A Few of my Favourite Things...

I have a habit of getting a little bit overly-enamored by certain things, I wouldn't say I was a "girly-girl", in fact I stopped being a girl quite a while ago!
Still pastel colours, certain foods, shoes, and general pretty things can make me squee like I've suddenly been surrounded by kittens, and also can someone make that happen please.
So here are just a few of my favourite things right now!

I'm still totally in love with my new Fujifilm Instax Camera, and I've taken a few little shots, and also used it to take a few photo's to attach to boxes so I can see what's in there too, so it's a helpful tool for organizing as well as for fun quick snapshots.

I love nail polish, but I can never settle on one colour for too long. Barry M have the perfect mix of bright pastels, dark but interesting shades, metallics, and various other affect nail polishes. I only avoid the glitter, glitter polish is impossible to take off!! I've heard that painting some PVA glue on beforehand means you can peel it off easy but peel-able nail polish is just too tempting!

I collect notebooks, the cuter the better, and although I have plenty around that have only a few pages used, I couldn't resist this Rob Ryan blank notebook for doodles and sketches. His artwork really appeals to me, and I have some of his mugs too.
I also bought this Laduree diary, that can be used for any year as the dates and months are there but not lined up to one particular year so I may try to get a lot of use out of it. As well as being a diary, it has hints, facts, recipes, and much more all complimented with illustrations. It would make the perfect gift for the girly or francophile in your life..!
Both of these can easily be found online on Amazon.

Ping Pong have the widest variety of vegetarian Dim Sums, dumplings, and yumminess I've ever had!! I had to order two rounds of potato and edamame bean patties, and I'm still craving them.
If you find yourself in Soho or on the South Bank then this is the place to go, it's also a lot more affordable than most restaurants in London.

They also have this Dragon Eye flower tea, which they serve to you as a tiny green ball in an empty cup, but once they pour the hot water in it opens up into a beautiful and tasty tea, and there's free re-fills too. it's not my favourite restaurant in London.

As for vegan desserts my favourite cafe is Cakes n Treats in the less touristy part of Camden. With it's all white shabby chic interior, to a wide selection of savory and sweet, and delicious teas, coffees, and even hot chocolate with whipped cream, syrup and chocolate chips that is all somehow vegan, it's like a playground of sweet to me.
I take all my friends and family there, as the cakes are so nice it doesn't matter that they are dairy free.
There's gluten free options too.

I bought this rainbow cake to take away (after having a pie and hot chocolate earlier on) to celebrate the start of the olympics at Sochi, if I can eat cake and give a metaphorical "Fuck you" to Putin then so be it! It also helps me celebrate my previous flatmate, and very good friend Fred Bear who is now the star of this campaign by Channel 4!

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