Topshop have the largest range.
I bought these sweets as a little gift for Edd, and also because I can totally use that bottle when it's finished!! It'll be perfect for storing cotton pads and was only £4.00.
This shower cream has the greatest smell, chocolatey goodness and vegan too, Original Source have a great range of shower gels and the vegan ones are clearly labelled.
I also stocked up on No 7 cleanser as mine was running out, they are my go to brand for skin care, and my skin base primers and foundation.
I have a Lush addiction, as do most girls!! Never know what to get? Go for a Lush gift box or gift card and you can't really go wrong. There's a reason there's always a huge queue in there over christmas season, everyone loves it.
I got a few bubble bars, bath bombs, and a cupcake facemask which is also chocolate and vegan friendly, they clearly label their vegan products and every product board lists the full ingredients.
They are also very actively against animal testing which means very big approval from me.
Soap and Glory is another girly bathing favourite, cute retro packaging, and products that really work too. If the christmas queue in Lush is too big, then here's your back up. It's mainly available in Boots but has started to sneak into the occasional other stores. With their new make up range also a winner when it comes to certain products this company will just keep on growing.
Ollie and Nic has been a company for a long time, but it's still of a cult status. When I first moved to London I kept my head above water working for the company, and I learned a lot about it's history and products. Because of my time there they named this bag with my name, my real name rather than stage name and used the same spelling too.
It retailed at £60 but I waited knowing how good their sales are, and picked up myself (!) for only £19! They have great leather handbags and have some amazing steals in their sales with generous price slashing and discounts. Pick me up today, I also come in Green!
The main reason for the shopping trip was to pick up these Zara Ballet Pumps, at only £19.99 this wardrobe staple is something we all have but also have to regularly replace. I tend to buy one pair a year as I wear them until they fall apart, I'm hoping these may last a little longer but they are a great classic french style, with the low front and metal tabs on the bow rather than the cheap primark specials that sit too high.
Think Audrey Hepburn not Lindsey Lohan.
Sadly they are yet to hit the stores, but are available online currently in Black and Red, and will hit stores soon but I expect they won't be around long! I've ordered mine and can't wait to team them with my Zara Cigarette Pants seen in previous posts.

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